Twinkling Titanite

This weapon-reinforcing titanite is imbued with a particularly powerful energy.
Reinforces weapons that cannot be reinforced normally to +5.
After this titanite was peeled from its Slab, it is said that it received a special power, but its specific nature is not clear

  Twinkling Titanite is an Ore in Dark Souls.


Twinkling Titanite Usage

  • Upgrades items that cannot normally be upgraded (Unique to +5).
    Ten total required for max upgrade.



Twinkling Titanite Location


Farming Tip

Giant Clam: Equip the Gold Covetous Serpent Ring and gather lots of humanity if you wish. Rest at the bonfire near the beginning of Ash Lake. Upon defeating the first two clams you see, use Homeward Bones or the Homeward miracle to quickly respawn them. Repeat as much as you like. If the clams are too tough for you an ultra greatsword or similar weapon with high damage can infinitely stun the clams when timed correctly. These clams are very susceptible to fire. If you have some high powered pyromancies, two shots should take them out. If you simply cannot afford to purchase homeward bone in bulk a trip to the Crystal Cave may be a good idea.

Crystal Cave: After defeating Seath the Scaleless  the bonfire in Crystal Cave  will be unlocked. Allowing for easy farming of the Man-Eater Shell's for Twinkling Titanite. Higher level Pyromancy can take out a Shell in 2 hits. Longer range melee weapons, like great swords, pikes, etc imbued with lightning can stun on hit multiple enemies as well as outrange their attacks,  to facilitate safer, easier farming. 
You can warp to the bonfire in the Crystal Caves, making it much easier to leave and come back to this farming spot.


Since Patch 1.04 and above : Twinkling Titanite can be bought from the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo for 8,000 souls each.


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