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    • Anonymous

      25 Nov 2017 22:13  

      Hello, I didn't see the Knight in Undead Asylum, and got no Estus Flasks. This is my first time playing Dark Souls Prepare to die Edition, and things have been alright without them, but now I am in Darkwood Forest, and fighting the Moonlight Butterfly has become UNBEARABLY frustrating with no Flasks. Please,can someone tell me, if I return to Undead Asylum, will I be able to get the Flasks then, or do you recommend me just restarting? Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        18 Feb 2017 16:16  

        just sharing for the community

        • Anonymous

          03 Jan 2017 10:39  

          I'm on PS3. I started playing DS2 a few days ago and can beat the game but I just want to kill the Fume Knight to kill Sir Alonne. So if someone on PS3 with The Old Iron King DLC can help me please reply

          • Anonymous

            12 Nov 2016 01:37  

            Hey! Anyone wanna play some original dark souls? I'm playing the disc on x box one right now message condemned1774

            • Anonymous

              PLZ HELP21 Jun 2016 23:48  

              My dark souls character got deleted, is there any way I can get it back?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

              • Anonymous

                Items in Dark Souls III?06 Jun 2016 17:13  

                I've noticed that many item descriptions(for the original Dark Souls) say something like, "Spell Stoneplate Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3." and then it goes on to describe the item, location, etc. in the first Dark Souls. It's a bit confusing.

                • Anonymous

                  Revive Characters15 May 2016 10:36  

                  I've killed the Blacksmith Andre of astorias. How to get him revive? (sorry for my english is Not the best/I hope you could understood me)

                  • Leveling27 Apr 2016 01:40  

                    My freind and I are arguing he says you don't need to grind to beat the game but I argue how else do you weild different weapons? How else do you get past the bosses? Any one please say whonyou thing is right

                    • Anonymous

                      Builds01 Apr 2016 02:16  

                      Messing with different builds. Trying to find the most interesting ways. Have done all of the basic classes. Am working on an Artorias build and a black knight halberd+grave lord sword pyromancer (both weapons lack relevant scaling). Look for interesting build ideas that don't consist of cosplaying or just slapping dex and faith together or something. I would prefer to keep it in a SL125 range and not do challenge builds, I am going for effectiveness. Pvp oriented is fine as long as it functions well in pve. Suggestions would be great :)

                      • Anonymous

                        Maneater Mildred14 Mar 2016 09:12  

                        I know there isn't much lore behind her but if you talk to the pyromancer trapped the the barrels in the depths by the butchers he says " oh please you have to help me... or else... she'll have me for lunch" so obviously she's over there with the butchers, maybe even their leader :o haven't seen this on any wiki so enjoy! ~ RUpwned_noob, ps4

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