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    • Anonymous

      12 Feb 2021 16:04  

      Никогда тебя не брошу
      Никогда не подводил тебя
      Я никогда не убегу и не оставлю тебя
      Никогда не заставит тебя плакать
      Никогда не говори прощай

      • Anonymous

        29 Jan 2021 15:43  

        لسوء الحظ ، بعد بضع سنوات ، بدأ الغناء مرة أخرى ، لكن فاموس تذكر المكان الذي هرب منه وسرعان ما أوقفه كا ميرا. لا يمكن الوصول إلى الجسور المكسورة وتضرر الجسور الأخرى. لم تصل القنبلة اليدوية إلى لندن واشتعلت فيها النيران ، لذا لم يكن بالإمكان مساعدة ساقها. أنا متأكد من أن العمالقة لن يغيروا اللعبة مرة أخرى ، لكني لا أرى طريقة أخرى للتواصل. ماذا بإمكاني أن أفعل

        • Anonymous

          11 Jan 2021 20:48  

          I can’t get tired of this game no matter how much I play. I think the world design is the biggest reason. The first half feels like one giant roam rather than separate segments, I can’t even use homeward bones I just keep jogging back and forth uninterrupted. The lack of loading screens has a huge impact on immersion and as a slower more completion driven player it’s the perfect combination. I’m f’ing obsessed with this game.

          • 31 Dec 2020 17:06  

            I was chilling at the bonfire in Anor Londo checking my gear, this was my first time in the Anor Londo palace and I was just admiring the interior, suddenly out of nowhere some rude fellow which reminds me of a `?=)(/&%ç*" and acts like an `?=)(/&%ç*" invaded me and baited me into attacking Solaire (God rest his poor soul). That rude fellow and Solaire sliced me down like a piece of wood and made me lose my humanity. After waking up from this nightmare partly hollow I found myself again resting at the same Bonfire and everything seemed normal except, Solaire was not my friend anymore, he became a bitter foe and I had to put him to rest, God forgive me, but I had to do it, i can still hear him sayin: "Why... you!?". Now back to the rude fellow who started this dispute between the good old sun lover and me, I wish you little `?=)(/&%ç*" were never born and I wish you die a slow death of pain and misery! To my good old friend Solaire: "I will never forget you buddy!".

            • Anonymous

              25 Dec 2020 08:06  

              I'm achievement hunting on the original and the chaos servent one is bugged for me.... No matter how many times I leave and re join it won't pop. If I make a new character is there a way for someone to escort me to her so I can try to join for the achievement

              • Anonymous

                08 Dec 2020 02:41  

                when using the crystal greatsword, sword, or shield does these weapons count as special weapons or crystal enchanted weapons?

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