The Bed of Chaos

Location Lost Izalith
Health * NG: 2
NG+: 3
Souls * NG: 60,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

The Bed of Chaos is a Boss in Dark Souls.

The Bed of Chaos Information

In a futile attempt to prolong the Age of Fire, the Witch of Izalith tried to recreate the First Flame. The ritual was a failure and its power formed a bed of life which would become the source of all demons; trapping two of her daughters in the orbs on either side, and herself within it.

On your way to the boss' chamber below Lost Izalith, you will be attacked by a corrupted Daughter of Chaos. If you are keeping count of the Daughters of Chaos, excluding the spider sisters and the three we've just mentioned, that's only 5; the body Ceaseless Discharge guards and attacks you if you loot, is another sister, as well as Quelana - who you meet in the Blighttown swamp and asks you to help free her sisters.



  • The Bed of Chaos is generally assumed to be The Witch of Izalith. She may be conjoined with two of her daughters.
  • In an effort to rekindle the First Flame, the witch produced the Chaos Flame which mutated her, and her children.
  • The various demons in the area are presumed to be the spawn of The Bed of Chaos and the Chaos Flame.



Swipe & Slam

She will often do a slow sweeping attack in which she drags a hand across the ground then raises her fist - a little slowly - and slams it down quickly afterwards, on the side the arm is located on. The animation for her lifting the arm up after the slam is a bit slow. While this attack can be blocked or dodged, if it makes contact with the player, will stagger them; the sweep will push while the slam will act like most overhead attacks in which will cause the player to fall momentarily.

There's a slight variation on this attack; instead of a swipe and slam, you'll be met with two quick swipe attacks. One arm from the side the player is on, followed by a quick sweep from the other arm. The starting animation looks the same so look for the end of the first swipe, to tell which attack is coming.


Fire Scythe(s)

After destroying one glowing root, the fiery being will free one large scythe-like appendage from within the boss's back. This has a longer range than the boss's hands and will attack stab down at the ground, and drag its scythe and the player, towards it. Not only does this attack deal serious fire damage, it does a bit of physical as well. The fire-scythe is constantly poking around the ground, and can be evaded by rolling sideways. 

The only variation in this attack is that destroying the second root will cause the Bed of Chaos to free its other appendage, which will also attack the player in a similar fashion. This just means there's more to dodge.


Firestorm of Chaos

After destroying both glowing roots, the Bed of Chaos will start being able to cast a spell that is similar to Firestorm by lifting its fire scythe-like arms then thrusting them into the floor which reveals circles of fire on the ground, dictating where the pillars of fire will soon rise. Make use of these indicators, and dodge them appropriately. While very deadly, this attack is slightly rare, but its main danger resides in that it can be cast anywhere, including the small tunnel where the bug resides.


Chaos Fireball

The Bed of Chaos may also shoot out fireballs from its torso. These are lumped upwards then fall while moving outwards, spraying the entire arena. While dangerous, they are slow moving and can be avoided by simply walking away from where they're landing. They do not home in, and hit the ground randomly. This attack is extremely rare and it is possible to go through countless battles with the Bed of Chaos without ever witnessing it.


Fire Gate

If you loiter around the base of the tree, without proceeding into the tunnel, the Bed of Chaos lets out a scream before setting the area on fire. To avoid this, once you get to the base, run into the tunnel, and complete the mission.


This boss, akin to the Dragon God from Demon's Souls, is a puzzle boss. Upon entering the arena you will notice two large, non-respawning orange orbs, one on either side of the boss. These spheres contain one glowing root each, surrounded by normal roots; the glowing roots can be destroyed by normal damage while the regular roots can also be destroyed by rolling into them.

The two glowing roots need to be destroyed to proceed with the fight, but doing so causes a fiery being to emerge from the boss itself, increasing the boss' attack options and severity, and also causes the floor to begin to crumble in specific locations. The main danger of this fight is falling into these bottomless pits. Make sure not to sprint mindlessly as you will fall in the collapsing floor; stay attentive to the floor, more so than the boss.

