Quelana of Izalith

Quelana Of Izalith - Dark Souls Remastered

 Quelana of Izalith is a Character in Dark Souls.



She is one of seven daughters birthed by the Witch of Izalith. She's known to be the mother of pyromancy, as she's the one who taught the great pyromancer Salaman. She escaped/ran away before she could be transformed into a demon due to Bed of Chaos. Unfortunately, her sisters did not escape in time.‍‍‍ If you talk to her several times, she will ask you to free her mother and sisters from the Bed of Chaos. She thanks you for accomplishing this when spoken to after the fact.

When you first encounter Quelana she will ask you if you are seeking her pyromancy (yes or no), this decision is of little consequence as answering 'no' will simply end the dialogue but you can simply talk to her again and she'll ask the same question again. In order for her to sell her pyromancies you must first answer yes.

This NPC is another pyromancy trainer, and one of the daughters of the Witch of Izalith. She's capable of upgrading your Pyromancy Flame up to +15, and ascending it after it reaches +15.

  • She spawns by a large stone pillar, between the shore of Quelaag's Domain and the second waterwheel leading to the Valley of Drakes, in the swamp of Blighttown. (See how to make her appear below.)
  • The Fire Tempest pyromancy will be available as a gift after fulfilling her request of defeating the Bed of Chaos. If you defeat the Bed of Chaos before finding Quelana, she will disappear.

Quelana of Izalith's Inventory

Sells Uses Slots Cost (souls)
Fireball 8 1 800
Fire Orb 6 1 8,000
Great Fireball 4 1 20,000
Firestorm 20 1 30,000
Fire Tempest 20 1 Quest Related Gift / Drop
Combustion 16 1 500
Great Combustion 8 1 5,000
Fire Whip 80 1 10,000
Undead Rapport 7 1 10,000


She will appear after:

  • Having a Pyromancy Flame that is upgraded to at least +10.
  • Or, if another player with at least a +10 Pyromancy Flame enters your world (co-op or PvP phantom) while you're a host in Blighttown, the Depths, the beginning of New Londo Ruins (before you cross the wooden bridges), or the Demon Firesage boss room.

She will NOT appear if:




  • 1,000 souls
  • Pyromancy: Fire Tempest (Only if you have not obtained it by fulfilling her request of defeating the Bed of Chaos)


Character Info


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    • Anonymous

      13 Jul 2021 00:51  

      So if you find her before the bed of chaos, then complete the quest would she still be able to upgrade/ascend the flame?

      • Anonymous

        11 Apr 2021 04:44  

        Late game (after bed of chaos), Eingyi asks if you've heard of Quelana and mentions that if she was really out there, her presence would comfort the Fair Lady (if you've ever spoken to her with the ring on, she's pretty sad), so it's a shame you can't bring them together.

        • Anonymous

          16 Jan 2021 01:36  

          Quelana appeared for me in my first visit to Blighttown, with a non-upgraded Pyro flame (selected Pyro starting class). I have not been invaded yet this playthrough. Was the +10 Flame requirement changed for Remastered?

          • Anonymous

            20 Dec 2020 13:57  

            I have a SL1 +5 character for co op and invasions at the Burg and I’m wondering if I password summon somebody who has a sufficiently upgraded flame through their red sign soapstone in Blighttown will it affect my weapon level? I know I’m not picking any upgraded stuff up I’m just summoning them but I’m just trying to be as careful as possible, would it affect anything?

            • Anonymous

              01 Dec 2020 19:37  

              Holy **** I forgot about her and beat quelaag and then remembered and thought I screwed up and nearly had a panic attack
              Thank Gwyn

              • Anonymous

                04 Nov 2020 15:28  

                ummm been wondering : what was the izalith population's race getting transformed into demons?were they of the lord race?

                • Anonymous

                  09 Aug 2020 21:02  

                  My deepest thanks that this dear lady crouches around in the middle of a silty swamp in the immediate vicinity of constantly returning blood-haunted mosquitoes and that I have to scurry from the Firelink Shrine through half of Blighttown every time to buy pyromancies from her

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Jul 2020 21:30  

                    I have pyromancy flame +15. I discovered and joined the covenant. Have not even encountered bed of chaos yet. So why won't she spawn? I seriously think I hit a game bug.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Apr 2020 15:58  

                      did quelana turn into a spider? you pick up her pyromancy tome in ds3 next to a spider which looked super close to queelag, so anyone knows what happened to quelana after ds1?

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Apr 2020 22:09  

                        What do i need to give snugly to get red titinite? and if i leave queelags covenant do i have to rank up again?

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Mar 2020 19:13  

                          For me she appeared without even having the pyromancy flame and without ever summoning anybody. I got summoned later on but she already appeared before. Was that a bug or what is going on? I was really surprised when I saw her.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Feb 2020 23:56  

                            If you need help getting her to appear, just message me and we can discuss a time/password to summon my character with a +10 pyromancy flame. Passworded summon signs bypass level restrictions on summoning, and I've tested this and it works fine.

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Feb 2020 23:56  

                              I still play Dark Souls Remastered a bunch. If you need to password summon someone with a Pyro +10 flame to get her to appear, then I like to help. Just add me and we can discuss a time/password as the password summoning bypasses level restrictions on summoning. :)

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