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2012 Events

19-22/01/2012 War of the Covenants: Way of White vs. Gravelord Servant

Gravelord VS Way of White/Princess Guard/Sun Bro summary.
The first organized covenant battle occurred during the weekend of January 19th through the 22nd 2012.
In order to maximize the number of participants soul level requirements where not included. Multiple areas were chosen for each day with the intention of providing fresh battle grounds and options for Gravelords who had defeated certain area bosses.
In order to minimize Darkwraith and Darkmoon invasions the areas and rules were sent to participants via Private Messaging. However as expected those were leaked and some forum members took offense.
Gestures were chosen as a means to identify participants which would allow for keeping score. The Way of White would invade the Gravelord via the Gravelord sign, would proceed to use the kneeling prayer gesture or throw out a single prism stone. The Gravelord would then point down and the fight would begin.
Worth noting that as the event approached increase Gravelord activity and Black Phantom apparitions were reported across several forums.
Due to widespread soul levels the concentration of Gravelords was weak and therefore many participants did not see any single Gravelord signs. The reports of Black Phantom appearances by participants were not as many as we all hoped for. Also, meetings between participants were few.
It was a plus for the Gravelord covenant because it received a lot of attention and proper Gravelording Techniques were spread about the community. The overall response was very positive with regards to the PvP potential the Gravelord Covenant offers. There were many accounts of players having a constant stream of invaders ready to PvP and even fighting between Red invaders and Blue invaders while waiting to fight the Gravelord.
Equally exciting was reading player accounts of being confronted by Black Phantom wheel skeletons in the Catacombs, Darkwraiths in New Londo Ruins, Giant Knights in Anor Londo and Hollowed Thiefs in the Lower Undead Burg.
Lastly, the war was definitely inconclusive since participants of both covenants were not able to meet each other in large numbers. However participants have expressed the desire to do this again applying the lessons learned.
What do to different for the next Gravelord war:

  1. A single soul level will be required to participate.
  2. Less areas.
  3. Make areas known to EVERYONE

Here is a table of reported activity and those who signed up to participate. The numbers are probably much greater but not everyone involved reported.

Number of Gravelords Number of Way of White; Princes Guard, Sunlight Covenant Number of Darkwraiths Number Darkmoon Blade
140 35 58 41



8-10/02/2012 War of the Covenants: Path of the Dragon vs. Sunlight Warriors

5/5/2012 War between the Noble Knights and the Gravesworn

Number of Knights: 3
Number of Gravelords: 5

The event went for 2 hours and happened in the tomb of giants. Despite the small numbers the loose scoring system allowed all kills to count as points.
Unfortunately none of the participants encountered each other but all contributed to the score despite all being in the 60-80 SL range
In a close battle the Knights edged out the Gravesworn 26-25.

As a result of their victory the Knights were able to collect detailed maps of the first third of the Tomb of Giants. This will make further expeditions safer.


5/5/2012 War between the Noble Knights and Priscilla's Lifehunters

Number of Knights: 11
Number of Lifehunters: 12
Using the experience gained from the previous war we were able to put together a much larger one this time. The event had far more members although some knights were plagued by technical problems and forced to drop out.
Due to the implementation of Fight Club duel rounds the teams were able to directly fight each other and see the other teams playstyles. There were 3 such 2 hour events and they were a huge success.
The remaining 18 hours were spent in general combat. The Knights either co-oped or fought invaders and the lifehunters spent their time invading. Their gravesworn allies reported great success gravelording, many SoV's invading them. A good day for the gravelord covenant.
The battle was hard fought, with higher ranked members worth more points. One development that came from this was it would not be in place next war. Instead points would be based off skill so leaders not as skilled at pvp cannot be harvested for points.
Co-ops in the painted world also proved a challenge as often knights would be summoned and forced to fight through the entire world before they could get a point, taking a large chunk of time whereas hunters could constantly invade.
However some hunters had problems finding themselves invaded more often than they could invade.
After the entire day was up and the scores tallied. The scores were much higher than the last war. In the end the results were:
Lifehunters: 1246
Noble Knights: 980
With their victory the lifehunters threw the knights from their world. The knights fell back to anor londo in order to lick their wounds and plan their next move.
Due to the large amount of lore that was written for the event I have included a link to the thread including it all here


