Creating your own PvP build is primarily about stats, equipment and spells. The variety encourages you to try different styles.

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PvP Builds

Build NameCreator (Wiki Username)Primary StatsDescriptionExpertise
SL 58 PvP 40 VIT 40 END
Ring of Favor and Protection
Lightning Base Damage
No Scalings
RelaxmannVIT, ENDClass: Bandit
Starting SL: 4
SLs to invest: 28 SLs into VIT and 26 SLs END = 40 of both
Final SL: 58
Weapon: Lightning Reinforced Club or Lightning Battle Axe (both weight of 4.0)
Shield: Grass Crest Shield (weight of 3.0)
Ring 1: Ring of Favor and Protection (core for the build)
Ring 2: Dark Wood Grain Ring (exchangeable)
Remaining weight for armor freedom while staying in the Fast Roll: 17.0
Optional for more useable weapons and shields: Get STR up to 15 and Dex up to 10 to fight with the Lightning Guardian Tail (weight of 5.0). STR up to 16 to wear the Eagle Shield (weight of 6.0). DEX up to 11 to use the Target Shield (weight of 3.0). DEX up to 14 to use the Lightning Whip (weight of 1.5). DEX up to 16 to use the Lightning Notch Whip (weight of 2.0).
Optional for the case, that you want to use Mid Roll: Do not use the Dark Wood Grain Ring, since you won't get the special Flip Roll. Hornet Ring + Target Shield is an option. However, do not use Whips with Target Shield + Hornet Ring, since Whips cannot make use of the special parry animation + increased Crit Dmg. Other ring options are the Cloranthy Ring and other rings you might find use in. Do not exchange Ring of Favor and Protection, since it is a core part of the 40 VIT / 40 END build.
The Hunter (best if summoned)Goddamus4LifeVIT, END, DEX, STRLV 120 - 150
Starting class Bandit. Vit 50, Atn 14, End 45 - 60, Str 32, Dex 45, Res 11, Int 8, Fth 12
Rh1: Choas Blade +5, RH2: Black knight Sword +5, LH1: Talisman, LH2: Grass Crest Sheild (+10 optional)
Paladin armor +5, Gargoyle Helm +5, Wanderer Manchette +10, Elite Knight Leggings +10, Ring of Favor and Protection, Havels Ring, Asended Flame +5. Great combustition and heal.
Oroboro Stun-Lock (Falchion)Nman489DEX END FAITHGet Yourself a +15 Falchion and a medium armor of your choice, (I'd suggest elite knight for the well rounded resistance) Get Darkmoon Blade and Sunlight blade attuned and get a talisman in the left hand. You can use Power Within as well, though the DOT may get you killed. Then two hand that Falchion and keep them stun-locked. In terms of rings, Grab a Fap Ring and Wolf or Hornet ring depending on your preference.Moderate
SerynaDarkAthanasyVitality, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, IntelligenceSome gods have trembled at the Dark; others have fallen to it. But a human has understood it. Has found in it serenity. Of her ... has become the Dark Lord.Advanced
Anti Sorcery/Miracle/Buffs Paladin - SL125ArchbyFAITH, VIT, ENDCast Great Magic Barrier at the begining of the duel and use Gravelord Greatsword Dance to finish off your opponent.
The Divine Flamberge is for dead-angling and anti-turtle/gank.
Fast Rolling Greatsword SL120Marksman VisionVIT,END,STRBe able to move quickly, but still be able to attack hard! Stats: 62 VIT, 58 END and 32 STR. Armor: Thief Mask, Black Iron Armor, Gold Hemmed Gloves, Golem Leggings. Rings: Fap Ring and Havel's. Weapons: Greatsword(obviously) Balder Shield.Moderate
Dexbro SL100JimmDEX, VIT, ENDSolid build to have some fun in PVP with dexterity weapons.
40 DEX, 40 END, 16 STR and 48 VIT. Uchigatana +15 / Furysword +5. Mask of the Child/Armor of the Sun/Iron Leggings/Leo Ring and Ring of Favor&Protection. (video demonstration)
Guardian of the Abyss ChaoticTheory57VIT, DEXDefend the Abyss for life with your Abyss Greatsword!Moderate/Advanced
The Dark Caster(UPDATED)KnightLuxxyINT, DEXControl the darkness to crush the enemy!Advanced
Darkmoon SlayerKnightLuxxyDEX, Faith, END.A powerful sword and magic wielder, using Dexterity and strong Pyromacies to cut down your opponent!Moderate/Advanced
Demetrius-The Knight of The Abysschaos4ever181Endurance, IN,STR,Faith,DEX,Attunment, PoiseSuccessor of Artorias, Demetrius is a proud knight with an unbreakable will and body of steel. He is unmatched with the blade, shield, and armor of his precursor. Though he prefers to fight in close quarters, he has mastered the power of The Dark Soul, able to cast humanity, black flames and dark orbs at unfortunate foes. He is also in touch with his inner flame, able to cast some powerful pyromancies. Invaders and sinners beware, Demetrius is hunting you down!Moderate/Advanced
Sunlight Samurai (updated for item nerfs)Bleed4Vitality, EnduranceWith this pvp build you will have a blast invading others, and be able to defend yourself from invaders!Moderate/Advanced
Moonlight Mage
Vance_DukeIntelligence, Vitality, Attunement, EnduranceThe best of the best sorcerers. Uses advanced magic along with the Moonlight Greatsword to wreak havoc on their enemies. What makes this build unique is its ability to adapt to every situation with decent protection and can be a pure sorcerer the first second and a gruesome warrior the next.Advanced
NightmareEarthScraperStrength, Vitality, EnduranceBored of his own world, Nightmare comes to Lordran to hunt for souls.Beginner/Moderate
Necromancer CosPvPMilesthesageVitality, Strength, Dexterity, EnduranceCosplay idea based off of the Necromancer from the game, Castle Crashers and using the pyromancy Undead RapportModerate/Advanced
SL125 Highland ClericKietunesFaith, Vitality, EnduranceMelee Heavy Claymore-wielding Darkmoon Blade with Miracle backupAdvanced
The Executioner

