Miracles are also affected by an online feature called "Resonance". If a player uses a miracle in their world (for example, "Wrath of the Gods"), other players connected to the same network will see a resonance marker in the area where you cast that miracle. If they then use the same miracle in that area then the power of their miracle will be increased. You'll know what spell to cast to enable the resonance by scrolling through your attuned spells and look for a spell that has a ring around it, similar to the resonance marker that appears in the world.

A Miracle Resonance Marker :








Icon Uses Slots icon_faith.png Description Acquired From Type
5 1 12 Heals a moderate amount of the casters HP, depending on faith. Cleric Default
Petrus of Thorolund 4,000 Souls
Patches 5,000 Souls
Reah of Thorolund 1,000 Souls
Great Heal Excerpt
1 1 14 Cut down version of Great Heal. Heals large amount of HP to the caster. (NOTE: This spell does not affect allies as the erroneous load screen info would have you believe.) Petrus of Thorolund 10,000 Souls
Patches 10,000 Souls
Reah of Thorolund 2,000 Souls
Great Heal
3 1 24 Heals a large amount of the casters HP, depending on faith. Reah of Thorolund 10,000 Souls Heal
Soothing Sunlight
3 2 48 Heals large amount of HP to the caster and nearby allies. Scales with faith.
Must be part of the Princess's Guard to use.


Pisaca - Elder Sister Heal
2 1 16 Gradually restores HP over time for a short duration. Received from Reah of Thorolund after rescuing her from the two hollows in the Tomb of the Giants. Heal
Bountiful Sunlight
2 2 36 Gradually restores HP over time for a short duration to you and nearby allies.
Must be part of the Princess's Guard to use.
Pisaca - Little Sister Heal
21 1 12 AoE effect that does no damage but knocks back most surrounding enemies
Must be very close to cause knockdown
Can deflect sorceries such as Homing Soulmass.
Petrus of Thorolund 4,000 Souls
Reah of Thorolund 1,000 Souls
AoE Attack
Wrath of the Gods
3 1 28 A fast casting force spell that deals high damage in a bubble around you. One of the most powerful offensive miracles in the game.
Can deflect sorceries.
Reah of Thorolund 10,000 Souls AoE Attack
Emit Force
6 1 18 Shoots a large ball of force energy to explode on the target causing damage to the target and close surrounding enemies.
Can deflect sorceries.
After you clear Anor Londo, Siegmeyer of Catarina will appear at Firelink Shrine. When you talk to him he will ask if you opened the gates to Sen's Fortress. Say "yes" and you will receive the miracle. AoE Attack
Magic Barrier
4 1 14 Reduces incoming magic damage for a short duration.
Reah of Thorolund 6,000 Souls Support
Great Magic Barrier
2 1 24 As Magic Barrier but reduces even more magic damage.
The Great Hollow - Ash Lake Support
1 1 18 Transports you back to the last used bonfire. Petrus of Thorolund 8,000 Souls
Reah of Thorolund 1,000 Souls
Seek Guidance
5 1 12 The Seek Guidance miracle allows the player to see more messages on the ground as well as their positive and negative ratings. Additional developer messages, providing hints, can also be seen in some areas. Petrus of Thorolund 2,000 Souls
Reah of Thorolund 500 Souls
Karmic Justice
4 1 20 Karmic Justice is a self-buff that lasts for 1 minute. If the player takes successive hits in PHYSICAL damage (meaning melee and non-magical), the spell explodes, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them all down. A very effective miracle for players who wear cloth armor with no poise. If they get stunlocked by a combo, this spell can save you from certain death. Oswald of Carim 40,000 Souls Support
Vow of Silence
2 2 30 An AoE silence around you that stops all casting in the area, including your own, for about 25 seconds. Does not scale with faith. Painted World of Ariamis Support
Tranquil Walk of Peace
5 1 18 Applies a debuff to nearby enemies which slows movement speed, that lasts for about 10 seconds. Catacombs - From the second bonfire, go across the bridge to the spiral tower with two skeletons. There's a breakable wall with a big skeleton behind it. Go through a hole on the right side of the room and follow it up until you get to a necromancer. There's an easily missable ladder and the miracle is at the top.. Support
Lightning Spear
10 1 20 A powerful spear of light that inflicts lightning damage. Scales with faith. Can be thrown into bodies of water to cause AoE. (Puddles, lakes,etc.) Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight Ranged Attack
Great Lightning Spear
10 1 30 A larger, more powerful spear of light that inflicts lightning damage. Scales with faith. Can be thrown into water to cause AoE. (Puddles, lakes,etc.) Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight
Requires rank 1 in the covenant.
Ranged Attack
Sunlight Spear
5 2 50 A very powerful version of the lightning spear. Fewer charges but a lot more damage. Scales with faith. Can be thrown into water to cause AoE. (Puddles, lakes,etc.)
Must remain part of Warriors of Sunlight to use.
Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight
Requires Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder and rank 1 in the covenant.
Ranged Attack
Sunlight Blade
1 1 30 Coats your weapon in lightning.
Can't be used if the weapon already deals magic, fire or lightning damage.
Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin by entering the fog at the Blade of the Darkmoon altar. This will irreversibly cause the Anor Londo firekeeper to become hostile and will break your oath with Blade of the Darkmoon. You will be unable to join the covenant until the next playthrough. Buff
Darkmoon Blade
1 1 30 As magic blade but for faith users. Scale with talisman's Magic Adjust. Magic Adjust x 2.1 is the approximate damage increase by the buff.
Rank up in Darkmoon Covenant also increase its damage.
• Must be member of Darkmoon covenant to use.
Covenant: Darkmoon
Offer 10 Souvenirs of Reprisal to Gwyndolin to get to Rank 1 in order to obtain it
Gravelord Sword Dance
40 1 0 AoE miracle similar to Gravelord Nito's "scream sword" attack.
Several swords will pierce the ground impaling enemies in the area. Miracle is very effective when used in close quarters such as hallways or bridges as several swords may impale the same enemy.
Covenant: Gravelord Servant
Note: Each casting costs 20 uses
AoE Attack
Gravelord Greatsword Dance
40 1 0 Upgraded version of Gravelord Sword Dance miracle. Area of effect is expanded and increased damage. Covenant: Gravelord Servant
Requires rank +1 in the covenant.
AoE Attack
(No Icon)
Escape Death
1 1 0 Escape Death is a self-buff that prevents the user from losing souls and humanity after death. The miracle will not work if the user has two other self-buffs active (i.e. having both the Green Blossom stamina regen effect and the Transient Curse's effect will prevent the use of this miracle). Upon death, the message "Magic Revived" appears in green lettering identical to the "Ring Revival" message produced when a player dies with a Ring of Sacrifice equipped. Unobtainable by normal means; the miracle lacks an icon when viewed on the Attune Magic page or in the player's spell slots, so the game developers likely did not finish it. Support


