This page contains a list of weapons needed to unlock Knight's Honor achievement/trophy, as well as other rare weapons players may not come across. Weapons for the achievement need to be collected on one character to unlock the achievement/trophy. The Steam version, however, seems to track weapons across characters.

When playing single player, it's impossible to obtain every weapon in one playthrough, due to the boss Souls required in order to craft some of the boss weapons. It takes at least until New Game++ in order to get all as there are 3 different weapons needed to craft with the Soul of Sif. However, it is possible to obtain a boss soul by having another player give drop it for the host.

Having Additional Content does not have any effect on Knight's Honor achievement/trophy as only base game weapons are needed to unlock it.

Soul Weapons

These weapons are required to be crafted from the corresponding Boss Soul and the required +10 Normal weapon (except for catalysts, which cannot be upgraded). Soul weapons are crafted only by the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo.

Weapon Soul Base Weapon 
Moonlight Butterfly Horn Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly Spears or Thrusting Swords
Crystal Ring Shield Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly Shields
Quelaag's Furysword Soul of Quelaag Curved Swords
Chaos Blade Soul of Quelaag Katanas
Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed) Soul of Sif Daggers, Greatswords, or Straightswords other than Broken Straight Sword and Straight Sword Hilt
Greatsword of Artorias Soul of Sif Broken Straight Sword or Straight Sword Hilt
Greatshield of Artorias Soul of Sif Shields
Golem Axe Core of an Iron Golem Axes
Dragon Bone Fist

Core of an Iron Golem Fist
Lifehunt Scythe Soul of Priscilla Halberds or Whips
Dragonslayer Spear Soul of Ornstein Spears or Thrusting Swords
Smough's Hammer Soul of Smough Hammers or Great Hammers
Darkmoon Bow Soul of Gwyndolin Bows
Tin Darkmoon Catalyst Soul of Gwyndolin Catalysts
Great Lord Greatsword Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Daggers, Greatswords, or Straightswords


Tail Cutoffs

Rare weapons that are obtained by cutting off the tail of certain enemies and bosses.


Covenant Weapons

Rare weapons given by joining covenants.

Weapon Covenant
Gravelord Sword

Join the Gravelord Servant covenant.

Dark Hand

Join the Darkwraith covenant/Dropped by Darkwraith enemy


Enemy Drops

Dropped by killing various enemies. Most weapon drops are rare, so boosting Item Discovery rate is advised. Item drops are boosted by equipping either the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring or the Symbol of Avarice (these two items don't stack) and increasing Humanity (Item Discovery bonus from Humanity maxes out at 10 Humanity). Maximum Item Discovery value is 410.

Weapon Enemy
Black Knight Sword

Dropped by sword-wielding Black Knight in Undead Burg, Undead Asylum (return visit), and Kiln of the First Flame (respawning Black Knights).

Black Knight Greatsword

Dropped by greatsword-wielding Black Knight in Undead Parish and Kiln of the First Flame (respawning Black Knights).

Black Knight Greataxe

Dropped by greataxe-wielding Black Knight in The Catacombs and Kiln of the First Flame (respawning Black Knights).

Black Knight Halberd

Dropped by halberd-wielding Black Knight in Darkroot Basin, Tomb of the Giants and Kiln of the First Flame (respawning Black Knights).

Black Knight Shield

Dropped by Black Knight.

Channeler's Trident

Dropped by Channeler in Undead Parish, Depths, and The Duke's Archives (respawning Channelers).

Crescent Axe

Guaranteed drop by Patches in The Catacombs, Tomb of the Giants, or Firelink Shrine.

Sold by Patches for 10,000 Souls.

Crest Shield

100% drop by Oscar, Knight of Astora in Undead Asylum (return visit).

Demon's Catalyst

100% drop by Demon Firesage in Demon Ruins.

Giant's Halberd

Dropped by Sentinel in daylight Anor Londo. Sold by Giant Blacksmith for 5,000 Souls.

Izalith Catalyst

100% drop by Daughter of Chaos in Lost Izalith.

Silver Knight Straight Sword

Dropped by sword-wielding Silver Knight in Anor Londo.

Silver Knight Spear

Dropped by spear-wielding Silver Knight in Anor Londo.

Silver Knight Shield

Dropped by Silver Knight in Anor Londo.

Stone Greatsword

Dropped by Giant Stone Knight in Darkroot Garden. Sold by Shiva of the East for 15,000 Souls.

Stone Greatshield Dropped by Giant Stone Knight in Darkroot Garden.

Grant 100% drop by Black Phantom Paladin Leeroy in Tomb of the Giants.
Sanctus 100% drop by Black Phantom Paladin Leeroy in Tomb of the Giants.


Corpse/Chest Loots

Obtained by looting a corpse or opening a chest.

