Warrior of Sunlight

warrior of sunlight covenant dks

Medals Rewards
0 Miracle: Lightning Spear
10 Miracle: Great Lightning Spear
Offer Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder and receive Miracle: Sunlight Spear
30 None
80 None

Warrior of Sunlight is a Covenant in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. It is one of the most popular cooperative-focused allegiances and features NPC Solaire of Astora.



1. You must meet a Faith requirement of 25, which is decreased by 5 for each boss you helped to kill as a white phantom. (Note: Password summons in Dark Souls Remastered, which bypass the summoning range restrictions, do count)
2. Find the Broken Altar to the right of the Sunlight Altar bonfire under The Hellkite Wyvern of the Undead Parish.
3. Pray to the altar. If you meet the requirements, you will have the option to enter the covenant. You will have an interaction window pop up. If you get no window, you do not yet meet the requirements.


Effects of covenant

  • Players will appear as a Golden Phantom when summoned from a White Sign Soapstone.
  • Upon clearing a boss as a Golden Phantom, all members (summoning players and other phantoms) are awarded a Sunlight Medal. Even the NPC Solaire will award you a Medal.
  • Players of this covenant are matched up much more easily with other players in the same covenant during online play.
  • You can receive the Sunlight Spear miracle by praying to the altar and giving Gwyn's soul.
  • The only drawback to this covenant is that it doesn't make miracle resonance easier to happen, unlike the Way of White and Princess Guard where you can get miracle resonances.


Rank Requirements

Once you have joined, by offering a certain amount of Sunlight Medals to the Altar located in the Undead Parish, you will be able to rank up.

Rank Medals Rewards
0 0 Miracle: Lightning Spear (20 Faith required to use)
+1 10 Miracle: Great Lightning Spear (30 Faith required to use);
Ability to offer Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder and receive Miracle: Sunlight Spear (50 faith req. to use)
+2 30 None
+3 80 None


Betrayal Penalties

  • Leaving covenant removes the ability to use Miracle: Sunlight Spear. The two lesser spear miracles remain available for use.



  • Killing Solaire will not count as a betrayal of this covenant.
  • It is possible to completely eliminate the 25 Faith requirement for joining this covenant. However, characters who are not heavily invested in Faith may still not be able to use the Miracles granted by this covenant (e.g: Lightning Spear requires 20 Faith, so a character with Faith lower than 20 won't be able to use Lightning Spear).
  • You don't need to actually join this covenant to get the Praise the Sun gesture, you only need to interact with the altar.
  • A good place to co-op bosses in NG+ at Soul Levels around 140, is the open area in New Londo Ruins as soon as you get off the elevator from Firelink Shrine. Also the bonfire on the balcony in Duke's Archive is a great place to co-op against Seath for Soul Levels around 140.
  • The Warriors of Sunlight covenant was renamed to "The Heirs of the Sun" in DS2. In DS3 it went back to the original name.



  • Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight - discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant. ( 25 points + Silver Trophy )


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