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This is the place for any and all user created submissions, be they whimsical or serious. Keep all content inoffensive, and credit sources where applicable. Let's see your creative sides!
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Please note: A place specifically for fan-created comics, cartoons and other hilarious stuff is the Comedy page!

Fanmade shields (for the Japanese contest)

Winner and Honorable Mentions for Japanese contest announced

external image a9f6b0de80aff148.jpg external image 9497f00e15fb8433.jpg

Other Shield submissions (Clickable for full size)

external image shieldsoukai.jpg shdContst_Twistedmoon_Shield.jpg JpContest_RunicShield.jpg

Other Art

Original electronic music inspired by Dark Souls. Music and album art by Z-1.



BY xbox gamer tag: Barrel78

Dark Souls Speedpaint by ~MakoHazard

Dark Souls by ~AlBryce

external image 2459709e5bbf908aa96fdeb0ba791412-d4cta9w.png
Prepare to Die! by hsalpihW (my work.)
external image 9vk46u.jpg
A fan made wallpaper by Reqs.
external image tpwh.png
Another fan made wallpaper by SadoMazOMGie. This is the preview, the actual wallpaper is animated and requires DreamScene. You can get it for Windows 7 on here.
Animated Wallpaper:[URL=]

Siegmeyer by Rant

external image 20140305_233952_zpshkv7rtf8.jpg

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