Paladin Leeroy


Paladin Leeroy is an NPC Phantom in Dark Souls


Paladin Leeroy Information

Paladin Leeroy is a computer controlled NPC that can be found in the Catacombs and in Tomb of the Giants. He resembles Garl Vinland from Demon's Souls and wears heavy armor and a weapon that looks like Bramd from Demon's Souls.

It's should be noted that the Helm of Paladin Leeroy carry an uncanny likeliness with those of Drangleic soldier. This added to the fact that it's said, in item description that leeroy "set out for Lordran" implying he wasn't here in the first place, possibly make a link beetween him and the realm of Drangleic. If this theory is true, it would also imply that the first Way of White undead come from Drangleic.


Leeroy can be summoned before the fight with Pinwheel in The Catacombs. First make sure you are human. His sign is way at the bottom where the Wheel Skeletons are. It's the same piece of land you have to jump down onto (from the canyon you get to after climbing up and going through the hallway where the Titanite Demon is) to get an item. His sign is on there near the item.


Paladin Leeroy Invasion

While you are in human-form, run from the last bonfire of the level towards the end where the yellow fog door was before acquiring the lordvessel that leads to Nito. You will see a large foggy chasm (Possibly Ash Lake) to your left and a narrow ridge to run down on the right side. A cave entrance will be on your right that the yellow fog covered. Walk past said cave and Leeroy will spawn at the very end of the path. Leeroy's invasion will happen regardless if he's summoned in the catacombs or not.
Note: If you defeat Gravelord Nito before defeating Leeroy, he will no longer show-up in your current play-through.



You have to have placed the Lordvessel at the altar and making the Yellowish/Red Fog gates disappear. Otherwise Leeroy will not invade you. Note: Do NOT kill Leeroy by knocking him off the ledge. You may be unable to retrieve his equipment and humanity.



  • 23165 Souls,
  • Grant (Brandt-like mace)
  • Sanctus Shield (Winning Design of the Japanese "Design a Shield Contest" for Dark Souls)
  • 3 Humanity (It is also possible to steal at least 3 extra humanity from him using Dark Hand before you finish him off)

Note: After defeating Leeroy, his armor set, the Paladin set, will be found in Nito's area (if you don't defeat him the set will not appear).


