Paladin Leeroy


Paladin Leeroy is an NPC Phantom in Dark Souls


Paladin Leeroy Information

Paladin Leeroy is a computer controlled NPC that can be found in the Catacombs and in Tomb of the Giants. He resembles Garl Vinland from Demon's Souls and wears heavy armor and a weapon that looks like Bramd from Demon's Souls.

It's should be noted that the Helm of Paladin Leeroy carry an uncanny likeliness with those of Drangleic soldier. This added to the fact that it's said, in item description that leeroy "set out for Lordran" implying he wasn't here in the first place, possibly make a link beetween him and the realm of Drangleic. If this theory is true, it would also imply that the first Way of White undead come from Drangleic.


Leeroy can be summoned before the fight with Pinwheel in The Catacombs. First make sure you are human. His sign is way at the bottom where the Wheel Skeletons are. It's the same piece of land you have to jump down onto (from the canyon you get to after climbing up and going through the hallway where the Titanite Demon is) to get an item. His sign is on there near the item.


Paladin Leeroy Invasion

While you are in human-form, run from the last bonfire of the level towards the end where the yellow fog door was before acquiring the lordvessel that leads to Nito. You will see a large foggy chasm (Possibly Ash Lake) to your left and a narrow ridge to run down on the right side. A cave entrance will be on your right that the yellow fog covered. Walk past said cave and Leeroy will spawn at the very end of the path. Leeroy's invasion will happen regardless if he's summoned in the catacombs or not.
Note: If you defeat Gravelord Nito before defeating Leeroy, he will no longer show-up in your current play-through.



You have to have placed the Lordvessel at the altar and making the Yellowish/Red Fog gates disappear. Otherwise Leeroy will not invade you. Note: Do NOT kill Leeroy by knocking him off the ledge. You may be unable to retrieve his equipment and humanity.



  • 23165 Souls,
  • Grant (Brandt-like mace)
  • Sanctus Shield (Winning Design of the Japanese "Design a Shield Contest" for Dark Souls)
  • 3 Humanity (It is also possible to steal at least 3 extra humanity from him using Dark Hand before you finish him off)

Note: After defeating Leeroy, his armor set, the Paladin set, will be found in Nito's area (if you don't defeat him the set will not appear).

    • Anonymous

      02 Sep 2017 09:48  

      This character makes no sense at all. What's the story with this guy? What's his purpose, connection to the story and why does he invade to kill you and in that seemingly insignificant location?

      • Anonymous

        19 Mar 2017 20:50  

        Spoiler: He's from Thorolund like all the other white way'ers. But continue letting Truther destr...writing this wiki.

        • Anonymous

          Farming Leeroy17 Sep 2016 03:16  

          I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I just managed to kill Leeroy multiple times. He would invade in his normal location, I knock him down with heavy attack of Zweihander+15 at 40 strength, do another heavy attack before he gets up and he dies, leaving behind his bloodstain with humanity, but not weapons. I then quit to menu and reloaded, and he invaded again, so I did the same. I got about 21k souls and 1 humanity every time, until I waited a couple seconds between my heavy attacks. This time, he died for good and left his weapon and shield on the ground. I'd love if someone could confirm this.

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