16/5/2012 War between the Lifehunters + Allies and Darkstalkers

Number of DarkStalker: ~8
Number of Lifehunters: ~7
This war was quite an impromptu one. The darkstalkers initially planned a simple invasion event. However the lifehunter leader decided to interrupt the event with an attack. Unfortunately for them infighting about the validity of the attack and literal sickness meant nearly half of the lifehunter force was unable to participate. This also made it hard to count the number of people on their side however it is clear the number was low.
This war was extremely important in terms of points. One of the darkstalkers alone amassed more points than the entire LH team, clearly showing that scoring systems were still in development.
The battle did not feature any FC rounds, it was all invasions/hosting. As such the darkstalkers were advantaged by the scoring system giving 2 points for phantom kills, as their were an abundance of questers with phantoms around.
At the end of the fight the 2 leaders fought at Sen's in a best of 3. The winner, LH, received 100 points.
Darkstalker: 2522
Lifehunters ~1201
After the battle peace talks were held and the LH reached an agreement with the Stalkers for a peace treaty, where as long as the stalkers left the Painted World alone the LH would no longer interfere with them.


4-6/7/2012 Zena Peddler Chaos BBQ

Number of Partcipants ~5
On independnce day and the following days the Peddlers hosted an all american party event. The event involved wearing red, white and blue to represent the american flag and showcased the following events -
Frisbee Golf- That's right, for all you novelty flying disc enthusiasts have we got a game for you. All you need is a Crystal Ring Shield and an unlucky host to invade. How do you play? It's easy, the host is the pin. See if you can get a hole in one right in the host's face. Bonus points for victories using only this weapon. For amicable invasions encourage the host to grab their own shield and play catch with each other
Taking your dog for a walk in the park- That's right, it's not all high octane fun at this party. Why not take a stroll with your favorite simulated canine friend. How the heck do we do this we ask? Easy, "forget" to clean up some piles of poo that just happen to get left in the host's world. This is especially relaxing in any ganking host's world.
Cookouts- What's a BBQ without some great grilling? Participants are encouraged to invade with their pyro glove as their only weapon and use it to roast burgers (hosts), hot dogs (reds allied with the host), corn on the cob (sunbros with the host) and marshmallows (I think you get the idea).
Glow Stick Rave- Once the sun sets and the party really starts rocking the glow sticks come out. What host wouldn't want oodles of prism stones strewn across their world for no apparent reason. If they don't like it, feel free to play frisbee with them or further enjoy a cookout.
Dancing- Show the host your moves with the dance craze sweeping the globe known as "The Trident." See if you can get a flash mob going. Remember that an occasional gesture can be a nice dance move too....Anyone getting a choreographed routine and video proof will be placed in the annals (thread) of the Peddlers for all eternity
Last but not least, FIREWORKS- Nothing says celebration like colorful explosions and dangerous rockets flying through the air. Invade your host and put on a show they'll remember. Fireworks deemed legal in Lordran include the following....
Bottle rockets (souls arrow and spear series)
Roman candles (fireball and orb series)
Sparklers (weapon buffs, cast light)
Black snakes (Acid mist )
Smoke bombs (poison/toxic mists)
Moving Tanks (White Dragon Breath)
M80s (Wrath of God, force series)
Mortars (Firestorm/tempest series, Gravelord Sword dances)
For those who participated they found the event fun, with those hosts that participated along (all participants invaded) the best of the experiences.


