Red Titanite Chunk


Titanite chunk for weapon reinforcement. Red titanite has powerful fire energy.
Reinforces fire weapons to +9, and chaos weapons to +4.
With the discovery of chunks in Lordran, the race to locate the Legendary Slabs has begun. But could they be mere myth

Red Titanite Chunk is an Ore in Dark Souls.


Red Titanite Chunk usage


Red Titanite Chunk location




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    • Anonymous

      25 May 2019 12:26  

      "Between Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith: Great-sword Black Knight (guaranteed drop, respawns)." What black knight is this then??

      • Anonymous

        01 Apr 2019 22:01  

        You can farm those on Chaos Bugs, it drops more often than from Burrowing Rockworm and are easier to get to than Chaos Eater. Drop rate doesn't seem to be accurate for this one. Just use bonfire before Centipede Demon, climb the stairs and go to the shortcut to Izalith (Chaos Servant +2 is needed). Low risk and easy farming, only downfall is low amount of souls. I'm playing Remastered version on PS4, latest patch.

        • Anonymous

          16 Oct 2018 06:31  

          It turns out the Black Knight in the Catacombs dropped a white chunk for me. This page contains mis-information.

          • Anonymous

            12 Oct 2018 13:25  

            The Black Knights in undead burg and parish drop regular chunks if I recall correctly, and the black knights in tomb of the giants and darkroot basin drop blue chunks. The axe knight in catacombs drops white chunks. The only ones that drop reds are the two in undead asylum and the GS knight in kiln.

            • Anonymous

              23 Apr 2017 19:46  

              There are also two in the pit in lost izalith with the man eaters and poison

              One is in the pit itself, while the other is on one of the platforms that can be accessed from a staircase in the pit

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