Lightning Damage

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Lightning Damage is a Damage Type in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. It is one of eight damage types presented in the original game and one of the four Elemental-type damages.


Equipments, Items & Spells that cause Lightning Damage

Equipments, Items & Spells that increase Lightning Damage

Equipments, Items & Spells that increase Lightning Resistance

Enemy Lightning Damage Sources

Enemies susceptible to Lightning

  • -

Enemies Resistant to Lightning

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Enemies Immune to Lightning

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Notes and Trivia

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Damage Types
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    • Anonymous

      I found an incorrect information in this article. The Bell Gargoyle Boss is not using Lightning damage, they have a fire breath attack. The Gargoyles in Anor Londo use the lightning breath.

      • Anonymous

        So i made a build, I used the full giant set, lightning zwiehander, divine claymore, sanctus, and some miracles, my goal was to create a strength palidin but didnt want to use grant beacuse it is a go to for a strength faith build. I know i cant really call it a giant dad, but i was able to hold a kill streak of 18 in darkroot before i died to a chain backstab ninja, not gona lie i was pretty pissed of but 18 kills is a prety nice number so i dont mind.

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