14/7/2012 Noble Knights vs Lifehunters Mock War

Number of Knights: 8
Number of Lifehunters: 8
This war was designed in order to bring about a fairer and more effective points system, that both allowed co-op to be an effective tool for scoring points, and test out out the new "lives" system.
Unfortunately out of the 32 people who put their name down for the war only a handful turned up, with nearly half the numbers coming from people who joined the war the day it began.
The reason for this is believed to be a combination of miscommunication about the event start (many people thought it started on their 14th, not 12am the 14th UTC) and the current lul in covenant activity.
However despite these problems the war proved fun for those who fought and results for the scoring system could still be taken. The following was decided. note that the following only applies to the PW, whereas other areas would have their own checkpoints and be worth more or less points depending on the time needed to do a run of the level.
I'm going to put in a checkpoint system that will balance the points, thus menaing longer co-ops are worth more, yet still encouraging you to go faster. E.g. Getting ot the first fog gate, 1 point. Killing jeremiah and clearinghis area, 1 point. Turning the lever underneath to open the door to Pris, 1 point. Clearing the annex (gettig the ember, the miracle and the painting set) 1 point. Killing Pris, 1 point. So overall one co-op can be wirth up to 5 points. You can skip the annex to d othe level faster but you dont get the point. It also removes the problem of peole putting their sign on the bridge if co-ops were worth like 3, and doing them fast for little time.
This will hopefully increase the effectiveness of co-oping for points, and reduce the problem of the host dying in the boss battle or to an invader aftre a knight has invested significant time into helping them.
At the end of the war the points were tallied and a surprising result emerged.
Lifehunters: 477
Noble Knights: 501
Despite co-ops only counting as 1 point some extremely good work by the Noble Knights and the Deliverance allowed them to take advantage of the LHs low numbers and score a win.


21/7/2012 - Unfinished Gravelord Tour of Lordran

The gravelord covenant was infamous for being buggy and broken during the initial release. As such it has been one of the least used covenants, and many people stil go without ever being gravelorded or seeing a gravelord sign. While the previous wars have shown the forum that the covenant worked, they havenmt had a wider impact. In order to help spread further knowledge DxV04 (DarknessxVega on the wiki) organised a tour of Lordran, designed to swarm areas with gravelord signs and help spread awareness that the covenant now worked.
Each person begins the tour with an SL 1 pyromancer gravelord. The participants then began gravelording the burg for the first fortnight of the event. All the partcipants announced massive success on the first day and fellow forum memebers captured pictures (seen here) showing that the gravelord signs were numerous and easy to see.
On the 4th of august the tour hit the parish. Due to the number of non american players unable to attend the last one due to time differences a second event time was added. A total of 10 hours gravelording the parish occured. Once again the event was a success, a massive xbox following hsowing up to terrorise questers. The PS3 showing was not as strong, however some member continued GLing after the event to maike up for it. Console competition abounds.
This event is ongoing and will be updated as the tour continues.


8/9/2012 Noble Knights vs Gravesworn Archives War

Number of Noble Knights and Allies: 20
Number of Gravesworn and Allies: 15
This war proved a lot of trouble in the end, and caused drastic actions to be taken in many covenants by their members. However to start off, the good stuff.
This war featured a voting system prior to it to allow members a chance to express what they think should happen in the war. The results came down to reducing the event to a single SL range (removing 120) and the event was extended to 48 hours. Duelling sessions were also removed, but this was an executive decision rather than being put to vote.
Unlike previous wars, where signing up happened in the beta thread, for this war recruitment was kept closed until the main thread was opened 2 weeks before the war. This led to a much higher turnout with 35 of the 45 people who signed up participating.
The war also used a revised scoring system instead, which gave the Knights more points for co-op to compensate for the extra time co-ops took compared to invading. The Knights spent their time co-oping and hosting while their allies the Lifehunters spent their entire time hosting.

Noble Knights and Allies

1 point per invader of your own or a host's world killed.

1 point per Gravelord you invade and kill.


From the 2nd bonfire.

1 point for entering the Crystal Caves

1 point for reaching the Gold Golem

1 point for clearing the Man-Eater Clams

1 point for killing Seath



1 point per EoD for killing a SoV.

1 point per humanity for killing a Darkwraith.

1 point per host you have invaded killed.

