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    • Anonymous

      08 Mar 2018 04:17  

      Giant Dad

      Class Bandit

      soul level 99

      VIT 48
      ATT 12
      END 66
      STR 16
      DEX 10

      Mask of the Father
      Giant armor
      Giant gauntlets
      Giant leggings

      Chaos+5 Zweihander

      Pyromancy Flame ascended+5

      2 Black flame

      Grass crest shield+15

      Ring: Ring of favor and protection

      Ring: Havel ring

      • Anonymous

        BIIIIRRRRLLLL!!!!30 Jun 2016 14:55  

        Essa build sera focada no trap├ęzio descendente,ela ira te ajudar a se tornar um body builder

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