This area is accessed from Lower Undead Burg. The door leading down to it is unlocked by the Key to Depths, which is obtained by beating the Capra Demon. It serves as the gateway to Blighttown once you defeat the area's boss.

Depths Walkthrough


Full Depths Walkthrough


  1. You will find many Sewer Rats here and you will likely need a cure for poison, which you can pick-up from dead Ents in Darkroot.
  2. You will find a new enemy; the Basilisk. They spew a gas which will kill and curse you if you stay in it for too long. Being cursed is a dire situation to be in and it's advised that you know more about the cursed status, how to improve your resistance to it and how to remove it before you begin. You can find further information on the cursed status here. High curse resistance gear such as the Antiquated Set can be extremely helpful.
  3. There is the very high chance you will become toxified so be sure to stock up on blooming purple moss clumps.

The Depths can be accessed once you obtain the key from the Capra Demon in Lower Undead Burg. Use the shortcut in the aqueduct, which you unlocked in Lower Undead Burg, to get there.

The Kitchen

Through the door you'll head down some stairs and find three zombies - one will be coming from behind you to the left of the stairs you just descended. After killing them, follow the passage beside the stair-case all the way back to reveal a Soul of a Nameless Soldier on a corpse behind some boxes. Moving to the next room, there is a zombie on the bottom left of the stairs, three Torch Zombies ahead as well as two more zombies hiding behind the pillars. You will also be able to see a Butcher going about her business below.

You should be able to make a big dent in her health with a strong ranged attack, but you can also aggro her from up here before you even get a shot off, so don't be surprised if she starts coming for you. Once you're ready, make your way down to the kitchen. An Undead Attack Dog will stand at the foot of the steps, plus another one at the butchers table (the one beside the table does not re-spawn). You should be able to lure the Butcher before proceeding. You will find a chest with the Large Ember inside at the back of the kitchen. There are some boxes which you can break behind the table to reveal a small passage that leads to a hole in the ground, but don't go down there yet; make a note of the hole and then head down into the water instead. The hole drops you down onto a ledge with a Spider Shield, above the Giant Rat.

Note: There is a shorter route to the end of the Depths that you can access at this point. But doing so will skip a huge portion of the area and it's items and possibly leave you at a disadvantage during the boss battle. Please see the 'Shortcut' section below this walkthrough for further information.

Down in the water you'll find two Undead Attack Dogs and a Zombie waiting. Try ranged attacks to dispose of them and then make your way up the pile of rubble that's down there and then go through the hole in the wall. A second Butcher will be standing above you and to the left as you ascend the rubble into the hallway. He drops down unpredictably and sometimes not at all, so to be safe you can back up and shoot him with arrows until he drops or dies. Heading through the door he was standing over will lead you to a large room filled with barrels - Laurentius is trapped in one of them. After speaking with him roll into the barrels so that you do not hurt him while freeing him. Once done he'll now appear in Firelink Shrine as a pyromancy trainer. Head back and continue down the corridor, but be wary of the second Butcher coming from behind if you have not already fought him - you will hear him drop down if you haven't killed him yet. NOTE: The door leading to the sewers can be used to kill the second butcher easily if you are having trouble. If you can lure the butcher to stand outside the door and close it, the butcher will stand at the entrance and you can still attack the butcher through the door, making the fight much easier. Beware that the butcher can likewise hit you through the door as well so just hit him oncw then step back, let him attack then hit him again. Repeat until he is dead. Move through the door at the end of the hall to make your way down the stairs to the sewers.

Entering The Sewers

Once you enter the water at the bottom of the stairs you'll see a corpse on your left with an item. DO NOT be tempted to inspect it just yet as a Slime is hovering above and has a good chance to kill if it falls on you - you can make it drop with a single arrow or by very slowly moving towards the corpse until it drops in front of you. Also, be wary of the torch zombie that's in the passage ahead, as he can sneak up on you if you're not paying attention. Once they're disposed of, inspect the corpse to find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Continue until you reach a corridor that extends to the right with a Torch Zombie on the opposite end and beware of the load of Slimes that are on the ceiling in here - you may need to move close to them before they will fall down. You can target some, but not all, of the slimes with arrows or spells as they cling to the ceiling. Or you can sprint past them. If you do sprint, be careful when fighting the Torch Zombie at the end of the tunnel. Behind the Torch Zombie is a door which can be unlocked with the Master Key to reveal a bonfire. (HINT: it is actually better to not use it until you have killed the Giant Rat) But if you don't have the Master Key then you'll find the key soon enough that will open this door.