Build Strategy

How to play this build

40-40 (FC)  ♦  8-Vit  ♦  Abysswalker  ♦  All out Mage Build Pve  ♦  Artorias Build  ♦  Artorias The Abysswalker Build  ♦  B HURB's Faith Build (SL123)  ♦  Battle mage  ♦  Battle mage PvP build  ♦  Blight Assassin  ♦  BloodLion1986's Faith Build  ♦  Bow Me PVP  ♦  Brick Wall Samurai  ♦  Broken  ♦  Builds By ImSoSoBAPE  ♦  Burning Priest  ♦  Chaos Blade Build  ♦  Chaos Build  ♦  Chaos Mage  ♦  Chaos Pyro Build  ♦  Chaos Warrior (Vit Dump)  ♦  Clan of Belmont Build  ♦  Co-op Faith Obsidian Greatsword  ♦  Crimson_Reaper  ♦  Crouching Kitten, Hidden Hippo  ♦  Crystal Assassin  ♦  Cult Cleric Regen  ♦  Curved Blue  ♦  Custom Solaire Build  ♦  Dark Master  ♦  Dark sorcerer  ♦  dark souls build  ♦  Darkmoon Avenger  ♦  Darkmoon Battlemage  ♦  Darkmoon Blade Quality Build  ♦  Darkmoon Guerilla  ♦  Darkmoon Gwyndolin Build  ♦  Darkmoon Slayer  ♦  Darkwood Hunter  ♦  DarkWraithAssassin  ♦  Dashing Roge  ♦  Demon  ♦  Demon Hunter  ♦  Demon-Knight-Build  ♦  Dex Int SL 100  ♦  Dex Pyro SL 100  ♦  DEX Pyrosword  ♦  Disciple of Artorias  ♦  Divine Hammer  ♦  Divine Warrior Build  ♦  Dovahkiin  ♦  Dragon Form Build  ♦  Dragon Hero  ♦  Dragon King Build  ♦  Dragon Knight  ♦  Dragonslayer Orenstein Build  ♦  Dual-Wield Assassin  ♦  Elemental Hornet Tank  ♦  Elemental Warrior (PVP SL60)  ♦  Elemental Zweihander  ♦  Elite Knight Spearman  ♦  EndlessPayne's PvE Faithbuild  ♦  Everlast-Knight  ♦  Evox's SL125 Holy Knight  ♦  Faith - Dex Hybrid  ♦  Faith - Strength Hybrid  ♦  Faith Caster (Reah Thorolund cos-play)  ♦  Faithful Knight  ♦  Faithwalker Antious  ♦  Fatty Build  ♦  Fear The Reaper  ♦  Flammeus Anima Blade  ♦  From Boletaria he Came  ♦  GanonChallenge  ♦  Geralt  ♦  Glutebrah (FC)  ♦  Gobs Beast (FC)  ♦  Gravecheeselord  ♦  Gravelord of Miasma and Death  ♦  Grey Knight (PvP build)  ♦  Grim Reaper Build  ♦  Guardian of the Abyss Build  ♦  Gwyn Build  ♦  Halberd Mage  ♦  Halberdier Challenge Builds  ♦  Hammer Giant  ♦  Hand-Of-God  ♦  Highland_Cleric  ♦  Holy Bishop  ♦  Holy Death Knight  ♦  Holy Dragon Knightess  ♦  Holy Paladin  ♦  Hornet Mage  ♦  Hyper mage  ♦  IndianiaJonesBuild  ♦  Infested Barbarian Invader  ♦  Inquisitor SL125 (Melee,pyro,miracles)  ♦  J-RPG Challenge Build  ♦  Jaca's Gravelord Build  ♦  King Jeremiah Build  ♦  KingReaper257  ♦  Knight of Astora  ♦  Knight of The Dark Soul build  ♦  Knight Solaire build  ♦  Knight-Errant  ♦  Lautrec of Carim Build  ♦  Leeeeroy Jenkins build  ♦  Leeroy (FC)  ♦  Lifehunt Build  ♦  Lifehunt Guardian  ♦  Lifehunter  ♦  Light's Faith Build  ♦  Lightning God Thunderclees  ♦  Link Challenge  ♦  Lord's Blade Ciaran Build  ♦  Low level = max trollage  ♦  Low level powerwraith  ♦  Low SL PvP Build  ♦  Magic Sword  ♦  magical pantless warrior  ♦  Maricle Caster  ♦  Miasma  ♦  Mike Tyson PvP Build  ♦  Moonlight Mage  ♦  Moonlight Sorcerer  ♦  Moonlight Sorceror Build  ♦  Moonlight Warrior  ♦  Multi Playstyles PvP Dex Build  ♦  Multi-Weapon Mage  ♦  Multiverse Blade  ♦  Nazgul  ♦  Necromancer's_Fury  ♦  Nightmare Build  ♦  Nimble Artorias  ♦  Ninja  ♦  Ninja Dragon  ♦  Noob Hunter Build  ♦  Obsidian GS SL50  ♦  Obsidian Lord Build  ♦  Once Faithful Warden Build  ♦  Output Knight (PvE Build)  ♦  Overlord  ♦  Paladin (SL 20)  ♦  Paladin Build  ♦  Paladin PvP Faith Build  ♦  Paladin Tank  ♦  Parrying Onion  ♦  Power Within my Fist  ♦  Power Within Rush  ♦  Proud Sword Build  ♦  PvP Pyromancer  ♦  PVPee Build  ♦  Pyro Warrior  ♦  Pyromancer PvP Build (SL10)  ♦  Pyromaniac Build  ♦  Quality Build Attempt  ♦  Quicky the Magician  ♦  Random Build  ♦  Rapier Katana Build  ♦  Reim FC 225 (FC)  ♦  Renaissance Mage  ♦  Royal Tank  ♦  Sage Freke Build  ♦  Samurai  ♦  Sasuke Uchiha  ♦  Seath the scaleless setup  ♦  Secret Ninja  ♦  Shadow Thief  ♦  Shinigami Build  ♦  Silly Buggers Build  ♦  Sl 10 Invasion Specialist  ♦  SL 120 Occult Uchigatana Build  ♦  SL 3 Darkwraith; Lautrec of Carim  ♦  SL1 Darkwraith  ♦  Sonho's CWM Build (Dex)  ♦  Sorcerer Build Sberky  ♦  Spartan Novice  ♦  Spell Warrior  ♦  Standard PvP build  ♦  Stonewall (FC)  ♦  Strength Build  ♦  Strength GMW  ♦  Sunlight Samurai  ♦  Sunlight Spellsword  ♦  Support Priest  ♦  Swamp Walker  ♦  Swashy's Rooftop Defender  ♦  Swordmage PVP build  ♦  Templar (FC)  ♦  Thank Tank  ♦  The Burning Reaper  ♦  The Burning Reaper (Caster Version)  ♦  The Burning Reaper (Pure Pyromancy)  ♦  The Dark Caster  ♦  The Executioner  ♦  The inhospitable host  ♦  The Janitor  ♦  The SorceFaither  ♦  The Soul Guide  ♦  Throned's CMW Strength Build  ♦  Toxic Mercenary  ♦  VelkaKnight  ♦  Vergil Style  ♦  Versatile Int Build  ♦  whipsinger  ♦  Witch of Pain  ♦  Wolverine  ♦  Wolverine (FC)  ♦  Zelda Challenge  ♦  Zwei Cleaver  ♦  Zwei hander build


