K1llerKatfish's Chaos Warrior

This build is based on the Vitality Northern Regalia build from Demon's Souls that became popular in PVP. This build takes advantage of the high end damage capabilities of Chaos/Fire/Lightning weapons, ignoring all scaling stats, and focusing on obtaining a ridiculous life bar. (Edit: I don't know if this is a glitch with me, something wrong with the coding, or an intended feature, but your on-screen life bar actually stops growing at around 1900 HP; however, your HP can still be increased. I have over 2500 HP (with FaP and MoM and SL 118) which is about the equivalent of a full use of Estus +7 beyond the full on-screen life bar! It makes it difficult to manage your HP near max, but in PvP you should not be using healing anyway, as it is frowned upon. But it is nice to see your char soak up an attack while your health bar goes nowhere:D)


Starting class: Bandit

Vitality: 96
(Everything not spent in pre-reqs and end)
Attunement: 8
(base; increase to 10 for an offensive pyromancy spell; i recommend this if you feel slighted on offensive capabilities)
Endurance: 40
(max stamina; I don't suggest going above this)
Strength: 22
(required to use Greataxe 2h; can be increased for 1h if you want)
Dexterity: 10
(required for claymore; leave at base if not used, as the Gaxe only requires 8)
Resistance: 11
(base; don't ever increase for PvP)
Intelligence: 8
Faith: 10


Right Hand 1: Chaos Greataxe +5 / Fire Greataxe +10 / Lightning Greataxe +5
( Greataxe is the highest damaging standard weapon for the relatively low Str Req; it is the backbone of this build; however, Great Sword may be used, for slightly less str/damage)

Right Hand 2: Fire Claymore +10 / Lightning Claymore +5
( The claymore rocks socks! I has a ridiculously long reach with a wide arc, to punish devoted 'rollers' and 'backstabbers,' and can be wielded 1h with the specs of this build, opening up shield use)

Left Hand 1: Grass Crest Shield +5 (+15 if 1h, or use different shield for 1h)

Left Hand 2: preference (Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5 / bow for PvE / shield switch / whetever)

Ring 1: Ring of Favor and Protection (extra stamina and HP are very welcome for this build)

Ring 2: Dark Wood Grain Ring (with slow weapons you need good mobility)

Armor: Whatever you want, just STAY BELOW 50% BURDEN for mobility; use Mask of the Mother for kicks, if you want even more VIT!

Items: Lloyd's Talismans, Estus Flask, Green Blossum, Humanity


NONE....unless you want an offensive pyro spell.

PSN Account name: K1llerKatfish

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