Vagrants are an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Vagrants Description

Vagrants are monsters which spawn in response to bloodstains being lost or items being dropped and abandoned. When a player dies and leaves a bloodstain with considerable humanity (5 or more) and fails to collect it before dying again, or the player leaves certain items and reloads the area without picking them up, there's a chance these will travel to another player's world and become a Vagrant. Vagrants appear in two different forms (named "Good" and "Evil").

The "Good" form of vagrant looks like an egg with crab legs and will flee and vanish upon being discovered, whereas the "Evil" form has a claw and a ranged attack and attacks the player on sight. The ranged attack will cause very high damage, and can knock through shields very easily. Good Vagrants can drop items useful to the player if killed before they escape, and Evil Vagrants will drop valuable Humanity or Twin Humanity.

If a Vagrant is not killed by a player, it will be sent out again to another player's world. This will continue until the Vagrant is finally slain. If the Vagrant is sent out enough times, it will eventually upgrade into a more powerful black phantom version that drops more valuable loot when killed.

Good Vagrants have an initial phase known as Drift Items, which are item bags that appear exactly where the original item was left except the item within is significantly downgraded and often nearly useless. Possible Drift Items include things like a Lloyd's Talisman, Rubbish, Prism Stone, or Titanite Shard. The Drift Item will continue to be sent out to other worlds if it isn't picked up, and after a while will eventually become a Good Vagrant. As a Good Vagrant, the item inside is more valuable and becomes even more so if it can manage to survive and travel to other worlds until it becomes a black phantom Good Vagrant.



  • All vagrant types only drop 100 souls in regular NG. Overkill bonus nets 120 souls.

Evil Vagrant (White)

Evil Vagrant (Red)

Good Vagrant (White)

Good Vagrant (Red)



Vagrant Locations

Vagrants spawn at specific locations within the zone where their generator died. Below lists the possible spawns.

Inside the room with many barrels where you will find Laurentius of the Great Swamp
Behind the iron bars where the Basilisk run through
Narrow corridor before checkpoint fog gate
Two levels higher from the Gaping Dragon, on the Terrace
Undead Burg and Undead Parish
After entering Firelink Shrine, inside one of the buildings
Wooden roof that has three Firebomb Hollows
Just before first fog gate
Corridor that leads from the Undead Parish to the blacksmith and the bonfire
Just after the first fog gate
On top of tower before you fight Taurus Demon (with two Armored Hollows)
Before Capra Demon, in one of the Assassin's rooms
Terrace near the sunlight altar
In the Parish, near the Heavy Knight
Painted World of Ariamis
North-East building, jump down from a platform with a bow-wielding enemy
In the courtyard near the well
Leave the north-east building, jump down before the tower to the right, again jump down to the right
Sewer, in the corner of the hall
Darkroot Garden and Basin
On the slope near a corpse treasure
Near the cliff edge where the Frog Rays ambush you
Bridge past Alvina
Near the waterfall
Opposite the cliff populated by Ents
Before Sif
The Catacombs
Near where you first find Patches
Near Blacksmith Vamos
In the pit with the crystal lizards
In Pinwheels' room
Behind the Titanite Demon
Tomb of the Giants
On the cliff near the start of area
Before Nito in the Pinwheel's Servants area
Pit that Patches knocks you into
Jump down from the area with the Silver Covetous Serpent ring
The Great Hollow and Ash Lake
Inside the large tree
Near the driftwood in Ash Lake
In the mushroom area just before Ash Lake
Just before the Ancient Dragon


