Bosses are unique and powerful enemies in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Defeating bosses affects the world of Lordran, limiting multiplayer invasions and progressing flags in NPC questlines. Bosses can only be defeated once in your own world, but you may join and assist other players with their battles by going online. Keep in mind that special dropped weapons from boss tails can only be obtained in your own world. You can also receive a Boss Soul to create Boss Soul Weapons when you defeat your own world's bosses.

This page compiles the list of boss encounters, as well as some mini-bosses and non-respawning enemies through the game. Strategies for defeating them are found on their respective pages. See also Enemies.

 You can find our video guides for all bosses here:



Area Bosses

These Demons are mostly located at the end of each area. They are distinguishable by the fact that their Name, and health-bar, shows up at the bottom of the screen. The battles also takes place in arenas, blocked by fog-gates.

  • Not all bosses are mandatory for game completion. Optional bosses have an * marker next to their name on the list.
  • Several bosses can be skipped if following a specific, advanced Game Progress Route.
  • The Demon Firesage can be skipped only if you are in the Chaos Servant Covenant (Rank 2).
  • We have not added a * to bosses that may be skipped via cheating, exploits or other non-intended mechanics.










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    • Anonymous

      27 Jun 2021 01:37  

      So far, my least favorite boss to fight was demon Firesage, because i you were near him, the aoe attacks were impossible to dodge.

      • Anonymous

        27 May 2021 04:22  

        My favorite is the 4 kings. They have all 4 aspects that i think a perfect boss needs. : the music is amazing
        2.the atmosphere : the arena is just the abyss ( i belive) and you can't really see anything and it scares the **** out of you.
        3.lore : i won't go to detail,just look it up.
        4.the gameplay : the kings have high health and scary and powerful attacks,you are always trying to kill one of them before another spawns in.
        I love this boss

        • Anonymous

          14 May 2021 23:52  

          Google this 'Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Gothic Music Version' and listen to Gwyn theme played on a church organ!!!

          • Anonymous

            12 May 2021 06:09  

            Hey, little tip for everyone, the dark sun Gwendolyn page has been a favorite hangout for transphobes, do not listen to them, they’re opinions are not valid, also if there are any transgender people reading this keep living your truth, you are perfect just the way you are

            • Anonymous

              08 Apr 2021 05:12  

              I only accept one ending for this game, the one shown here: 'Solaire Ending - Solaire finds his very own sun ! Dark Souls 1 Secret Ending'
              P.S.: do not let your children watch it for the Sun's sake...

              • Anonymous

                24 Mar 2021 21:18  

                People need to stop looking up how to defeat bosses and just keep on trying until you get the hang of it.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Mar 2021 13:56  

                  Hi I need some advice. Should I be focusing more on dodging or blocking? Ds1 is my second souls game after ds3. For me dodging was more effective than blocking in 3 so much that I quit shields past Abyss watchers but in 1 it seems the other way around. Also managing equip load for quick rolls is just killing me.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Jan 2021 20:10  

                    Wait, is the Hydra in that grassy place not considered a boss? I guess it doesn't have that health bar on the bottom but whatever.

                    • 14 Jan 2021 04:39  

                      Every dark souls boss in a nutshell:
                      Asylum Demon: "we never forgot the first"
                      Taurus Demon: R U N
                      Bell Gargoyles: where we learned to summon//"the true dark souls starts here"
                      Moonlight Butterfly: Melee's most boring fight
                      Capra Demon: the most bullshit fight, small arena with THREE fast and agressive enemies
                      Gaping Dragon: toothy pu***
                      Quelaag: "amazing chest ahead"
                      Stray Demon: Asylum Demon but B O O M
                      Pinwheel: hardest boss
                      Iron Golen: Tarkus! Tarkus! Tarkus!
                      Ornstein and Smough: COME ON AND SLAM!!
                      Crossbreed Priscilla: fluffy tail waifu
                      Gwyndolin: trap ahead
                      Seath: getting there is harder than killing him
                      Sif: ;-;
                      Four Kings: *NG+ ptsd intensifies*
                      Nito: Spooky scary...
                      Ceaseless Discharge: "wt* is this name??"
                      Demon Firesage: Asylum Demon but hotter
                      Centipede Demon:"MY EYEEEES!!!"
                      Bed of Chaos: shitty plataform boss
                      Gwyn: *plin plin plon*

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Sep 2020 20:32  

                        Imma be honest, DS1 has the worst bosses in the series. Out of 22 bosses, only 3 of them are really good (O&S, Gwyn, and Sif). Demon souls and DS3 had less overall bosses but they were alot more unique and fun to fight, DS2 didn't have many good bosses but at least there was a large amount of them, and BB had quantity and quality. DS1 doesn't have either of those

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Sep 2020 04:31  

                          So many bad bosses, some aren't even really bosses. Love you the most DS1, you're still the best "Dark Souls" game.

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Aug 2020 04:25  

                            Gwyn hardest boss. Beaten all bosses in 1-5 trys but gwyn still **** boss. yOU cAn PaRry HIm. I would say thats poor mindset

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