Brick Wall Samurai

Strength, Vitality, Endurance

This build is a very intimadating sight to see.

This build has very high poise that uses a 2 handed lightning washing pole. This character cannot be knocked down. Unless back stabbed.

Lifehunt GuardianGopher_PileDexterity, Vitality, EnduranceSL120 Huge damage output with use of Power Within and Lifehunt ScytheModerate
Quelaag's Pyromancer (SL 10)666Daos666Dexterity and StrengthA Pyromancer who can get kill with the Spells, or with Quelaag's Furysword.
It's Expert, because you have very Low Life and Poise. 1 Spell and you can Die, or 1 Stunlock.... But if you can dodge/parry than you are a Badass Pro!
Crouching Kitten, Hidden Hippogeneral_stickVitality, Endurance, FaithSL131 Faith buffing melee build for people too lazy to block and for those that wants to trade blows and win... like a BOSS.Advanced
SL 125 Holy KnightEvoxFrostVitality, Endurance, and FaithA melee based higher soul level pvp build that employs miracles to assist in combat.Expert
Pyromaniac Build

Giant PyroNinja Sl 238


Fun times with pyromancies and katanas!

Giant Armor +5, Chaos Blade +5, Crown of Dusk, Pyromancy Flame +5, Crest Shield +5, Bellowing Dragon Crest ring, Ring of steel protection.
Vit-80, Att-34, End-80, Str-16, Dex-80.. Pyromancys: Black Flame, Great Combustion, and Fire temptest.
Crown of Dusk - grants 20% extra damage for pyromancy, Bellowing Dragoncrest ring - Grants 20% extra damage for pyromancy, Pyromancy Flame w/ flame maxed to +5 (glove) - gives 230 MagAdjust. Combine all of these and you have maxed out how much damage your pyromancy damage can inflict.
Basic Motor Skills

