Soul of Manus

Soul of Manus

Soul of Manus, Father of the Abyss. This extraordinary soul is a viscous, lukewarm lump of gentile humanity.
Ancient Manus was clearly once human. But he became the Father of the Abyss after his humanity went wild, eternally seeking his precious broken pendant

  Soul of Manus is a Soul in Dark Souls.

Soul of Manus Usage

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  • "Manu" is a Hindu concept which refers to the archetypical man, and progenitor of humanity (like the Biblical Adam).
  • "Manus" is the also Latin word for "hand".
  • "Manes" in Roman religion, refers to the souls of the departed, particularly those who were morally ambiguous.
  • In DS2, The Abyss brought forth Nashandra, Elana, Nadalia and Alsanna. They are the grandchildren of Manus.
  • Manus may have been repeatedly referenced by the details on Bloodborne's Beasts (read more)






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