Great Grey Wolf Sif

Location Darkroot Garden
Health * NG: 3,432
NG+: ???
Souls * NG: 40,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Great Grey Wolf Sif is a Boss in Dark Souls.


Great Grey Wolf Sif Information

 A very large wolf who resides in a serene graveyard, across the river from Darkroot Garden. It can also be reached by climbing up the ladder close to the Hydra in Darkroot Basin.



It was originally believed that Sif could be spared and allowed to limp away during the last segment of the fight. This is not true and the only way to progress in the game is to kill Sif; it is not an optional boss. Your dealings with Sif have no impact on the Forest Hunter covenant.





  • Attacks are primarily horizontal swings, but it will also do a jumping attack. These will be swung to your left.
  • A 2 part attack where Sif will spin 360 degrees twice. Sif will swing to your right when it does this.
  • An overhead swing dealing high damage will sometimes follow other attacks.
  • A backflipping attack used if staying under the legs for too long.
  • A high powered charging attack, used rarely.



Stay close to the wolf! Its attack range is far, but by sitting under Sif, it will miss completely. Get in as many hits as you can before Sif eventually jumps away, timing your movement so that you can get under it once more.
The easiest way to to get underneath Sif is by waiting for it to swing from your right to left. Then roll under its front legs. Just lock on to Sif and back up while waiting for it to swing, after the first swing get your shield up and run underneath Sif. This is also a simpler way to avoid the 360 degree attack which will always come from the left swinging to the right. Make sure you stay in the middle and back up in a circle to avoid getting pinned down.
Blocking both parts of Sif's 360 degree spin attack will very likely stagger you, so roll through the second part.
Attacking the wolf's legs will make it limp, disabling its mobility (Jumping/Running).

*If you're a magic user, instead of staying under Sif, try kiting it around, and whenever they attack, first make sure you've rolled away from it (backwards/sideways) then fire off a few spells. Repeat the process and Sif should go down pretty easily.

Or if you have combustion, sit under Sif and combust.

Also, unless you have an uber shield with amazing stability, Sif's two loop spin will most likely break your guard/stamina (Unless you have godly stamina). Another way is to block the first hit then roll toward the next attack direction. The Eagle Shield found just past the upper bonfire in Blighttown is excellent in this fight and for this spin attack for 1st playthrough.

Sif will also go limp if they have very low health. Sif will start doing slower attacks and its slash combo will cause it to fall over and struggle for a bit before getting back up.  (From this, a rumor started that attacking her sword while she's limping will cause it to break and she'll flee, leaving the sword for you (This is false, as making contact with the sword is not possible (It passes right through))).

Magic Strategy: Honestly, this fight is either extremely hard or extremely easy depending on how much you think about it. The easiest way to beat is to follow these 5 steps (if you main magic)
2. Stay as far back as you can without losing your lock on. Despite the length of its sword if you keep backing up, most of its normal attacks will miss.
3. Great Heavy Soul Arrows are a huge no no (unless you have excellent timing). The casting time is too great for you to just muck around. Stick to using your Soul Spears and Great Soul arrows.
4. Time your regen, randomly drinking flasks is an easy way to get killed
5. This is an endurance match, don't rush it. Guard and use your spells when they whiff.

After spawning Sif with the initial cutscene, quit and reload. It is possible to jump to the top of the rocks to the left of the boss fog and snipe Sif with a bow. Any combination of Red Tearstone Ring, Feather Arrows, Black Bow of Pharis, and Hawk Ring is recommended.


  • Opening cut-scene is slightly different if you had freed Sif in the Chasm of the Abyss before approaching Sif in Darkroot. (AotA / PTDE)
    • Confirmed (at least for freed and summoned). Sif will approach menacingly, knock the player down, and then recognize the player's scent. Sif's expression will change, it will howl at the moon, and reluctantly pick up his Greatsword. The cinematic is noticeably longer than normal. (AotA/PTDE)
    • The special cutscene appears even without summoning Sif.
    • Sif can be summoned to help with Manus if you locate and free Sif from the magic barrier provided by the shield of Artorias situated behind an illusionary wall
    • The Hornet Ring can be obtained without triggering the initial boss encounter. Only the immediate area in front of Sif's greatsword will begin the cutscene, so it is safe to simply walk around the gravestone, grab the ring, and leave.


Online Co-Op

  • There seems to be an issue (possibly a bug), when trying to summon the same phantom after losing in a fight with Sif. I'm not sure if this is related to the Darkroot Garden in general or possibly due to the forest and the covenant/hunter pvp.
  • I was summoned as a phantom by 3 separate hosts and lost the fight 3 times. Unlike other boss fights like Gaping Dragon and Quelaag, the host was not able to find my soul sign after returning to the steps leading into the forest and the doors leading to Sif. New hosts were able to summon me with no issue.
  • I talked to the 3rd host and we both exited and re-entered the game, set my soul sign down and we were then able to match up and fight Sif again with no issues. I was Covenant of the White and the host was Forest Hunter Covenant.

    • Anonymous

      21 Nov 2017 20:24  

      Honestly I never knew I can disable the dog by hitting it's legs, I guess that's it's only weakness. Also I'm thinking of chessing the mutt by throwing dungpies or using the rock strat to snipe it to death.
      3 cheesy options to consider.

      • Anonymous

        10 Aug 2017 03:00  

        I killed sif but i didnt want to. The sad music and just that sif is probably the cutest boss in video game history. Whenever it limps i just stop blocking and do well what is it to hug it then just punch it

        • Anonymous

          25 Jul 2017 06:26  

          aye rest now young wolf, rest now and return to your master, return to the great warrior who sacrificed his future to slow the spread of the abyss, rest now young wolf, your duty finally coming to a end, rest now and join your master in a everlasting sleep

          • Anonymous

            27 Jan 2017 15:59  

            DS3 was my first Souls game and I played through it twice. Then I played DS1; I still tend to summon NPCs when I can, but I'm okay at the games now. For Sif, my strategy was - tank up in Havel's armour, fatroll and all, Wolf ring for poise, and get out my +5 crystal halberd (which I just use for bosses). I got close to Sif, tanked his damage - though I had to use Estus once I think - and demolished him in about one minute. In DS3 these kind of tank builds weren't really viable because of the weird poise system, so to me they're a bit overpowered in DS1...

            • Anonymous

              24 Jan 2017 20:00  

              TBH. Sif was the best boss ever. I just loved his design and how it is sad when you must kill him. Its even better when you realize that Sif was only trying to protect his master's grave ;~; 11/10

              • Anonymous

                AotA cutscene26 Jul 2016 22:46  

                i have AotA, my friend does not, while the cutscene was playing for me, he says sif and i were sitting there and he had sif down to 25% health by the time the cutscene ended

                • Anonymous

                  Strategy Suggestion19 May 2016 18:27  

                  On the righthand side of the boss area, near the entrance the player comes through, there is a small pool of water and a ridge the player cannot traverse. However, should the player manage to get Sif to jump towards said ridge, they will end up on top of it and most of their attacks, including the dreaded spin, will not be able to connect. While the player themselves will no be able to hit unless their weapon has a particularly long reach, Sif will eventually slide or jump back down; if the player is quick, this provides a valid opening as Sif typically lands facing away from the player.

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