Builds by ImSoSoBAPEBapeMultipleOne page for all of my buildsBeginner - Expert updated 9/13/12
Occult Uchigatana BuildDSxCallOfBootyVitality/Endurance/FaithOccult Uchigatana Build with good defense and [[#|mobility]]. Well rounded capabilities. SL 120. Patch 1.05.Beginner/Intermediate
Lifehunt Build
Chaos Build
MrHazardVitality/DexLifehunt Scythe build with good damage. Effective against Tanks.
Chaos Blade build with high damage. Uses Red Tearstone/Power Within.
Quicky the MagicianSwiftiezInt/Dex[[#|Spell caster]] with a back up rapier. Very effective.Advanced
Moonlight Sorcerer
The Demon
Dual-Wield Assassin
The 8-Vitality Build
OurselfFaith / Dex
Vitality / Str / Dex
Vitality / Dex / Faith
Broken; Ricard's Rapier with DMB, Leo & Hornets.
Very powerful spells combined with spears
Fun build; demon's spear with gravelord sword.
The most challenging melee build in the game
The most challenging caster build in the game
Rhea Thorolund Pseudo-Cos-Play Faith CasterCeredironFaith/DexMiracle caster with dex for faster casts and utilizing Sunlight Blade with Balder Side SwordReally depends... Are you gonna fight fair or spam WoTG?
Zach's Dex Build
The Burning Reaper
Caster Variant
Non-TWoP Caster Variant
Dexterity (Caster Variants)
High mobilty build that utilizes Chaos Blade and the Red Tearstone ring combined with High damage weapons.
High durability versatile SL 125 Build that uses 45 Dex fast cast Pyromancy/Miracles and a Darkmoon/Sunlight Blade enchanted +15 Great Scythe to rape people.
Caster variant has higher defenses/poise/HP and more spell slots and relies more on Pyromancy.
Toxic Mercenary (with video)JolmzyVitality/DexteritySL 120 build using Katanas & Curved Swords while utilizing the art of poison, bleed, and fire.Advanced
Hyper mageslica67Dexterity/Intelligence/EnduranceSL 125 Build utilizing the infamous Moonlight Greatsword, also uses the Red Tearstone ring to boost the damage; pure magic damage. Uses Logan's catalyst and an Ascended flame+5 with 45 Dexterity for increased casting speedExpert
Holy BattlemageInfamouslyFaith and IntSL 125 Build with emphasis on strong magic and useful miracles.Advanced
Rapier Katana Buildshot1608Vit/DexSL 120 rapier and Katana buildAdvanced
The Drak KnightironsidexxVit/End/StrSL 125 Strenght build pvp/pveAdvanced
Enchanted Great Axe BuildironsidexxInt/Str/VitSL 120 A good build for pvp and pve add me on xbox for some pve
thattrue kantus
Swamp WalkerskyttEndurance/VitalityLevel 25 build, bringing in high poison resistance, <25% equip load and the rusted iron ring to terrorize the Blighttown SwampAdvanced
Paladin BuildMlgGamer0Strength/FaithA build that focuses on using big heavy weapons and miracles. Can cosplay Paladin Leeroy.Moderate-Advanced
Dragon King BuildMlgGamer0Strength/VitalityUse the Dragon Torso Stone and Power Within to deal massive damage.Moderate-Advanced
Jaca's Gravelord BuildJacaluck85Dex/EndDual wield and reap the rewardsAdvanced
Crystal Assassin

Bow Me

King Pose
Dexterity & Intelligence

Fast paced timing build, with crystal magic.

Bows. Bows everywhere.