    • Anonymous

      19 Jun 2019 02:54  

      do divine/occult weapons have the ability to use miracles? this is important for my own run where i use faith/strength

      • Anonymous

        13 May 2019 16:02  

        Are there any miracles beside escape death that I don't have to get to get the achievement for all miracles?

        • Anonymous

          12 Feb 2019 08:40  

          Is vow of silence affected by intelligence in this game (I never played original dark souls, I only watched) and do you need 12 faith at least to be able to buy miracles or not?

          • Anonymous

            05 Feb 2019 08:08  

            Kinda a bummer that miracle builds got nothing from AotA. Pyros got Black Flame, sorcerers got Dark Bead (and Pursuers if that's your thing) but nothing in the way of miracles. Too bad

            • Anonymous

              22 Aug 2018 13:40  

              Vow of silence worth using on a PvP Dex/Faith hybrid? I have 3 spell slots, one for DMB and the other for this. I just wanna know if it's a waste of slots or not.

              • Anonymous

                05 Jul 2018 01:53  

                Miracles may be the most well rounded set of spells in this game. Single target damage with the spear series of spells, Wrath of Gods and the Gravelord Sword dance for area of effect damage, and a slurry of self buffs and healing spells to pump yourself up. I play a 50 vitality, 16 attunement, 30 endurance, 45 dexterity, 40 faith build and love this much more than my sorcerer build. In fact, due to the fact sorcerers only get single target damage and odd selection of effect spells, they may have got least appealing book of spells. Pyromancies are a fun second ranged dealer as they also have single target, area of effect, and a limited self buff selection, but lack healing.

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