Once you take both the orbs, carefully proceed down the middle, but expect a mass chunk of the floor to fall through. This will expose a little ledge you can jump off of and onto a thick tree branch. Before you do so, pay attention to the pattern of melee swings of the boss, so that they do not hit you midair and cause you to fail the jump. Run up the branch, rolling through the little branches sticking out of the cave entrance. In here, you'll find a small tunnel with more little branches you need to roll through.

Defeat the Bed of Chaos, by killing the Chaos Bug at the end of the small tunnel; any amount of damage will do the trick.


Easy Range

Bows can also be used to great effect in this fight, as it is possible to snipe the glowing roots without having to enter the orange orbs yourself, making the ordeal safer. Be careful that the hitbox of the glowing root lies behind regular roots, and while these can be destroyed by arrows, it may take a couple of tries after clearing them up as the hitbox of the glowing root is small. You will however, have to position yourself in a good-enough position to see the glowing roots while remaining at a relatively safe distance, and avoiding more falling platforms.

Tips and Notes:

  1. Since the orbs do not respawn, and going from the starting area of the boss arena to either of the orbs or towards the boss itself is easier than going from orb to orb or from them towards the boss, quitting the game after destroying the glowing roots can be used to great effect. The next time you log the character, you will appear just outside the fog door, and you can instantly enter again and head towards the other orange sphere or attempt to make the jump to the tunnel in an easier fashion.
  2. Even after a successful jump to said root, the Bed of Chaos can still knock you down into the pit by clipping your character with bits of its arms or with its scythe-like appendages.
  3. While inside the tunnel, you're safe from all the other attacks but you are still able to get hit by the Firestorm spell, thus victory is not assured until the bug is slain.
  4. The Chaos Bug itself will not take any damage from fire, which is only a concern with pure pyromancy, as the physical damage of any Fire or Chaos weapon is still enough to kill it in one swing.


The Bed Of Chaos  Caduceus Power Node Power Node Disintegrating

Broom Smash Firestorm "Chaos Bug" - "Demon Insect"

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    • 14 Jun 2021 00:56  

      Ok very old tactic. You run to the right first, kill the orange. Then Force Quit, again enter now you run to the left side but not all the way (hugging left wall, to the closer platform where she can't reach you. You shoot arrows to the left orange thing-u from there then go to the center and try to roll into the hole with the tree path. Once you get there is basically over but run to kill the bug in the centre. Maybe you'll die a couple of times but is pretty consistent

      • Anonymous

        14 Jun 2021 00:42  

        Hmmm, after being crashed, crushed and burned for the 64th time in a row, I come to the conclusion: I cannot recognize this thing as a worthy opponent.

        • Anonymous

          06 Jun 2021 18:54  

          Such a shame because the lore for this boss is soooo good! I mean, the Witch of Izalith is basically the reason for every demon in the game. They should’ve made this a tragic boss fight that’s very easy where you’re essentially just putting the Witch of Izalith out of its misery, kinda like Sif or Lady Atraea.
          Though, even if you know the lore it’s likely that most players will not feel any sympathy because the fight was so frustrating xD

          • Anonymous

            28 May 2021 13:37  

            The subhumans who had the idea for this abomination of a disgusting waste of time, need to be shot in public.

            • Anonymous

              16 May 2021 02:12  

              At the risk of being pelted with firebombs from all sides, I say openly and honestly: I love this boss! It's just a shame that the actual fight is too short and his soul cannot be transformed into a unique weapon.

              • Anonymous

                13 Apr 2021 03:48  

                Absolute worst boss in any video game ive ever played. When time travel is discovered, i am going to travel back in time and smack the everloving **** out of the producers of this game. I might even smack their children.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Apr 2021 22:26  

                  It just amazes me again and again how simple and yet incredibly difficult this abomination can be. Ultimately, you just have to attack the two weak points and then run straight to the core to give it the last push, but the swinging branches still have a say. Which diabolical, thoroughly vicious mastermind with a deep black soul was responsible for the unholy creation of this beast? Definitely not the witch of Izalith. No, this thing was created by something malicious, which takes sheer delight in our frustration and despair.