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    • 01 Aug 2021 15:42  

      i am just had a strange occurance...

      i summoned paladin leeroy at darkwood, right at the stairs

      after we killed an invador and all darkwood dudes i took him to the mushroom dudes... plan was do do sif with him but... the shrooms in the forestswamp rekt him...
      so i googled and found nothing.... someone ever had that summon sign? was this a human?
      but he acted exactly like npc... what is going on herE???

      • Anonymous

        30 Jun 2021 15:41  

        Sometimes he's worthless. He'll jump down among the pinwheels and just put up his shield. He may swing once, or not at all, usually miss. the pinwheels grind him up slowly. He'll heal himself...twice, despite already getting full health from the first. Sometimes he even runs towards the blacksmith, ignoring the wheels, and vanishes.

        • 18 May 2021 13:09  

          I killed him before the pinwheels' room and he dropped nothing. I didn't knock him off the ledge. Reloading didn't work for me too...

          • Anonymous

            12 May 2021 20:21  

            it should be noted that leeroy beefs up considerably from catacombs summon to TOTG fight, for one he can one-hand his grant (he cant in catacombs) and his spells are signifigantly harder hitting

            • Anonymous

              30 Mar 2021 17:46  

              uh hi people of dark souls, a query, how do i summon this guy for mr 3 head if he invades me near the Nito foggate? just wondering how it works.

              • Anonymous

                23 Mar 2021 22:34  

                I accidentally killed him in my first try. Now i learn that i can't get the aoe hammer and the free healing shield. Why did they make the game with these stupid conditionals.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Jan 2021 05:37  

                  It's best to lure him into the cave where the crystal lizard is, instead of risk fighting him on the ledge where he spawns.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Jan 2021 02:39  

                    When he invaded me i used the dragon roar followed by a mlgs r2, i thought he wont fell because he'll either die in one hit or barely survive and i'll only need a quick punch to finish him, turns out the mlgs r2 knocked him SIDEWAYS TO THE VOID, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS DIRECTLY FACING ME. Now i cant get his weapon until ng+. Thanks miyazaki

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Dec 2020 09:18  

                      Someone here, who could give me his weapon and shield? He felt down the cliff twice.. I can only offer one Soul of Priscilla or maybe Demon Spear :D

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Nov 2020 16:39  

                        this should be noted, if you kill him and then do not rest at a bonfire and dead head charge nito and kill him the armor set does not spawn. this just happened to me and im pissed

                        • 08 Aug 2020 09:28  

                          "It's should be noted that the Helm of Paladin Leeroy carry an uncanny likeliness with those of Drangleic soldier. This added to the fact that it's said, in item description that leeroy "set out for Lordran" implying he wasn't here in the first place, possibly make a link beetween him and the realm of Drangleic. If this theory is true, it would also imply that the first Way of White undead come from Drangleic."

                          The Way of White is based on Thorolund, and Drangleic probably doesn't even exist during the events of DS1.
                          Also, DS1 predates DS2, which makes it pretty clear that if there is a conexion between the designs of those helmets mentioned, it's that the drangleic hollow helmets were inspired by Leeroy's, and not that Leeroy came from Drangleic.
                          Finally, why is there an empty "Build Strategy" section, but no trivia section, where that entire paragraph should be moved to (or deleted).

                          • Anonymous

                            07 May 2020 21:46  

                            I died to Leroy and as far as i can tell he jumped off after me, he wont invade again, i already tried restarting the game and I am human. is there any way to get his shield?

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Apr 2020 21:24  

                              HELP! when i tried to summon leeroy, it was successful, but he just wandered off into the distance and never came back! i went through the fog gate hoping it will attract him, but no. he was still gone. please help!!

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Aug 2019 08:19  

                                Pro tip: Don't use the moonlight greatsword heavy attack against him. You will either send him flying off the cliff, or the knock back will clip him through the wall and send him to his death that way. Happened 3 times in a row for me :(

                                • Anonymous

                                  18 Jun 2019 13:59  

                                  Knock knock open the up the fog it’s real with the holy hunk of iron and the Sanctus shield grants gonna give it to ya ***** waiting on your own grants gonna kill it for ya

                                  • Anonymous

                                    09 Mar 2019 20:37  

                                    It would appear that you are able to acquire the Paladin set without ever actually encounter Leeroy or using his summon sign.

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