After jumping down from a group of Infested Barbarians
Opposite the area that you first land when you reach the swamp
Before the highest sewer entrance
Opposite the area of the drainpipe in the swamp that houses a bonfire
Demon Ruins and Lost lzalith
Near the Large Flame Ember
Near the hidden elevator to Quelaag's Domain
In the lava of Lost lzalith that houses the Bounding Demons (Large dinosaur-looking enemies)
Bottom of a ledge of lava where it begins to cool
Just Before the Demon Firesage Fog Gate
Before the Fog Gate leading to the Centipede Demon
Corridor of the Prowling Demon in Lost lzalith
Sen's Fortress
On the roof that you reach using the secret ladder where the Giant is
The second boulder slope, near where the Serpent Mage is
Bottom of the tower with the Crestfallen Merchant
Near the bottom where the Prowling Demons are
Second rolling slope in the hidden room with iron balls
Behind the Elite Undead Guard in the ramparts
Anor Londo
Left when you leave the spiral elevator
Turn right at the main palace gate, go through the gate, it's on the left buttress
Room with Silver Knight
Building which leads to the Painted World of Ariamis. Near the stone statue where you get by jumping down from the joist
On the walkway with the Silver Knight Archer
Just before the first broken window (the building which leads to the Painted World of Ariamis)
New Londo Ruins
After the first landing bridge, in the small room of the annex
In the small room of the annex, on the side of the ghost house
After the first Fog Wall of the lower area after draining
In the shadow of the stairs in the first shallow area
On the roof of the ghost house
Just before the Fog Gate leading to the Abyss, spawn's at the same place as Witch Beatrice
Near the second jarred body holding two transient curses
The Duke's Archives and Crystal Cave
In the shadow of the central stairs in the first main room
On a transparent platform in the Crystal Cave
On a bookshelf in the main room of Duke's Archives
On a transparent platform in the Crystal Cave
Northern Undead Asylum
Just before the Rusted Iron Ring
On the high platform you jump down to the Asylum Demon
Kiln of the First Flame
In the wasteland by the Black Knights
On the narrow walkways
Royal Wood
On the edge of the cliff where the Crystal Lizard is located, near where the Soul of the Proud Knight is located behind the elevator


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    • Anonymous

      06 Feb 2020 09:51  

      i found one in my second playthrough, i think it was red. i also happened to see Bed of Chaos's special meteor move in that same playthrough. sometimes im lucky lol

      • Anonymous

        07 Jan 2020 12:27  

        First time I ran into one was the catacombs. It was fucjujg around on the drop off by the bridge, and when I was halfway across that boi sniped my ass with his*****ty white homing mass

        • Anonymous

          14 Sep 2019 08:23  

          I am so annoyed that it seems that the first one I see of these was probably because my friend was goofing off in the archives and died accidentally. And then it came to my world to nearly killed me.

          • Anonymous

            11 Sep 2019 06:25  

            I would have never discovered these monsters without the 'prepare to die again' mod. The second part of Anor Londo are invaded by these fu..ers in this mod. Their ranged attack is not only overpowerful, they are also auto-guided, meaning you will need to either hide to escape it, or being very good with dodging things like that

            • Anonymous

              28 May 2019 05:36  

              One day i saw a video about the most rare enemies in ds, i met the vagrants and their existence and that same day i saw 2 of those, i was like, arent these the most rare enemy in the game? I havent seen one since that day

              • Anonymous

                28 May 2019 05:29  

                The first time i saw one i was in anor londo, i was dying to those knights outside the castle, the archers, i was mad and runnin as fast as posible but then i was shocked that a thing i have never seen was there and got scared cause i didnt know what it do so, well i tried roll and dont get hit by the unknow creature and i died from the fall

                • Anonymous

                  21 May 2019 00:08  

                  I saw one of the red ones on my first play through in ash lake, I didn’t know whether it was a good or evil one because it disappeared as soon as I saw it

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Mar 2019 11:05  

                    First time i saw one of these was on my third or fourth play through, I was at the incline in anor londo where the silver knights shoot their great bows at you. and as im hauling a** up the incline, there it was... right before i got to the top. Took me complety by suprise and cucked me. little to be said, I was shot off the side by a great arrow...... I have much resentment for these.....Things

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Jan 2019 21:45  

                      Just saw one of these in the area before bed of chaos with all the statue demons, it was up above the first part, where you have to go past the chaos eater and go on roots to backtrack above.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Jan 2019 01:59  

                        If you’re playing offline because you don’t want to pay for Nintendo Switch Online, will these appear from my own bloodstains with considerable humanity?

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Dec 2018 20:19  

                          I've been playing this game for years and todrvwa my first encounter. Came at me while I was resting at a bonfire!

                          • 05 Sep 2018 00:01  

                            I just encountered many of these cute buggers in Chasm of the Abyss DLC. They spawn just before the Sorceress over a ledge. I even saw the following one in the distance; hit it with a Dragonslayer arrow, that took half its health, and it dropped from the ledge where it was waiting...

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Aug 2018 17:04  

                              Played this game several times when it first came out and never encountered these or knew they existed, then I see both the Good Vagrant and the Bad Vagrant on my first Remastered play through and it was such a pleasant surprise. I thought I knew everything I could find in this game and these really threw me off my game, I love this whole concept.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Aug 2018 15:33  

                                So this means that I can make little baby vagrants for other players by dropping multiple random items in various places?

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