Lightning Ascension in Dark Souls

Lightning Ascension adds lightning damage that equals to the base damage. Each upgrade level will increase lightning damage and base damage (lightning defense for shields) and removes all scaling. This is popular in low-level PvP because most armor and shields have low lightning defense, and it has no stat scaling.

Lightning Upgrades are a type of  Upgrade in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. They add Lightning Damage or Lightning Defense to Weapons and Shields respectively.  The Lightning Damage done by Ascended Lightning Weapons equals the base damage, but the damage does not scale with any stats. 


Lightning Upgrade path and Requirements:

Lightning Upgrades for weapons and shields are performed by the Giant Blacksmith at Anor Londo

Note that each upgrade level requires a number of souls that varies depending on the weapon.

  • Upgrading from Regular +10 to Lightning +0 requires a single Titanite Chunk to ascend.
  • Upgrading Lightning from +0 to +4 requires 8 Titanite Chunks.
  • Upgrading Lightning from +4 to +5 requires a Titanite Slab.


From +0 to +4

From +4 to +5

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    • Anonymous

      Good upgrade option for low levels and builds using weapons that don’t scale well with their primary damage stat.

      • Anonymous

        I'm debating putting either chaos or lightning on my Zweihander. I'm two handing it at 16 Str so scaling doesn't matter much. I'm thinking lightning is the better option because less enemies resist it as opposed to fire, plus the humanity cost. Is this a good idea?

        • Anonymous

          When it says the damage has no scaling does that refer to the lightning damage or does it remove all scaling?

          • Anonymous

            Tried to do this with Eagle Shield but it only let me upgrade to +5 and then wouldn’t show up for upgrade to lightning

            • Anonymous

              Lightening upgraded weapons are fantastic dmg dealing options for a low lv build along with fire/chaos weapons for both PvE and PvP. I love play-throughs limited to sl10 both for the challenge and invasion spectrum later on as a dark wraith so while I'll max out a pyromancer flame as my primary go-to weapon, it's great to have maxed out lightening dagger and small crossbow to mix up my offensive capacity along with having a very potent plan B attack option. Very often in PvP players are resistant to fire and/or magic so quickly switching to a lightening weapon mid battle is often a kick in the balls they just weren't expecting. That, and cheeky poison throwing daggers lol ;)

              • Lightning infused weapons NOT scaling with faith is the most idiotic thing ever. Wtf was Miyazaki thinking? Oh that's right, he wasn't. What a load of sh*t. Why would weapons that have innate lightning damage scale with faith (like Ornstein's spear and the Giant's Halberd) but not weapons that are infused with lightning? That's really cheap and ruins roleplaying as a faith build. Not everyone wants to go down the divine path for their faith build but they DO want an infusion.

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