The Bed of Chaos

Location Lost Izalith
Health * NG: 1
NG+: 3
Souls * NG: 60,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

The Bed of Chaos is a Boss in Dark Souls.




The Bed of Chaos Information

 In a futile attempt to prolong the Age of Fire, the Witch of Izalith tried to recreate the First Flame. The ritual was a failure and its power formed a bed of life which would become the source of all demons. The boss is located in a chamber below Lost Izalith, guarded by a Daughter of Chaos.








This boss, akin to the Dragon God from Demon's Souls, is a puzzle boss. Upon entering the arena you will notice two large, non-respawning orange orbs, one on each side of the boss. These spheres contain one glowing root each (as seen in the image below), surrounded by normal roots; the glowing root needs to be taken down by normal damage while the regular roots can also be destroyed by rolling into them. The two glowing roots need to be destroyed to proceed with the fight, but doing so causes a fiery being to emerge from the boss itself, and also causes the floor to begin to crumble in specific locations. The main danger of this fight is falling into these bottomless pits. In order to defeat the Bed of Chaos, an insect-like being in a small tunnel within the boss needs to be slain, accessed by a certain root that can be reached by carefully jumping into the pit that appears once the entire floor in front of her gives out (this part of the floor will only collapse if both orange orbs were dealt with) . The insect dies after any amount of damage has been done to it, and you win the fight.

Tips and Notes:

  1. Since the orbs do not respawn, and since going from the starting area of the boss arena to either of the orbs or towards the boss itself is easier than going from orb to orb or from them towards the boss, quitting the game after destroying the glowing roots can be used to great effect. The next time you log the character you will appear just outside the fog door, and you can instantly enter again and head towards the other orange sphere or attempt to make the jump to the tunnel in an easier fashion.
  2. Bows can also be used to great effect in this fight, as it is possible to snipe the glowing roots without having to enter the orange orbs yourself, making the ordeal safer. Be careful that the hitbox of the glowing root lies behind regular roots, and while these can be destroyed by arrows, it may take a couple of tries after clearing them up as the hitbox of the glowing root is small.
  3. When making the jump to the root leading to the tunnel with the insect, pay attention to the pattern of melee swings of the boss, so that they do not hit you in midair and cause you to fail the jump.
  4. After the floor in front of her crumbles, you will notice a tile that sticks out further than the rest. From on top of this tile, you can safely drop down to the root without having to jump.
  5. Even after a successful jump to said root, the Bed of Chaos can still knock you down into the pit by clipping your character model with bits of its arms or with its facial appendages. Also while inside the tunnel you're safe from all the other attacks but you are still able to get hit by the Firestorm spell, thus victory is not assured until the insect is slain.
  6. The insect itself will not take any damage from fire, which is only a concern with pure pyromancy, as the physical damage of any Fire or Chaos weapon is still enough to kill it in one swing.




Attack Patterns

  • She will often do a slow sweeping attack in which she drags a hand across the ground then slams it down quickly afterwards, on the side the arm is located on. The animation for her lifting the arm up after the slam is a bit slow. While this attack can be blocked or dodged if it makes contact with the player character's model it will push them. Only the sweeping attack will push while the slam will act like most overhead attacks in which the player will be prone on the ground after being hit.
  • Her other melee attack would be two quick swipe attacks with one arm from the side the player is on, followed by a quick sweep from the other arm. While this attack can be blocked or dodged if it makes contact with the player character's model it will push them.
  • After destroying one glowing root, the fiery being will free one large scythe-like appendage from within the boss's back, this has a longer range than the boss's hands and will attack the player by stabbing the ground and dragging it towards itself, dealing damage. Destroying the second root will cause the being to free its other appendage, which will also attack the player in a similar fashion.
  • After destroying both glowing roots, the fiery being will start being able to cast a spell that is similar to Firestorm. Circles of fire will appear on the ground dictating where the pillars will soon rise, thus it can be dodged by moving away from these circles. While very deadly this attack is slightly rare, but its main danger resides in that it can be cast anywhere, including the small tunnel where the insect is.
  • The Bed of Chaos may also release fireballs that originate from her upper body. These arc upwards then fall while moving outwards spraying the entire arena. While dangerous, they are slow moving and if you can keep your eyes on her it should be easy to dodge them by simply walking where the projectiles aren't going. They do not home in and hit the ground randomly. This attack is extremely rare and it is possible to go through countless battles with the Bed of Chaos without ever witnessing it.


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    • The Bed of Chaos [DKS Wiki]28 Dec 2016 16:21  

      Myself...I really loved the exploration in Dark Souls. The graphics were old school. Though at first I didn't like it, I became a fan after awhile. All I know about Dark Souls is I'm at a point where I'm not strong enough to take the last few levels on alone. Summoning seems like a must. Haven't tried in awhile.

      • Anonymous

        Sliding23 Jun 2016 12:14  

        Maybe it's just me, but the animations for moving left and right during the entry slide look an awful lot like how you move in Armored Core. Figured it could be another reference.

        • Anonymous

          Strategy Suggestion11 Jun 2016 22:50  

          After successfully running to each root, use a homeward bone or the miracle with the same and teleport back to the most convienient bonfire. This will not only allow you to bypass most of the boss' oppurtunities to knock you into a pit, but also lets you farm Demon Tianite (providing you opened the shortcut), hunt the stone demons for extra souls, and butcher the Chaos Eaters for Red Titanite.(This was written after being tested on NG+)I'd say good luck, but most people on NG+ and beyond don't really need it anymore...Praise the sun!

          • Anonymous

            Stupid22 May 2016 04:53  

            I hate this boss I mean come on it's a dumb puzzle game then a boss and the worst thing is she dies in one hit to me it's more like the bed of bull*****

            • Anonymous

              Horrible boss02 Mar 2016 15:25  

              It should be mentioned that this the by far the worst boss in game, far worse than *****ty camera angels and all, thusly even if you tell yourself you don't want to make it easy on you. Do yourself a favor and abuse the quite strategy this boss is only frustrating due to ***** rng and a 5 mile walking distance after one died even with the fog gate bonfire.

              • Anonymous

                Demon's Soul reference02 Mar 2016 10:34  

                The Bed of Chaos innerts resemble somewhat the one from the Demon's Souls Old One. The transformed witch, the insect like beeing, reminded me of the miserable true king Allant within the Old One. The similarities are at least for me painfully obvious and should be mentioned in any wiki concerning this boss.

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