An area similar to Undead Burg in the new DLC, it is only accessible after the Player has defeated Knight Artorias and is full of Oolacile Residents and Oolacile Sorceress'
Though being quite linear, the trick of that map is its high falling range and an enemy placing on hideous places. As the bonfire is close to many shortcuts, and the way to the next one might become a bit long don't be afraid to light it up to 15 or 20 Estus.

Oolacile Township Walkthrough


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Full Oolacile Township Walkthrough


After having defeated Artorias, you will be able to leave the coliseum through the other door. whilst on the right there will be the PvP-Arena-Section called the Battle of Stoicism, on the left there can be found stairs leading to a Soul of a Knight as well as a locked chamber where you will hear some clicking noises. Behind that locked door is Hawkeye Gough. This door is locked until you obtain the Crest Key in the lower sections of the township. So get back to the Arena and head towards the Bonfire. After having rested and lit, you may return to face Ciaran and either hand her over Artorias Soul or kill her to gain her armor and her blades. If you wish to kill her, prepare for toxin, bleed and a possible lack of Estus due to her Lloyds talismans.

Continuing down to the City, you may notice the stairs to your left. After going down, turn around to face the first "friendly" inhabitant of Oolacile: a normal citizen. These little buggers are fast on their attacks, but aren't much of a threat unless they get behind you. After the first meeting, four others await on the next level. pull them by pair for melee tactics. In the pavilion you may see, there is another hole in the ground, marking the lower city shortcut. Go on to the stairs and meet 2 other citizens in limited space and go down again, further.

In a little room on that level, another citizen is hidden behind a corner containing a soul-item. When getting to the next area, things become quite more interesting, as on the limited Platform 2 citizens wait for their fate with the first sorceress accompanying them.Be prepared to block magic attacks on the next platform. The sorceress' have a low cast-rate, but their Damage output can be a pain, so kill it after the first cast if the citizen does not cross you. in a room to the left an item on a corpse is visible, guarded by a citizen behind the left corner.

On the next level, there will be a straight and a right route. take the right one first, circling the building and following the stairs down, killing another citizen. Then jump down and stay on that ledge you dropped on, first, circling that building as well. on one side you will find a Note saying "Let there be Light", where you will have to use either Skull Lantern, Cast Light or the Sunlight Maggot to destroy an illusory wall hiding the Silver Pendant (the pendant makes for an easier visit in Oolacile, as it deflects dark magic cast by the Sorceress' and Manus .

Continue over the planks and head into the room only to be attacked by a sorceress. Kill it, check your health definitely before heading down the stairs as 2 mages will shoot at you in delayed rhythm. Kill them as well to gain your first dark spell in one of the chests ( Dark Orb), get on all the ledges to find an overlooking Mage and earn another carved mask in killing him. return to the wooden floor and head out via he ledge to follow the stairs and cross another plank back to the building you found the Pendant in. you now will be able to get the Item hanging on a corpse and then drop back to the other side. Head up again until you arrive at top and now go straight instead.

A citizen will welcome you on a narrow walkway leading to a tower having a Mimic. If you are in human form, you will also be invaded by Marvelous Chester on your way down the stairs. Either you now try to snipe the sorceress on the left side (looked from the walkway you came from), our you down the Tower and try it from there to make the cross of the following Narrowway easier. If you head down, notice the roof to your left: on its backside a Crystal-Lizard will spawn, so get over and kill it by reloading.

As you arrive at the bottom of the spiral stairs, two citizens (and most likely the sorceress from the other side if not already disposed of) will greet you.

When crossed, head into the building to find yourself just short before the undercity, being dashed by a citizen. Head around the corner and stay to the wall, as another citizen will come from the right. Now go toward the stairs to provoke another citizen to jump down behind you. Kill him, collect the Item then use the break in the handrail to snipe down at a sorceress, killing it hopefully. Perhaps you may draw the attention of some citizens, which would be great, as below another hard to reach sorceress and 5 citizens are waiting.Sometimes, the second sorceress will drop from its balcony - good for ya, kill it. otherwise make clever use of the columns in the room.

After having cleared the lower section of the building, head out of it to the left an go to the tower to activate the lower city shortcut and maybe refill at the bonfire. Then head back, check the near balcony on the right and shoot down a corps to collect Dark Spell (Dark Fog), then get up the stairs at the other side of the room where you re-entered. Head up all the stairs just to meet another citizen before a little forking. head straight there, though only to hit another "light-illusionary-wall" hiding another chest (Red Titanite Chunk) in the room followed. go back to the fork and roll down to the balcony it heads to, finding another citizen in something like a dining room with another Mimic (BEWARE: that's the Crest Key holding chest. be sure to kill it or cleanse it with a talisman. Otherwise you won't be able to face Kalameet). Head through the room with the drop to the stairs and past to another room beyond. Here, drop carefully through the giant hole in the far wall down to the roof area below. Make your way around to the right and up the roof to the other side, for a Twin Humanities and return to below the hole in the wall to drop down again on the path to the shortcut.

Coming to the lower parts after leaving the building, just head right to the other Tower to activate the second shortcut if you haven't already. After doing so, go straight towards the stairs. On them, you will spot 2 sorceress' and a single citizen, but BEWARE: It's a deadly ambush. Either you kill the sorceress by archery/ sorcery, or you try to pull the actually 3 citizens out of that pit, being at high risk of getting stun-locked by the 2 sorceress'. After the citizens have been killed there is a Soul of a Brave Warrior on a corpse in one of the corners where the ambush took place.

Before arriving at the Oolacile Dungeon-Bonfire, a Chained Prisoner will stand in your way, and killing it is optional. If you choose to fight him, try regular or lightning-enchanted weapons, as fire has almost no effect on him. Despite his awkward proportions, he can be quite quick in using some of his attacks and has tough armor against physical damage which will stagger many normal weapon attacks, making this fight a pain. Drops random Chain Set items as well as 1000 Souls (2000 in NG+) and respawns.

Attacks of the Chained Prisoner:
Ram: Lowering his head you will know what comes. dodge to the side or block it as soon as he moves.Medium range
Head bash: Taking his head to the side he will smash it in the opposite direction and maybe return as well. This can take a good portion of your stamina, so beware.Close-range-attack
Stone-Morning-Star: His second arm has a stone on chains and if he takes it back, ready yourself for a smash if you are on medium range. May take down all your stamina, but is easily avoided and a good time to hit that tiny bastard.

Enter the narrow passage behind him, activate the lift and kill the citizen that comes up with it. Maybe light the bonfire once and prepare for the Dark Chasms of the Abyss... (written by Asmodan, Item reconstruction greatly appreciated, will follow otherwise in next Playthrough ) 


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

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      Unfair, terrible level. ***** those dark magic oolacile residents. I hate having to go into that one building to get to kalameet

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