Rare Items/Drop Rates;

Additional testing needs to be applied to this area but from the research I've done so far that crazy stat Luck does make a difference. There are items from past games hidden within this one. You'll normally see an enemy using it, or an enemy you know use to use it but isn't currently using it, does have the possibility to drop rare weapons/gear.

The only example I currently have of this is a player obtained the Black Knight Ultra Greatsword (dark black original from DS1) including the armor that the knights wore in Dark Souls 1 & 2. Points to luck were added (only to 20 though) but was using other items that would generate more frequent drop rates. After several hours of farming he was able to obtain the item's he wanted and even though game has only been out for less than month, he is currently only player sporting this weapon & gear set. I've seen some other examples of this but I'm not famaliar enough with the weapons to be able too name them. The players I see with these weapons are (kinda freaks, sporting 350-450hours played thus far) only high levels, 250+ that farm area's for ten's of hours if not days of farming.

I'll get back to this post, as I know it's lacking any real solid evidence so far, but I wanted to get it out there that there IS secret items and gear waiting to be found. Noothing that's marked or anything. The person had started farming it purely out of curiousity but after achieving a couple pieces of gear he was unable to find in armor index he pursued and achieved his goal to get a completely super rare set up of armor and weapon.

I'll be starting my expirementing on farming specific enemies throughout the week, anyone willing to join in on the research feel free to join me and hopefully discover secret's we can share with everyone.  

 (This seems like it belongs in DS2?  Need a second opinion.)

    • Anonymous

      18 Feb 2018 06:57  

      dark souls 1 I obtained the black knight greatsword from the undead parish knight up the tower dropped on first(current playthrough) and was level 26 with humanity

      • Anonymous

        10 Aug 2017 14:42  

        There is no luck stat in dark souls 1 which is what this page was linked from. This is obvious because one of the links in the list was about vagrant items..... also obviously luck and items in ds3 can lead to you finding rare drops. This is a sloppy page that needs to be changed

        • Anonymous

          02 Nov 2016 19:47  

          The Symbol of Avarice is good for farming (item discovery +200), however it drains your health whilst wearing it. I would recommend a decent Vitality stat, or alternatively get the enemy's health low, then switch headgear mid-fight to the Symbol of Avarice.

          • Anonymous

            even though its not too rare25 Sep 2016 18:47  

            dark wood grain ring should have a link in here as many new players will over look it or not know what to do to get the bodyguard to appear

            • Anonymous

              Gravelord Sword + Rite of Kindling before the Taurus Demon03 May 2016 15:39  

              If you go to the catacombs right after killing the Asylum Demon and go to the tomb of the giants (Make sure your strength is at 16 to be able to two-hand this majestic sword) Before entering the Tomb of the Giants make sure to pick up the Eyes of Death behind the big Titanite Demon. Then join the Gravelords covenant and you get the Gravelord sword and the Gravelord Sword Dance miracle before you kill the major Bosses! Now if you want to be OP, go kill Pinwheel before you go fight Taurus Demon for the ability to have 20 Estus Flasks and an OP Greatsword for your adventure!

              • Anonymous

                Easy Black Knight gear07 Apr 2016 08:08  

                If you want an easy kill on a Black Knight with a high chance to recieve a Black Knight Sword, progress to the first Black Knight in Undead Burg after clearing all the enemies up to this point. Farming enemies in the area or the enemies on the bridge in front of the Drake repeatedly will award you soft humanity (number in top left corner by your HP bar) which effects item discovery (also you want to be human). Aggro the Black Knight and run back past the Residence and up the small ladder by the enemies that toss Firebombs at you. He cannot follow you on to this platform, allowing you to easily kill him with Pyromancies/Ranged attacks. Almost guaranteed Black Knight item from him (Sword or Shield) with 5+ soft humanity and being human. This humanity threshold also seems to be present for the Black Knight with the Halberd in Darkroot Garden and the Black Knight with the Ultra Greatsword in the Undead Parish.

                • Anonymous

                  Rare weapon14 Mar 2016 11:14  

                  If you shoot off the red drakes tail at the bridge you will get a drake sword, which to me personally is a great starter weapon.

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