Gifts are game items that your class starts with. It is said you will be able to find most of them by playing the game, so it is only a temporary advantage to get you started. There are eight gifts in total. Most of the items are limited-use, but a few are key items or equipment.



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    • Anonymous

      For a **first play through**, the best gift is the Old Witch's Ring. Wait, hear me out!

      The Master Key is great for skipping areas, but this is an ADVENTURE GAME; why would you choose an item that short circuits several early game chest rewards?

      The Tiny Being's Ring offers a modest boost in the early game, but you are almost certain to replace it before the mid game. There is also an easy side quest to acquire one later in the game.

      On the other hand, the Old Witch's Ring can only be acquired by trading the Sunlit Maggot, which is an item useful in multiple late game areas. **If you are a careful player, you're likely to trade the Sunlit Maggot only at the very end of the game (or not at all!), meaning you will miss some unique character dialogue accessible only if you have the ring equipped while leveling up one of the covenants.**

      • Anonymous

        if i may analyse the gifts based on usefullness

        Divine Blessing: basically an emergency health-potion, once its used its gone. usefulness depends if you're reckless with items "you may need later"

        Black Firebomb: you get some extra stong bombs, obviously you can get them by the dozen in late-game, i'd personally use something else. once they're gone. they're gone. and then you need to think of a different way to handle your current situation.

        Twin-Humanity: Depends what you plan to do with these, a kindled bonfire is always awesome if you really need it, or need a head-start with a certain covenant.

        Binoculars: now i know that you should keep an eye out in dark souls, but unless you're filming for a youtube video, the usefulness of this is debatable.

        Pendant: No real benefit despite tons of theories, unless you can count being able to trade this to the crow, you better pick something else.

        Master Key: Very useful since it opens just about any door, and you don't need to search for the actual key, but drops to hugely useless if you pick thief as your class, cause then you got two of those...

        Tiny-being ring: most users consider it useless due to the little hp it gives, but if you REALLY need that extra hp. go for it.

        Witch ring: for pyromancers it's very useful due to increasing fire damage. otherwise it's only other real use is to finally being able to talk with a certain ill spider.

        • Anonymous

          Binoculars as a starting gift when you can pick them up 15 seconds after getting to lordran will forever be the dumbest gift in any souls game

          • Anonymous

            snuggle is a bird just outside the asylum, on a narrow cliff path to the right outside of the main gate. i've played dark souls 1,2,3/demon souls since they came out.

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