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    • Anonymous

      i am doing a intelligence build and i have a couple of questions

      1) what catalyst is the best for pure sorcery

      2) do I need to level dex to cast spells faster or not

      3) if i want to use dark spells (dark bead, pursuers) do I need to level faith to get the full benefits of using them or do i just need intelligence

      • Anonymous

        dead game lol imagine playing this where the gun the good weapons so dumb even fallout 4 is better or persona 5 yeah persona 5 persona much better since hot

        • Anonymous

          have you ever had a dream that you um that you had you you would you could you do you wa you wants you you could do so you you do you c you you wa you want him to do you so much you could do anything

          • Anonymous

            Does ds remastered has dlc?i mean if you had remastered you don't need to buy dlc because the game already has it;am i right?

            • Anonymous

              Easily the most bad souls game xcompared to xcom enemy unknown, you guys are blinded by non xcom trash felings

              • Anonymous

                Hey people, answer this question, what is crystal magic weapon? i am max level so you should it before 2 hours, if you answered it, you will get to know the strongest build in dark souls 1, 3, i am max 711 level so listen

                • Anonymous

                  Hey! did you know that elden ring gameplay has been released?! it's out there!! In youtube!!! fromsoftware realeased the gameplayCan't you believe it?! The gameplay is there! I am ready for elden ring!!!!!! and are you ready elden ring?! This game will be very good if you don't have any time wasting jobs! like i am on now !high school year 12!! or a job!. IM READY FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO POST IN EVERY DARK SOUL WIKI. YOU NEEED TO KNOW THIS

                  • Anonymous

                    Hey i need help with something, what can i do in dark souls remastered, i am bored, im max level, best gear, upgraded all items to max level, started like 93 NG's, havel's armor with guardian guantlets, bastard sword +15 with all 99 stats having 583 dmg, wolf ring equaling to 156 poise, almost unstoppable, what should i do?! I love this game so much, i do not want to leave it, and also, you all weak! infused weapons? WEAK!

                    • Anonymous

                      I gotta say, i do wish that the world connectivity from here into ds3, that would have made the game even more better

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