Weapon Location
Dragon Crest Shield Found on a corpse near the Undead Dragon in Valley of Drakes.
Havel's Greatshield Found in a chest in a room behind an illusory wall in Anor Londo.
Dragon Tooth Found in a chest in a room behind an illusory wall in Anor Londo.
Dragonslayer Greatbow Found on a corpse in Anor Londo by entering the broken glass window in the entrance hall leading to Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough.
Velka's Rapier Found on a corpse in Painted World of Ariamis after the Annex Key door.
Astora's Straight Sword Found on a corpse near the Undead Dragon in Valley of Drakes.
Bloodshield Found on a corpse near the Undead Dragon in Painted World of Ariamis.
Black Iron Greatshield Found on a corpse next to the painting in Anor Londo that leads to the Painted World of Ariamis.
Effigy Shield Found on a corpse in Tomb of the Giants.



Weapons that are rare but not needed for an achievement. A few of them are inaccurately listed in the Strategy Guide as needed.


Obtaining Method

Ghost Blade

Dropped by Wailing Ghost in New Londo Ruins.

Jagged Ghost Blade

Dropped by Dagger Ghost in New Londo Ruins.

Titanite Catch Pole

Dropped by Titanite Demon.

Gargoyle's Halberd

Dropped by bell-gargoyles.

Barbed Straight Sword

Dropped by Kirk Knight of Thorns.

Spiked Shield

Dropped by Kirk Knight of Thorns.

Ricard's Rapier

100% drop by Undead Prince Ricard.

Notched Whip

100% drop by Xanthous King Jeremiah.

Demon's Spear

Dropped by Bat Wing Demon in daylight Anor Londo. Sold by Shiva of the East for 15,000 Souls.

Obsidian Greatsword
Cut the tail of Black Dragon Kalameet

Gough's Greatbow Talking to Hawkeye Gough after killing Kalameet, also dropped by Gough after killing him


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    • Anonymous

      Dark souls 1 be like, oh you think you have everything now? Shame on you, here's a shopping list, go beat the game 3 more times.

      • Anonymous

        The wiki says here says that Steam tracks weapons across multiple characters, but I have my doubts. This is the last achievement I have been doing, and I'm 99% sure I've gotten every weapon on this list, but over multiple characters. Can anybody confirm for certain that the game tracks weapons across multiple characters?

        • Anonymous

          Should prob add the 2 tail cuts from the dlc to the list. I relied on your list and missed 1. Frowny face

          • Anonymous

            dark souls 1 I obtained the black knight greatsword from the undead parish knight up the tower dropped on first(current playthrough) and was level 26 with humanity

            • Anonymous

              There is no luck stat in dark souls 1 which is what this page was linked from. This is obvious because one of the links in the list was about vagrant items..... also obviously luck and items in ds3 can lead to you finding rare drops. This is a sloppy page that needs to be changed

              • Anonymous

                The Symbol of Avarice is good for farming (item discovery +200), however it drains your health whilst wearing it. I would recommend a decent Vitality stat, or alternatively get the enemy's health low, then switch headgear mid-fight to the Symbol of Avarice.

                • Anonymous

                  dark wood grain ring should have a link in here as many new players will over look it or not know what to do to get the bodyguard to appear

                  • Anonymous

                    If you go to the catacombs right after killing the Asylum Demon and go to the tomb of the giants (Make sure your strength is at 16 to be able to two-hand this majestic sword) Before entering the Tomb of the Giants make sure to pick up the Eyes of Death behind the big Titanite Demon. Then join the Gravelords covenant and you get the Gravelord sword and the Gravelord Sword Dance miracle before you kill the major Bosses! Now if you want to be OP, go kill Pinwheel before you go fight Taurus Demon for the ability to have 20 Estus Flasks and an OP Greatsword for your adventure!

                    • Anonymous

                      If you want an easy kill on a Black Knight with a high chance to recieve a Black Knight Sword, progress to the first Black Knight in Undead Burg after clearing all the enemies up to this point. Farming enemies in the area or the enemies on the bridge in front of the Drake repeatedly will award you soft humanity (number in top left corner by your HP bar) which effects item discovery (also you want to be human). Aggro the Black Knight and run back past the Residence and up the small ladder by the enemies that toss Firebombs at you. He cannot follow you on to this platform, allowing you to easily kill him with Pyromancies/Ranged attacks. Almost guaranteed Black Knight item from him (Sword or Shield) with 5+ soft humanity and being human. This humanity threshold also seems to be present for the Black Knight with the Halberd in Darkroot Garden and the Black Knight with the Ultra Greatsword in the Undead Parish.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you shoot off the red drakes tail at the bridge you will get a drake sword, which to me personally is a great starter weapon.

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