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Soul Level: Varies on bosses killed
Starting Class: Hunter
PVP Viability: 0/5 (Relies heavily on White and Gold Phantoms to take on Red Phantoms Requires the most skill to take down a Red Phantom)
Gift: Master Key (She knows how to break into anywhere (Sheik and Tetra))


Equip Load
Below 25 % (easy after you get the main set)
00 - 40 (if wolf ring is equipped)


Ending Value
up to 42 Based on boss kills
19 to 50 (As needed)
up to 40 (for stamina and equip burden)
11 unless wishing to stat buff weapons
18 for black bow of Pharis
as needed
16 (for basic spells)
48 (for Soothing sunlight)

Weapons Allowed

Divine or lightning Short sword
royal sword must not be dependent on it (Only if runs out of arrows)
Divine or lightning Bow
lvl 1 Short
lvl 2 Long
lvl 3 Composite
lvl 3 Pharis
lvl 4 Darkmoon
(Main Weapon) 4 lvl of priority over each other (IE if you acquire the long when your using the short the long overrides the short)
(Until acquired the longbow or composite bow)
(Mainstay until the composite or Pharis)
(for raw damage at the beginning of the game if you can get to it in new londo)
(Main Bow for sniping purposes if enemy is too close use composite or darkmoon if possible)
(Must acquire through external means)
Any talisman
canvas or ivory suggested
Any Catalyst
(if available from someone else the tin darkmoon for faith scaling)
Any Pyro flame
For din's fire
Standard or magic arrows ONLY
large , wooden , standard , feather or moonlight
  • Additional challenge : starting at 100 arrows cap add 20 arrows to max per boss killed
  • Throwing knifes are available but poisoned are not


Dusk crown
most like Zelda's crown may opt out
Antiquated Set
Dingy Set (external help may be required)
most like Zelda
All but the ring of favor and protection and tiny being's ring
they mess with the health system

Magic, Miracles and Pyromancies

Reasons and/or limitations
All soul arrows and great soul arrows
(homing soul , spear and crystal variants not available) (unknown magic potential)
Fire ball
Din's fire
Farore's wind
Great magic barrier
Nayru's love
heal and great heal
Healing prowess
soothing sunlight and bountiful sunlight
Healing prowess
Healing Prowess
Cast light
Spirit Guides
vow of silence
Ability to nullify magics of enemies

Covenants available and reasons

Way of White (she is a Heroine)
Warrior of Sunlight (Due to the Triforce)
Princess Guard (Zelda is a princess thus apply)

Covenants Unavailable

Path of Dragon (Must remain in human form)
Chaos Servant (Dark Path which is incompatible with Zelda's character)
Darkwraith (Evil Covenant thus unavailable)
Darkmoon (Invades which is a dark path)
Grave lord (Evil Covenant thus unavailable)
Forest hunters (Invades which is a dark path)

Additional Rules

  • Zelda has the innate ability to detect any evil intention in a person (for example Lautrec (Not revealing any more)) and is able to slay them
  • Estus is ALLOWED
  • You can white Phantom to other peoples world or summon other players.
  • you can not invade or anything evil as Zelda is a heroine not a villain
  • for the first couple of bosses you will have more health than your suppose to have this is OK as long as you have 1 bar plus a half a bar per boss killed must not go over after the boss count catches up
  • no poisons as to they are an evil ailment
  • no bleed as to they are an evil ailment
  • Optional (HARD MODE) : NO ESTUS relying on the evil eye ring for sustenance (FOR PROS ONLY)
  • Optional (HARD MODE) : MUST BE ALIVE FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE GAME AFTER THE ASYLUM if there is humanity on your corpus then you may recover it and immediately revive once you run completely out of humanity you lose the challenge and must restart. (AVERAGE CHALLENGE BECAUSE OF THE FACT YOU CAN FARM HUMANITY AND EARN THROUGH WP)
  • This Build is Part of the co-op Triforce challenge Link can be found here Ganon can now finally be found here.

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      You're aware that Zelda uses a rapier rather than a short-sword right? In which case if we were fitting lore wouldn't it work better for her to use Ricard's Rapier since he's a prince?

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