Head down the passage next to the bonfire door and you'll find some boxes to your left and a Giant Rat behind the fence - it can't attack you from there, so don't worry. (Tip: If you have a bow, it is possible to kill the Giant Rat from here by shooting arrows through the small gap above the bars. You cannot shoot through the bars, but if you have a spear [the Silver Knight Spear, the Dragonslayer Spear or the Moonlight Butterfly Horn are especially good, but a regular spear, Winged Spear or Partizan etc. will also suffice.] you can also poke him through the bars). The boxes here can be broken to reveal a ladder leading down. Make a note of this section but there's no need to go down the ladder for the time being - there is only a locked door down there and it only opens from the other side. Keep heading forward until you reach another t-junction. On the right there is a mob of sewer rats guarding a corpse with a Greataxe. (Tip: this is a good location to farm Humanity items once you have access to the nearby bonfire.) Head to the left but be wary of the box at the end of the corridor - a rat will leap out of it, so hug the right wall as you move towards the box in order to spring the trap but not get injured. Keep going forward and you will spot a rat running away from you. There are some more rats down the stairs on the right next to a reachable corpse holding the Sewer Chamber Key - which grants access to the bonfire if you do not have the Master Key.

Clearing Out the Sewers

Turn around and take the path under the stairs you just came down. You will notice a passage on your right with a drain hole towards the end, but ignore this for now and head for the corpse in the distance to get a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. If you continue around to the right from there, you will find a fog gate, and through it you will see four Sewer Rats and a Channeler patrolling some ramparts that over-look the boss arena. If you want, you can battle them here or you can take a riskier route for an easier fight. The risky route involves heading back to the passage with the drain hole from earlier. You will see a rat in the distance and will need to jump over the hole to continue - be warned, if you fall you'll be down in the Basilisk Tunnels and will have to make your way out again. Skip to the 'Basilisk Tunnels' section below for a survival guide.

Note: It's highly advised that you kill the Channeler one way or another before the boss, otherwise he will be able to fire soul arrows at you during the boss fight, or even use his buff spell on the boss - which makes that battle unnecessarily hard.

Past the hole there is a passage to your right with another rat at the end. Head down it to find a corpse with Soul of a Nameless Soldier. You will be at a t-junction - to the left there's an easily missed hole in the ground which you should avoid, as this one leaves you in the deepest part of the Basalisk Tunnels, so be careful. Take a right and follow the tunnel to find the Giant Rat. Fighting the Giant Rat from here can be tough, so to make this battle much easier make your way back to the kitchen and drop down the hole behind the table. You will land on the ledge mentioned earlier for a very easy fight. (Tip: While up this ledge, go to the far right and make your way around to the other side of the room to find a Spider Shield on a corpse) In the Giant Rat's room you'll find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier on a corpse.

Note: The shortcut mentioned in an earlier note can also be accessed from the Giant Rat's room. Again, please see the 'Shortcut' section below for more info.

Go back to the drain hole and continue down the passage until you reach a t-junction. On your left will be the ramparts with the Channeler and his rat friends and to your far right, a slime and the other hole in the ground. Once you have disposed of the enemies on the ramparts, go out onto them and go past the wooden stairs on the left. The two boxes on the left after the stairs are concealing two rats. Past them, right at the back you will find a corpse behind the pillar with a Large Titanite Shard. Now it's time to explore the deepest and most dangerous area of the Depths...

The Basilisk Tunnels

You can reach the Basilisk Tunnels by dropping down one of the holes in the narrow passages, or by accidentally falling down the middle of the waterfall in the Giant Rat's room. Try dropping down the drain hole you saw first, as this one is the safest entry point. You will land next to some stairs and a Basilisk will come around the corner momentarily. Before moving along, first go up the stairs behind you. You will see two basilisks ahead of you. One should come from your right – be ready for it. Continue through the passage to find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier on a corpse. Try luring the two Basilisks on your left before proceeding. Go right and take the path to the left. There are five basilisks hiding under the stairs. You will also see a corpse with Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

Head back and take the path leading under the stairs. Two more basilisks to your left. Follow the path until you reach a corpse with Ring of the Evil Eye. Go back up the stairs and take a left. There is a big opening in the ground and a doorway behind it. Be careful once you enter the doorway because there is another hole in the ground just around the corner but there is a very tempting corpse on the other side of it holding treasure. You will need to start your run-up from the doorway and time the jump well once you turn the corner - you will find Humanity on the corpse. Make your way back to the hole you fell through originally – easy to spot, its a mini waterfall next to some stairs. Continue down the stairs and follow the passage to until you reach a t-junction. Go left and be ready for the three rats coming around the corner. This is also where Knight Kirk will to invade you if you are in human form - but he isn't too hard as long as it's just you and him. Head up the stairs to get out of these tunnels.

Route to the Gaping Dragon

At the top of the stairs you will find yourself in a room with three slimes and two rats - one of the slimes is on the ceiling. To your right, a passage with some long stairs leading you up to a door. Through the door you will find a room with ladder which should be familiar to you. It's the ladder revealed much earlier by breaking the boxes and it lets you gain easy and welcome access to the bonfire. To your left there is passage with some stairs leading to the boss fight. There is also an opening through some metal bars on the left where you will find Domhnall of Zena and the big doors that lead to Blighttown.

