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    • Anonymous

      16 Dec 2018 11:30  

      Does anyone know for certain if Pyromancy now scales with FAITH & INTELLIGENCE as opposed to just FAITH in DS1?

      • Anonymous

        07 Sep 2018 18:53  

        Hi! Anybody has known about a list or page, with armors by effect? (equipments with special effects, for example increasing your stats, hp, or stamina)

        • Anonymous

          09 Aug 2018 12:34  

          Why havel the rock is in undead burg before you fight taurus demon (before you go up stairs you will see. A door and go down until you see him

          • Anonymous

            15 Jul 2018 02:48  

            Do any of the pages on this site sport a trivia section? I posted something I thought may be viable for trivia in the comments of the "Skeleton Wheel" page, and since the Fextralife Dark Souls 3 wiki merges Notes and Trivia together, I wasn't sure if it had a place here or not.

            • Anonymous

              26 Jun 2018 23:16  

              K, why does everything on this wiki say "Dark Souls Remastered" now? This is not a Dark Souls Remastered wiki. This is a Dark Souls wiki. Dark Souls Remastered is just one version of Dark Souls. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, is not "a boss in Dark Souls Remastered." He is a boss in Dark Souls!

              • Anonymous

                21 Jun 2018 20:36  

                it would be nice if we could get in the network settings as an version update choice to deactivate invasions. there are people who does not want invasions so please from software, give us the chance as an update to activate and deactivate invasions.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Jun 2018 03:14  

                  So I was invading and summoning people just fine but out of nowhere I can't invade or be invaded or summon or anything but I know I'm online because I can see people walking around in their own world and I haven't killed the boss in the area I'm trying to invade or summon but still nothing does anybody know how to fix this

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Jun 2018 23:12  

                    Hey listen up all you dark souls veterans. I started at three and backwards. And I can say conclusively, anyone who thinks one is the best is on some elitist trash. 3 is the best, then 1 then 2. 3 was a damned masterpiece, and I loved every moment of it. Also by far the hardest. I beat ornstein and smough on the 3rd try. 1st trygot to second phase and almost won. Nameless king vehemently rapes all the boss battles on ds1.

                    • 09 Jun 2018 07:14  

                      Wiki comments now have special CSS showing user ranks, and a star for VIP members. Read more:

                      • Anonymous

                        29 May 2018 21:07  

                        I gave Andre the large ember when he asked. However, I still cannot upgrade beyond +5! It has to be a glitch and now Im stuck with only +5 weapons. WTF?


                        • Anonymous

                          29 May 2018 15:01  

                          Having issues with "Going Online". My NAT is open, the settings for the game are region matchmaking and no restrictions for the other stuff. Is there a certain point you have to get to in the game? Which really doesn't make sense considering it won't let me get online from the first time logging in. Any help would be much appreciated. Praise the sun!

                          • 29 May 2018 05:24  

                            Where in the world do you report game bugs? I know there are already some posts on here with some issues, that I too am running into, but I am just going to reiterate them. 1. Enemies do not reset when using bonfire. The black knight at the dark root basin bonfire still chases you after using bonfire, he did not reset and when I went to sneak up behind him he was already looking my way or he was already trying to chase after me, no I was not being loud so he could hear. The tower knight in the undead church below the gargoyles followed me to Andre's church, I used the bonfire more than once and the tower knight was still slowly backing up towards the undead church. 2. Enemies are reset when you leave and area and then return even though you did not use a bonfire. I was in the depths and basically cleared all the undead up to the bonfire, ran back to Laurentius at Firelink and then ran back to the depths and the undead had respawned. I had not used a bonfire and I was out of spells too. 3. Slimes outside the Depths bonfire clip through the walls when falling. When you initially walk outside the bonfire pathway you can see 6-7 slimes on the ceiling, yet when you run through you can see several clipping through the walls leaving you with about 3 that actually make it to the ground.

                            • Anonymous

                              28 May 2018 06:33  

                              SO, i just invaded as a dark moon for the first time, and I didn't make it to the host of the world before they challenged the boss, How ever hilariously I got the trophy for killing gwyndolin???? WHAT THE ACTUAL?? Maybe someone who is more intelligent than me can report this??

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