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    • Anonymous

      09 Jan 2020 02:54  

      To all the players who posted their One shot challenges on social media and YouTube, go die in the Marianas Trench

      • Anonymous

        28 Nov 2019 23:11  

        How to break this game: Ricard's Rapier +15 and Sunlight Blade. It deals 2k damage after a full R2/RT combo

        • Anonymous

          28 Aug 2019 10:03  

          Ds1 is the worst souls game I said it. Alright I’m mostly kidding, it’s the slowest, the chunkiest, the most tedious, and it’s community is the worst. Other than that, just like the rest, incredible game.

          • Anonymous

            24 Aug 2019 18:05  

            Hell o everone im stuck on the end of dak soulsone can any one help out i just put 2 souls in the lordvessel ?

            • Anonymous

              14 Jun 2019 13:12  

              Over the last year Ive been going through all the soulsbourne games and sekiro, in kinda a reverse order, I am currently like 80% through DS1 and only boss left in any of the other games is the last boss in sekrio and them daft tigers in DS2 who I will likely never defeat cause the tundra is just too annoying and not worth the effort. Since Ive been playing I admit I'm getting really good at least not a liability to someone which brings me to my question. I would love to complete one of the games completely co-op with someone in 1 day as a kind of DIY challenge, sadly all my mates either dont have the games or play PC so would anyone be down for 1 day clocking a whole game and keeping count of our deaths? I'm even up for a crew doing it real fellowship of the ring style*****, anyways my PSN is kushmummy if your down drop me a message, I got all the games, but I'm thinking DS3, BB or DS1 as DS2 was my least favourite, if your down for DS3 I will purchase the DLC to add to the experience as its the only DLC I aint done

              • Anonymous

                12 May 2019 21:54  

                serious question, should I go for almost no poise and fast roll or mid roll and some poise (around 50)? It's a sorcerer build with bellowing and FaP so most likely no wolf ring

                • Anonymous

                  25 Apr 2019 14:14  

                  Dark Souls wiki page about wierd-looking NPCs/bosses: Well, its pretty simple you see. There was Gwynevere, some other dudes, probably Velka and definitely a dragon. And sex, LOTS of sex. Then this thing was born, and now you kill it.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Mar 2019 19:59  

                    Hello dark soul veterans! Its 3_11_19 and I'm on my 4th day playing dsr, it's the first game of any in the series I've played and my god its everything and more that it's been hyped up to be!! Its such a shame companys dont put the same care in modern games as they did in this game! Would any of u know if theres such a thing as a list of the perticular enemies that do not respawn such as the dark or black nights? Thank u for any help you may have!

                    • 09 Feb 2019 01:53  

                      Hiya ds community. Having a rough time finnishing four kings. My username is walrusking76, I'm on PS3 soul level 145. Really appreciate some PvP help if anyone is interested in joining me?

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