1 point per phantom protecting a host you invaded killed.


Darkstalkers and allies

1 point per host you invaded killed.

1 point per phantom protecting a host you invaded killed.

However despite all these changes the war was once again affected by individuals scoring extremely high values throwing everyone else off. Two darkstalkers scored a combined total of 1600 points, more than all the NK together. In the end in order to save the integrity of the event and keep the scores more even rather than having a blow out the LH scores were doubled to 2 points per invader killed. With these high scores came a lot of controversy from people who didn't believe the high scores and claimed the other side was cheating. This led to one member removing himself from any further events. The covenants also too a more serious turn, with 2 members expulsed from covenants for fighting for the other side. It is our goal to prevent further incidents like these.
The final scores were
Gravesworn and Allies: 3247
Noble Knights and Allies: 2911
(The original score of the NK, before the LH scores were double was 1930)
Congrats to the Gravesworn on their win. This war once again showed the scoring system isnt perfect.


14-18/10/2012 Lifehunters vs Darkstalkers Tournament War

Number of Lifehunters: 10
Number of Darkstalkers: 10
This war was very different to previous ones in a lot of way. Firstly the format. Unlike previous wars this one didn't involve the sides invading/hosting and co-op in a specified area. Instead it represented a more typical tournament. There was an established set of rules, builds had to be pre submitted and there was a referee who hosted to ensure the rules were enforced. The 10 players from each side were nominated by the leader rather than joining themselves as each person would be critically important to the war. Each side had 8 PS3 and 2 Xbox players. These players then duelled in the lower burg arena (next to the fire with the 3 dogs). The fights were best of 3, and each victory gave the winning side a point. At the end of the war the team with the most points would win. The PS3 players fought each opponent once for a total of 64 points, while each xbox player fought their 2 foes 5 times to make up for the reduced number of opponents.
Secondly the war finished early due to unprecedented reasons. While it started off well, people having good fights and enjoying themselves, events in the previous week caused tempers to rise and the even got too serious. In order to prevent the situation getting worse the main organiser and referee, Bunnywink, cancelled the event early by the following.

Lifehunters and Darkstalkers. One after another, skilled warriors of Lordran have entered the arena of the Lower Burg, pledging their lives and their loyalty to either Priscilla's vassal, Wyrm, or the Dark Lord, Abel.

For three days the self-professed Prism Princess watched as friends fought on opposing sides, extinguishing the spark of humanity in the men they had once embraced as brother over an arbitrary designation such as " enemy". For three days she watched as they exchanged parries and - with every connected blow - she watched as their blood spurted and spattered onto the cobblestones of the Lower Burg, mixing and mingling into one another in a grotesque painting of blood and bones.

As the dawn settled into the fourth day of The War of the Hidden Lords, she could watch no more. Ordinarily she would not accord the two Lords thusly, but at this moment her misery endowed her with courage. She threw herself between Wyrm's server and Abel's claymore and, before the dull glint of the blood-soaked blades; in a pleading voice poured out her heart.

"Listen," said the Princess of Prisms, speaking with all the sweetness and naïveté of a girl her age; "listen to me, Lords, I am going to tell you everything, for I see you are both strong opponents, but you are even stronger leaders.” Defenseless, she languishingly turned her head toward the leaders of the Lifehunters and Darkstalkers alike, tears ran down from her eyes and like pearls shone upon her cheeks.

"My Lords, can it be that there are men so hardened as to have stifled in themselves their capacity for love? My very nature compels me to feel it for all those who have forfeited their humanity in this war…Can there be men who are utter strangers to the idea of peace? I implore my Lords to end this war and call a truce among your men. This bloodshed, this loss of humanity and souls... It is in your power, and yours only, to remedy it."

Desperate and seeing herself savagely repulsed by her own participation in this war, she placed her last prism stone at the feet of the two Lords in a symbolic gesture.

" If I cannot conquer your reason, I hope to at least captivate your heart. I hereby withdraw my participation in this war."

The score when the war was cancelled was 10 - 10.

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