Snuggly (Warm and Fuzzy) is located in the Northern Undead Asylum and will trade items with you.
To trade, drop the item you are offering, then quit your game and reload. When you come back, your reward will be in the nest.

Note: You do not have to save and quit the game to trade items (Xbox One you do) . Simply jumping off the edge to your death and then re-spawning at the bonfire will have the same effect.You can also use a Homeward Bone or equivalent . As long as your game has to go through a loading screen, Snuggly will have your exchanged item.

  • This barter merchant is located in the Northern Undead Asylum, he is accessible the moment you beat the first boss of the game (not many people have something to trade at this point in NG, though).
  • After stepping out from the large crow's nest and facing towards the Asylum, Snuggly's small nest is located a bit downwards and to the left (before the torch Hollows).
  • Once you trade an item, you cannot trade the same item again on the same playthrough.
  • Dropping more than one of an item and trading it away will result in the loss of all the excess items, without any additional gain. Only drop one item at a time.
  • If you drop an invalid item inside the nest Snuggly will tell you if she doesn't want it, either saying she has enough if you already traded that item or that the item isn't soft and warm if she doesn't want it at all. If she says nothing (and you dropped the item in the correct location) she will carry out the conversion as soon as you leave the area.
  • It is important to drop the item into the nest. It will be gone if you drop it in front of it.
  • For the Pyromancy Flame trades, Snuggly will only accept flames without any additional upgrades (+1, +2, etc).
  • Upgrade the Pyromancy Flame to +15, then ascend it from the Blighttown swamp NPC to the higher level Pyromancy Flame (can be upgraded to +5 eventually), trade this ascended version with Snuggly will gain a Red Titanite Slab.


Before patch 1.05 you could trade items with Snuggly infinitely or so as long as you had the item to trade (do not try it now).

  1. Place the item you want to trade in the nest.
  2. Quit and reload (or die, but that's slower).
  3. BEFORE you pick up the item Snuggly gives you, drop another (identical) item, if you change the item type, you wont be able to trade that one again until next play through.
  4. Now pick up the item she gave you.
  5. Repeat (OR if you want to stop trading, pick up the item you just placed so you can continue at another time)
  • This exploit has been corrected in patch 1.05. If you try to trade ANY item already traded at any point in the past (per play through), it will simply disappear. Snuggly will then no longer accept the item for further trades. (It has been confirmed that patch 1.05 has removed the infinite trading with Snuggly)
  • If you are trading for twinkling titanite and run out of the moss clumps you are trading, you can just leave the last traded titanite there and continue at a later time.


    • Anonymous

      21 Jan 2018 18:08  

      in darksouls prepare to die edition snuggly is not trading with me , but when i put weapons he\she says no no not soft not warm
      what should i do?

      • Anonymous

        05 Feb 2017 00:26  

        Dropped single, valid item in the center of the nest. Quit game, reloaded. No item for me to pick up. Tried again in a slightly different location (in the nest). Still nothing, and now I'm out of those items. Not happy about it.

        Don't quit the game to reload unless you want to lose your items for nothing.

        • Anonymous

          10 Dec 2016 10:31  

          "(or die, but that's slower)"

          LMAO in what universe? By the time you suffer through all the logos and log in and cloud save prompts you'll have done 2-3 trades already

          • Anonymous

            16 Nov 2016 19:27  

            Just a small note.

            Snuggly was an NPC in Demon's Souls. The name carried over when a popular player from the time accidentally called him so.

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