Quelana of Izalith

Quelana Of Izalith - Dark Souls Remastered

 Quelana of Izalith is a Character in Dark Souls.



She is one of seven daughters sired by the Witch of Izalith. She's known to be the mother of pyromancy, as she's the one who taught the great pyromancer Salaman. She escaped/ran away before she could be transformed into a demon due to Bed of Chaos. Unfortunately, her sisters did not escape in time.‍‍‍ If you talk to her several times, she will ask you to free her mother and sisters from the Bed of Chaos. She thanks you for accomplishing this when spoken to after the fact.

When you first encounter Quelana she will ask you if you are seeking her pyromancy (yes or no), this decision is of little consequence as answering 'no' will simply end the dialogue but you can simply talk to her again and she'll ask the same question again. In order for her to sell her pyromancies you must first answer yes.

This NPC is another pyromancy trainer, and one of the daughters of the Witch of Izalith. She's capable of upgrading your Pyromancy Flame, and ascending it after it reaches +15.

  • She spawns by a large stone pillar, between the shore of Quelaag's Domain and the waterwheel, in the swamp of Blighttown.
  • She will appear after having had your Pyromancy Flame upgraded to at least +10, or if another player enters your world (while in Blighttown) with a +10 or higher Pyromancy Flame.
  • The Fire Tempest pyromancy will be available as a gift after fulfilling her request of defeating the Bed of Chaos. If you defeat the Bed of Chaos before finding Quelana, she will disappear.


Skill Cost (souls)
Fire Orb 8,000
Great Fireball 20,000
Firestorm 30,000
Fire Whip 10,000
Combustion 500
Great Combustion 5,000
Undead Rapport 10,000
Fireball 800
Fire Tempest Quest Related Gift / Drop

She will appear after:

  • Having a Pyromancy Flame that is upgraded to at least +10.
  • Or, if another player with an upgraded Pyromancy Flame enters your world (co-op or PvP phantom), while you're a host in Blighttown.

She will NOT appear if:

  • The player has slain the boss of Lost Izalith, the Bed of Chaos, before spawning Quelaana.


  • Known siblings: Quelaan (Chaos Servant Covenant leader) and Quelaag. Her eldest sister appears in Lost Izalith.
  • It has been confirmed that the Ceaseless Discharge is the younger brother of the Daughters of Chaos
  • She has been seen without carrying a Pyromancy flame at all, so the details to make her appear are uncertain. A +10 pyromancy flame is the only guaranteed way to make her appear.
    • If you summon or are invaded by a player with a +10 Pyromancy Flame it will trigger Quelana's appearance in game.



  • 1,000 souls

Pyromancy: Fire Tempest (Only if you have not obtained it by fulfilling her request of defeating the Bed of Chaos)


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