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Dark Souls Remastered coming on May 25th, 2018!

Dark Souls Trilogy announced in Japan!


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    • Anonymous

      12 Mar 2018 18:04  

      SL 125 Sorcerer

      Vit: 40
      Att: 16
      End: 31
      Str: 16
      Dex: 45
      Res: -
      Int: 40
      Fai: -

      R1: Moonlight Greatsword
      R2: Bare Fist
      L1: Tin Crystallization Catalyst
      L2: Crest Shield

      Mask of the Mother
      Giant Armor
      Elite Knight Gauntlets
      Giant Leggings

      Ring of Favor and Protection
      Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

      Great Soul Arrow
      Crystal Magic Weapon
      Homing Crystal Soulmass
      Dark Bead

      • Anonymous

        08 Mar 2018 04:09  

        Giant Dad

        Class Bandit

        soul level 99

        VIT 48
        ATT 12
        END 66
        STR 16
        DEX 10

        Mask of the Father
        Giant armor
        Giant gauntlets
        Giant leggings

        Chaos+5 Zweihander

        Pyromancy Flame ascended+5

        2 Black flame

        Grass crest shield+15

        Ring: Ring of favor and protection

        Ring: Havel ring

        • Anonymous

          05 Mar 2018 12:59  

          I luve dis game but its really hard for me because I keep finding myself masterbatiting to the soul of cider boss even though I would love for the mimic tongue to lick up my bum - luv Alexander Ambrose and Robbie Gordon

          • Anonymous

            05 Mar 2018 12:53  

            Hahahaha, I love this game. I really do as a severely high functioning autistic I find the last boss, dark Mage Sauroman to be a very difficult battle. I truly do enjoy the intensity of this battle. I am a certified lore master therefore my playthroughs prove very enjoying-Love Scott Allan X

            • Anonymous

              18 Feb 2018 04:30  

              I had hoped Demon's Souls would have been remastered with the final Archstone added etc so I'm not too worried about the Dark Souls remaster but I have to admit that even so I'm still concerned about things like Izalith and the bed of chaos. It's a remaster not a remake so there's a high possibility they won't be changed but with fromsoftware as a much bigger company now with more time for their games unlike 2011 when DS was rushed I won't be able to imagine the disappointment/hate that will fill the community if the worse parts of the game aren't changed. This is especially true because I've always thought the graphics are just fine which leaves the framerate fix as the one true benefit to the remaster or guaranteed benefit in my opinion.

              • 24 Jan 2018 22:11  

                Here's what I dearly hope to see in this remaster, though some of these are unlikely:

                1. Finished Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith.
                2. An FP bar to replace the number system for magic, leveled up with Attunement.
                3. Polished animations like in Bloodborne, so the game will look better in 60fps.
                4. Improved enemy pathfinding and A.I. (and Batwing Demons that don't fall to their deaths).
                5. Some refinements brought over from DS2 and DS3, such as:
                -using multiple souls/items at once
                -the improved menu
                -not having to reset the game when trading with Snuggly the Crow
                6. Updated NPC models to look more like they do in the concept art.
                7. Delayed backstab animations, like in DS3.
                8. Have enemy attacks bounce off walls, just like the player's.
                9. Improved slope collision. Specifically in Blighttown, Great Hollow, and Crystal Cave.
                10. Improved lock-on during bossfights, so it doesn't break from distance.

                Smaller things I'd like to see:

                1. An added "Dark" element for Abyss sorceries, Occult weapons, and Kalameet's breath.
                2. A conjunction feature and gesture implementation for messaging like in Bloodborne and DS3.
                3. The unused Shiva of the East questline.
                4. Cloth physics.

                • 15 Jan 2018 11:59  

                  If Fex was in on the remaster before it was announced and the wiki is the same as the original Dark Souls, does that mean the differences between the two versions are confirmed to be negligible?

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Jan 2018 17:27  

                    Dark Souls Remastered is to be released at 60fps and 1080p and up on the following platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC; being released on the 25th Of May 2018. Praise the Sun.

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Jan 2018 08:33  


                      • Anonymous

                        25 Nov 2017 22:13  

                        Hello, I didn't see the Knight in Undead Asylum, and got no Estus Flasks. This is my first time playing Dark Souls Prepare to die Edition, and things have been alright without them, but now I am in Darkwood Forest, and fighting the Moonlight Butterfly has become UNBEARABLY frustrating with no Flasks. Please,can someone tell me, if I return to Undead Asylum, will I be able to get the Flasks then, or do you recommend me just restarting? Thanks!

                        • Anonymous

                          18 Feb 2017 16:16  


                          just sharing for the community

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