The Game Progress Route features recommended routes to progress through Dark Souls. This is meant as a companion to our New Player Help and Walkthroughs pages. Click to start your walkthrough on the recommended Beginner path: Northern Undead Asylum

If you follow the Beginner's Path, you should then progress in this order:
Sen's Fortress --> Anor Londo --> Darkroot Garden --> New Londo Ruins --> The Duke's Archives --> Crystal Cave --> Demon Ruins --> Lost Izalith --> The Catacombs --> Tomb of Giants --> Kiln of the First Flame


Recommended Route by TheElk

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Beginner Route Bonfire Progress

List of Bonfires following the beginner suggested path of the game.

Special Bonfires

Other - Not progress related

  • The Great Hollow
    • At the entrance
  • Ash Lake
  • Ash Lake- Stone Dragon
    • Following the beach to the end in Ash Lake allows you to reach the Ancient Dragon
  • Painted World of Ariamis
    • Found just after entering Ariamis
  • Sanctuary Garden (Exclusive to "Prepare to Die Edition")
    • Found upon entering Sanctuary Garden
  • Oolacile Sanctuary (Exclusive to "Prepare to Die Edition")
    • Found after boss fight in Sanctuary Garden
  • Oolacile Township (Exclusive to "Prepare to Die Edition")
    • Found after boss fight in Royal Wood


    • Anonymous

      05 Aug 2017 08:56  

      How do you plan on getting to the four kings without the ring of Artorias? Also this is obviously assuming your expecting all beginners to kill Ingward for the key to the seal because without the lord vessel that is their only option for taking the four kings before ornstein and smough....

      • Anonymous

        30 Jun 2017 09:15  

        Feel beginners should do Catacombs before Sen's Fortress as the area is pretty low level and decent place for soul farming SL 30-40

        • Anonymous

          "Advanced" path05 Apr 2016 14:50  

          Regarding the advanced path at the top: What is the benefit of going through New Londo and Valley of Drakes to Blighttown and Quelaag first, before Undead Burg/Parish? Sure I can do that if I start with the Master Key, but I don't know why I would as I have to do both either way and Blighttown is a lot more difficult without gear.

          • Anonymous

            Bonfires wrong order ?25 Feb 2016 16:22  

            Don't you have to go to the Garden place and get Ring of Artorias from the wolf boss before you can even fight the boss in The Abyss (The four kings)

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