Divine Warrior PvP Build

By Whiplash_x360a

  • The main reason behind this build is to carry powerful weapons while wearing medium to heavy armor and use Miracles in the process.
  • Being a Knight or a Pyromancer helps out in getting the basis of your character from start to finish

  • Main focus in this is getting your Strength above 50 (to ensure you can use all weapons), with your Faith and Endurance being either around or above your Strength.
  • The main items needed to make this build great are weapons that have a great boost in Strength/Faith parameters (i.e. Black Knight Greataxe, Demon's Greataxe, Grant, Greatsword of Artorias, etc.) and miracles. Pyromancy is optional.
  • High poise is already covered if you're wearing heavy armor, but if not, then the Wolf Ring is an added bonus.
  • Miracles should be defensive and offensive, like Wrath of the Gods, Vow of Silence, etc.
  • Note that going with this build will be at its best when you are SL 100-200+, so be wary that you won't be playing against the lower levels.

Level Stats

Soul Level: 256
Vitality: 50
Attunement: 19
Endurance: 85
Strength: 53
Dexterity: 30
Resistance: 20
Intelligence: 30
Faith: 50

Weapons (gear that I use):

Right handed weapons: Black Knight Greataxe +5, Pyromancy Flame +5
Left handed weapons: Ivory Talisman, N/A

Attire (again, what I use):

Crown of the Dark Sun, Paladin Armor +5, Golem Gauntlets, Havel's Leggings.


Dark Wood Grain Ring, Wolf Ring

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