Obsidian Greatsword+5

480 critical_dark_souls.jpg 100
- stability_dark_souls.jpg 38
- durability_dark_souls.jpg 350
- weight_dark_souls.jpg 8.0
Requirements & Bonus
strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg
20 16
Weapon Type Greatsword
Attack Type Regular
Enchantable Yes
Special Yes

Obsidian Greatsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.



This greataxe, one of the rare dragon weapons, is formed by the tail of the one-eyed black dragon Kalameet, the last of the ancient dragons. The mystical power of its obsidian blade will be released when held with both hands."


How to Get / Where to Find the Obsidian Greatsword

  • Obtained by cutting off the tail of Black Dragon Kalameet. This is difficult to do, as the opportunities to do this without ranged weapons are short and infrequent without the help of phantoms.




  • Give to Frampt to receive 100 souls.
  • The Two-handed R2 creates black flames over a 360-degree Area of Effect around the user. These flames cause significant poise damage and almost always stagger targets, including bosses. For this reason, the sword can be used very effectively against Artorias, among others, notably during the long windup to his charge attack.
  • When the strong Two-handed attack is used 50 durability is consumed.
  • Only 14 Strength is required to use it if held in both hands.
  • Despite being referred to as a Greataxe, it is classified as Greatsword. It is a simple typo, and this weapon is actually a Greatsword.
  • This weapon can also be buffed. Buffing this weapon also increases the damage dealt by the special R2 attack, dealing an appropriate amount of damage of the type determined by the buff. For example casting Sunlight Blade and then using the Two-Handed R2 not only causes it to deal more damage, but to deal that extra damage as Lightning elemental damage.


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Obsidian Greatsword Upgrade Table

Dragon Upgrades may be performed by any Blacksmith, as long as you have the required materials.
To reach max, you need: 50,000 souls and 10 dragon_scale_dark_souls Dragon Scales.

  Attack Values Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Damage Reduction (%) Stability
Obsidian Greatsword physical_damage_dark_souls.jpg magic_damage_dark_souls.jpg fire_damage_dark_souls.jpg lightning_damage_dark_souls.jpg strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg divine_dark_souls.jpg occult_dark_souls.jpg physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg magic_defense_dark_souls.jpg fire_defense_dark_souls.jpg lightning_defense_dark_souls.jpg stability_dark_souls.jpg
Regular 320 - - - - - - - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +1 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx1) 352 - - - - - - - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +2 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx1) 384 - - - - - - - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +3 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx2) 416 - - - - - - - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +4 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx2) 448 - - - - - - - - - 60 10 40 40 38
Regular +5 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx4) 480 - - - - - - - - - 60 10 40 40 38

    • Anonymous

      16 Sep 2019 15:18  

      High damage when fully upgraded (unlike the dragon great sword that even at max lvl does only 200-300 damage) but still not a good weapon for bosses such as 4 kings and death

      • Anonymous

        19 Jul 2019 20:49  

        If you are going for minimum requirements you have the stats to two-hand the gravelord sword. It’s a good choice for cutting the tail at a low level. The running attack is fast and powerful. Easiest way to cut the tail solo is to stay at a medium-far distance away from him to bait the diving attack. When he flies at you roll to the left, get behind him and position yourself directly beneath the tail. This will bait his tail slam attack allowing you to get 1-2 free hits. Remember you MUST position yourself DIRECTLY beneath the tail otherwise he will not follow up.

        • Anonymous

          29 May 2019 01:11  

          It can be obtained very late and have low requirements with no scaling. Definitely weapon for veterans to make low level character get it somehow at low level(through sheer skill or friends help)designed specifically to abuse newbies. Even its special attack is designed as newbie buster.

          • 07 Apr 2019 23:08  

            Not so hard to get as it first seems. Especially with internet nowadays it's easy to find out but eventually one will figure how to bait the tail slam and get easy free hits.

            • Anonymous

              23 Jan 2019 18:45  

              Best way to cut off the tail is to bait his tail slam when you're behind him. It stays on the ground for a second after he slams, which is an excellent opportunity to punish. Took me three tail slams until I cut it. The rest of the time it's just too damn high to hit with any melee weapon.

              • Anonymous

                17 Jun 2018 05:16  

                Remastered does not list the sword as a greataxe, it is properly listed as a greatsword on the item description

                • Anonymous

                  02 Jun 2018 21:23  

                  Full R2 is pretty underwhelming. I mean, its awesome, and cool, but half the time you'll just get backstabbed and the other half they'll roll out of it. BUT, IF YOU ARE A GOD OF LAG LIKE SOME PEOPLE I KNOW ARE, THIS THING IS GOD LEVEL, 20/3. Spam that full R2 and wait for them to go in, not realising for you it looked like you used it about 5 minutes ago as they get hit in the face by it.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 May 2017 04:44  

                    When using DMB + Darkmoon Talisman (rank 3) at 50 faith on this weapon, the AR is 474(.6) magic 480 physical. Go wild with your 954 damage weapon that will do more than 300 damage through your average shield.

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