Skull Lantern

30 icon_dmg_cbonus.png 100
0 icon_prot_stab.png 18
75 icon_other_dura.png 60
0 icon_other_weig.png 0.5
Requirements & Bonus
icon_strength.png icon_dexterity.png icon_intelligence.png icon_faith.png









Weapon Type Lantern
Attack Type Strike
Enchantable Yes
Special No

 Skull Lantern of the Catacombs necromancer. Drops from his long beard locks.
This lantern alights the Tomb of the Giants, Nito's light-devouring domain of death.
Also serves as a fire damage strike weapon.


  • A light that is carried in the dark, used like a shield.
  • When used in the Tomb of Giants it will also reveal hidden path-markers in the walls.
  • Also serves as a fire damage strike weapon.
  • Can be traded to Snuggly for a Ring of Fog.


  • Guaranteed drop from the last necromancer killed in the Catacombs.
  • If a previous necromancer drops one, and you do not pick it up, you will NOT get one from the last.
  • Found as a treasure in the Tomb of Giants, in the pit close to the first bonfire.








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    • Anonymous

      02 Sep 2017 10:01  

      Sunlight Maggot is massively better than this . The skull lantern only works when constantly holding block and not while jumping, rolling and sliding while removing you're ability to fight effectively since you can't carry a shield now or block.. not a good idea in a place as treacherous as Tombs with so many fall areas and lethal enemies. It's certainly better than nothing but I'd highly recommend getting the sunlight Maggot first which makes tombs so much easier!!

      • Anonymous

        Didn't drop01 Apr 2016 15:33  

        None of the necromancers stored the skull lantern including the last one. None of the other wiki's list it as being guaranteed to drop from the last one so I don't think that it is.

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