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Mar 2021 18:59  

                    so just a strategy that is pretty commonly used, but for anyone that hasn't seen it yet:

                    Start by destroying the root on your right, just rush that one. Once it's down, quit out so you'll be outside the fog gate. Enter again, and take cover in one of the outcrop things in the wall, then fire on the root on your left with arrows. Quit out once it's gone, and go back. For the final phase, wait for it to cast the firestorm attack, and weave in between where they're about to come up. Rushing forwards during this time will get you to the root in the center before the boss will have recovered from attacking. Now just rollspam forwards and hit the bug with anything that's not the pyromancy flame or a pyromancy, as the bug is immune to fire. For optimal results, use light armor for optimal results.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Mar 2021 03:53  

                      Best boss in the series! objectively better than trashy Artorias, boring Ludwig or copy-paste Gael. Its so much fun being dragged to holes or one-shotted by unavoidable attacks, and then walking for 10 minutes!

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Mar 2021 10:35  

                        SPECULATION TIME:

                        The BoC is the very deepest part of the game world you can reach without accounting for the great hollow. Yet if you look at Lost Izaleth from Tomb of The Giants you'll be able to see that it's located below the ceiling of the Archtrees. Considering how the whole of the BoC fight is an unfinished mess ( the temple past the fog gate isn't even rendered) and there's a gaping bottomless pit beneath the BoC, a thought struck me.
                        What if that pit was supposed to be the starting point of the great hollow? The diameters more or less match up, and it would solve the mystery of where that bottomless pit at the very bottom of lost Izaleth leads to (the walls imply it's at least partly manmade so there has to be something down there). There's also the fact that TGH is only a fraction the height of a full Archtree. Just a thought. Maybe the game engine couldn't handle it so they moved TGH to Blighttown.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Mar 2021 03:56  

                          Just wear no armor and weild a shield and you'll make the jump. Keep moving till you hit the fire creature once with any sword

                          • Anonymous

                            01 Mar 2021 19:02  

                            This boss gets bonus points for bad design because it isn’t even original. It uses the Dragon Gods exact concept by avoiding it and reaching two key spots, one on each side of the arena before being able to reach the furthest point to finish the job. At least in the Dragons fight you have to dodge his attacks which only deal damage but in the bed of chaos fight it’s reliant on pitfalls to kill you which I find much more frustrating. Thank god it’s common knowledge that the games development was rushed otherwise the bed of chaos may as well have been FS trolling because they reused a concept and made it worse

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Feb 2021 10:58  

                              Honestly this boss is just a bed of disappointment. This could have been an awesome fight against the Witch of Izalith in her most powerful form, but it was instead a battle against swooshy tree-arms McGee. Here's what I think a battle against the mother of pyromancy should be: The fight starts off like normal until you break the second orb. After that, the fight really starts and you are presented with 2 health bars, one for the witch herself and one for the chaos bug. You wouldn't be able to just run to the bug because she would fiercely sweep her "arms" if you attempt to get to the path leading to it and the goal is to stun her by depleting her health so you can reach the bug. Instead of doing what she normally does, she starts slinging epic boss versions of almost every type of pyromancy in the game at you. Salvos of fireballs/fireorbs, waves of fire surges, huge combustions, and finally a big firestorm attack. When she does the firestorm, she would do it like every other character does it, by leaning down and pressing her "hands" into the ground for a moment. This would be your chance to attack the witch and deal damage. When she is stunned after depleting her health, you would have a limited time to get to the bug and kill it, but if you wait too long she regains part of her health and either starts blocking entry again if you aren't in the passage or starts casting firestorm if you are. Sorry for the long winded post but how does this idea sound?

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Feb 2021 18:55  

                                From the secret bonfire, fighting only the chaos eater on the way it taskes about 01:45 to get to the boss sprinting. times that by however many times you've died and thats how stupid this boring, ring limiting boss run is.

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