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    • Anonymous

      24 May 2020 20:19  

      I played all 3 souls games and here is what i cam with. DS2 is the hardest, DS3 has the most exhilarating boss fights, finally, DSR has the most freedom and lore.

      • Anonymous

        22 May 2020 08:44  

        I feel Dark Souls 1 is better than 2 and 3 on everything but game mechanics and graphics. The story, lore etc. Is better in ds1.

        • Anonymous

          04 May 2020 22:02  

          Before you ask about humanity, it can only: 1) Boost chaos weapon damage 2) allows you to turn human 3) kindle at bonfires 4) increases defense, curse resistance, and item discovery 5) Obtain higher ranks in SOME covenants 6) when you die with 5 or more(needs confirmation) humanity, it spawns a vagrant that you or others can kill for a reward. This is all I could think of for now, if there are more uses, please let me know. Thank you.

          • Anonymous

            12 Apr 2020 19:51  

            Yo, the people coming here from DS3 and asking about it are pure a$$ cancer. Leave your tumorous selves in the DS3 meta.

            • Anonymous

              01 Apr 2020 00:50  

              Hey is anyone playing this on PS4 that can drop me the NON cursed Great Sword Of Artorias ? I am trying to platinum the game and this is the LAST thing I need and I made the stupid CURSED weapon twice! im playing in PST

              • Anonymous

                23 Mar 2020 02:15  

                I'm at petite Londo and i will try to evoke my friend but i don't see his symbol to evokation, is not the first time i've evoke him. The settings are ok, we have the password too, i've try to chance zone and move on Perite Londo but i don't see his symbol. How it's possible? Thanks

                • Anonymous

                  19 Mar 2020 03:20  

                  Can someone please trade with me for Gwyn's soul? I mistakingly used it instead of another soul and now I'm stuck not getting 100%. I'm on Xbox One.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Nov 2019 23:11  

                    How to break this game: Ricard's Rapier +15 and Sunlight Blade. It deals 2k damage after a full R2/RT combo

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Aug 2019 10:03  

                      Ds1 is the worst souls game I said it. Alright I’m mostly kidding, it’s the slowest, the chunkiest, the most tedious, and it’s community is the worst. Other than that, just like the rest, incredible game.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Aug 2019 18:05  

                        Hell o everone im stuck on the end of dak soulsone can any one help out i just put 2 souls in the lordvessel ?

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Jun 2019 13:12  

                          Over the last year Ive been going through all the soulsbourne games and sekiro, in kinda a reverse order, I am currently like 80% through DS1 and only boss left in any of the other games is the last boss in sekrio and them daft tigers in DS2 who I will likely never defeat cause the tundra is just too annoying and not worth the effort. Since Ive been playing I admit I'm getting really good at least not a liability to someone which brings me to my question. I would love to complete one of the games completely co-op with someone in 1 day as a kind of DIY challenge, sadly all my mates either dont have the games or play PC so would anyone be down for 1 day clocking a whole game and keeping count of our deaths? I'm even up for a crew doing it real fellowship of the ring style*****, anyways my PSN is kushmummy if your down drop me a message, I got all the games, but I'm thinking DS3, BB or DS1 as DS2 was my least favourite, if your down for DS3 I will purchase the DLC to add to the experience as its the only DLC I aint done

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