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    • Anonymous

      Hey people, answer this question, what is crystal magic weapon? i am max level so you should it before 2 hours, if you answered it, you will get to know the strongest build in dark souls 1, 3, i am max 711 level so listen

      • Anonymous

        Hey! did you know that elden ring gameplay has been released?! it's out there!! In youtube!!! fromsoftware realeased the gameplayCan't you believe it?! The gameplay is there! I am ready for elden ring!!!!!! and are you ready elden ring?! This game will be very good if you don't have any time wasting jobs! like i am on now !high school year 12!! or a job!. IM READY FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO POST IN EVERY DARK SOUL WIKI. YOU NEEED TO KNOW THIS

        • Anonymous

          Hey i need help with something, what can i do in dark souls remastered, i am bored, im max level, best gear, upgraded all items to max level, started like 93 NG's, havel's armor with guardian guantlets, bastard sword +15 with all 99 stats having 583 dmg, wolf ring equaling to 156 poise, almost unstoppable, what should i do?! I love this game so much, i do not want to leave it, and also, you all weak! infused weapons? WEAK!

          • Anonymous

            I gotta say, i do wish that the world connectivity from here into ds3, that would have made the game even more better

            • Anonymous

              Dark Souls 4 should be set in the Wild West and instead of weapons you use different types of sombreros, like ones with Sawblades, that can be thrown and ones that are swung with their Hat bands like flails and ones that have canons hidden inside of them as ranged weapons!!! The main antagonist should be the evil platypus lord, who wants to ban Sombreros and you are the cowboy of the lampshade who is chosen to defeat him!!!

              • Anonymous

                The pre lordvessel segment of this game is still the greatest thing FS ever made. I was hyped at the thoughts of exploring a giant map on my horse with no fast travel in Elden Ring but it seems it’s returning … however it was interesting that they stated players will be encouraged to travel naturally rather than by warping.

                • Anonymous

                  Noobs: oh my god I die from getting hit two times this game is so ***.

                  People who have played the games for years now: dies 100 times on a boss during a challenge run without getting mad once.

                  • Anonymous

                    Dark Souls music on church organ is good! Look for 'Ornstein & Smough - Church Organ Remix'
                    Giant bells included!

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