Head into the passage that goes to the boss, move to your right and take the stairs down to the lower level. Continue on and you will then encounter more stairs going down, but don't go down them just yet. Go past them and next to the pillar on your right you may see summon signs for both Knight Solaire and Knight Lautrec if you are in Human form and their quest lines are still open - they will assist greatly with the impending boss fight. Keep going forward past this pillar to find a corpse with Heavy Crossbow and Heavy Bolts behind the corner on the left. Now go down the stairs until you reach the fog gate...

Boss fight: Gaping Dragon

Once the boss is defeated you will receive the Blighttown Key and you can safely collect the Warrior Set that's in the boss arena. Go back to the room with Domhnall of Zena to use the key and enter the next area: Blighttown.


There is a shorter route through the Depths that skips a great deal of the area and leads on to the boss. Beware, doing so without killing the Channeler up on the top level can make the boss fight harder than it needs to be. Please follow the steps below to follow the shorter route:

  1. Behind the table where the first Butcher stands in the Kitchen section, there are boxes hiding a passage that leads to a hole. Go down this hole.
  2. You'll then be on the ledge above the Giant Rat's room. Kill the Giant Rat if this is your first trip here and then jump down into the pit where it was.
  3. You'll notice a waterfall at the end of the room. Approach the waterfall hugging the left wall and slide down. (It might take an attempt or two to get a hang of it as pillars can nudge you and make you fall if you do not correct your path)
  4. You'll land in the room that leads to the Blighttown doors. Work your way to the other end and take a right to go up the stairs to some ramparts. Going down two more flights of stairs will lead you to the boss' fog gate.
  5. Step through to fight the Gaping Dragon.


Hints and Farming

As you leave the Undead Burg, you will begin your descent into a kitchen area. Fight your way past the Zombies, being careful not to get surrounded, and prepare for a mini boss during your first visit. You will have to fight a Butcher with two giant cleavers.

There are two types of sewer rats, The smaller ones will leave you alone if you keep your distance. The larger ones will attack.

Both Solaire of Astora and Knight Lautrec can be summoned right before the boss if you are human. They will also follow you around, so you can summon them to help you clear the sewer and kill Kirk, before you fight the boss.

If you are not taking the shortcut, there are a lot of good items and farming opportunities throughout the rest of the sewers. Be on the lookout for holes in the drainage tunnels. You can leap over them, but falling through them often leads to trouble.


Watch out for Basilisks, ballooning up to spit a curse. The mist is an area of effect which will very quickly fill your curse meter, and kill you within a few moments of exposure. Those brittle statues that crumble when you walk through them are victims of the curse. It will cause your health to be halved, and can stack, resulting in 1/4 and then 1/8 of your normal health until your reach a healer later in the game, or use a purging stone from Oswald or the Undead Female Merchant. They cost 3000 or 6000 souls (respectively), so it might be easier to avoid the areas with the Basilisks if you don't have any.

Basilisk Farming Strategy: The Basilisks give 200 souls per kill. If you approach them using the ramps near the boss area/merchant then you don't have to worry about dropping into a bad situation. Be careful, and avoid aggroing groups. You can run back out the empty ramps, and make your way back to the bonfire easily afterwards. You can net 2000-2500 per run. The Basilisks also (since the 1.05 patch) drop Eyes of Death fairly often, which are important for the Gravelord Covenant.

There are also some Slimes, who don't pose too much of a threat if they are on the ground. The real trouble with them is that they can climb on the ceiling, waiting to drop down on you. It is possible to break free should they engulf you by mashing R1 (attack). They are very weak against fire, and drop upgrade stones. One farming technique involves learning a basic pyromancy spell, and finding the bonfire in the depths. When you head straight out from the fire, there are several Slimes on the ceiling ahead of you. Run past them, turn around and flame them all the hell. Pick up any spoils, then return to the bonfire. They will not drop any souls, but as your humanity increases, the upgrade drop rate increases.

It is also possible to farm Sewer Rats here, they have a 1 in 10-20 drop rate of Humanity.

Depths Map


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

Notes & Trivia:

  • Laurentius of the Great Swamp - Found in the 'Kitchen' section, trapped in a barrel. Free him and he'll then serve as your first Pyromancy trainer once he gets back to Firelink Shrine.
  • Domhnall of Zena - Found very close to the big doors that lead to Blighttown. He sells a variety of unique armour sets that are unlocked depending on your actions in the game.
  • Solaire of Astora - If in human form, this NPC's summon sign will appear nearby the fog gate that leads to the boss, assuming that you have not killed him already and have followed his quest-line correctly thus far.
  • Knight Lautrec - If in human form, this NPC's summon sign will appear nearby the fog gate that leads to the boss, assuming that you have not killed him already and have followed his quest-line correctly thus far.



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