Advanced -Expert
Elite Knight SpearmanSunbro4LifeVitality/ Endurance/ Dexterity/ FaithBuild revolves around using Silver Knight Spear to keep the enemy at range using rapier as a backup for backstabs. Miracle support includes Replenishment and Tranquil Walk of Peace.Intermediate/ Advanced
Xanthous King JeremiahKiwi_CommanderVitality/EnduranceYou have been exiled from your kingdom thanks to the the yellow crown and the curse that it has placed upon you. Now you must return to your homeland and reclaim the throne, but before you do, you must show this world the wrath of the yellow robed king. SL58 PVP Invasion Build. Updated for PTD EditionAdvanced
Lightning God ThundercleesLordgodofhellStrength/FaithPatient Lightning build with KO power and quick speed.Expert
SL 125 Chaos Warrior (Vit Dump)K1llerKatfishVitalityA melee build focused on using non-scaling weapons in order to maximize vitality, while maintaining solid damageIntermediate/Advanced
Support Knight (reposted)ITZYOURFAMILYStrength,Endurance,VitalityTank build better used by white/gold phantoms as great support to summoner. Uses huge weapons to deal massive damage. Can take strong hits and can still manage to survive on his own. While still supporting his/her summonerExpert
Strength BuildKawongaStrength
Nimble, very aggressive and emphasis on dealing a great amount of damage in a very short space of time. Wields a Large Club+15 and Lightning Shotel for backup, and makes use of Crystal sorceries for assistance.That of a dead cow.
Gravelord Of Miasma and Death!
Gwyn Build
SL 120.Play as Nito spreading poison,toxic,and death!!. Use the gravelord sword with the miracle Great Sword Dance. Very Fun Build!
Play as Gwyn,using Claymore with Charcoal Pine Resin, and use Great Combsution for his exploding ability. Very Fun just like my Nito build and yes most of my builds are playing as character's in the game.
Darkmoon AvengerIssac FrostStr/Dex/Faith SplitA build that combines the Murakamo build and the DMB build with SLB and high tier weapons such as Claymore.Intermediate-Advanced.
Mike Tyson PvP BuildWhiplash_x360aStrength and VitalitySL 112. Very advanced build where the player uses the Dragonbone Fists to knock out their opponents.Super Saiyan
Low SL PvP BuildChlorospriteNoneRoughly SL15 PvP build, focusing on taking down higher SL players.Advanced
Noob HunterChucksFistVitalitySL 35 PvP build for those who enjoy teaching the newcomers the hardships of Dark Souls.Intermediate
Versatile Int BuildExorcetIntelligenceSL120 PvP build for those who like spells, but don't want to sacrifice melee ability. Also good for PvE.Intermediate
Lautrec of CarimKiwi_CommanderFaith/DexterityDo you enjoy killing Fire Keepers, bothering other players during their quests, and laughing maniacally? If so, this build is for you.Intermediate/Advanced
Silly Buggers BuildT0biasVariableComedy PVP build.Godlike
Parrying OniondspyzdDex/Vita/EnduranceSL 40 patch 1.05 Riposte/backstab buildIntermediate/Advanced
Hammer Giatb0neStrength/ EnduranceA strength character able to catch up with the quick guys and out damage the melee ones.Intermediate
SL1 DarkwraithNDenizenNoneOptimal use of a Level 1 Pyromancer, and the related PvP playstyle.Advanced
Moonlight SorcererjcspresserIntelligencePure Caster, no Pyro, no Miracles, Moonlight Equipment onlyHighly Advanced
Knight SolaireSunbro4LifeFaith and VitalitySL 125 PVP and co-op build. Intended for role playing as Knight Solaire and some spear throwing.Intermediate/Advanced
Witch of Pain

Dragon Form

Renaissance Mage




Endurance And Intelligence
SL 85 PVP build based on high damage Sorc and Pyro.

A build based around the quick switching of rings

A good sorcerer build for someone who likes quick battles.


Crimson Reaper (with video)Crimson_ReaperHigh Endurance, dexterity or Vitality if you dont like being killed fastThe Main reason behind this class is to make your foes feel helpless an reap their souls well they cant do nothing much about
it an feel the coming Dread as the hand of death comes down upon them.
Not a heavy hitting class but can cause death in about a 2 to 4 hits when people cant avoid your hand of death.
Grey Knight (PvP build)Colangan.The.SlayerFaithA mages nightmare as well as a proficient melee/miracle/pyromancy user.Intermediate-advanced
Throned's CMW Strength BuildThronedVitalitySL-120 Aggressive PVP build using the powerful Crystal Magic Weapons Buff to deal high damage.Intermediate/Advanced
Swordmage PVP BuildexecutedIntelligenceUndisputed melee and powerful spells. Capable of big combos with a greatsword.Intermediate
Divine Warrior BuildWhiplash_x360aStrength, Endurance, and FaithAllows player to use powerful weapons while using medium to heavy armor and Miracles. HIGH LEVEL BUILD.Intermediate/Advanced
PvP PyromancerSberky25EnduranceDarkwaith Covenant PvP Pyromancer.Advanced
SorcererSberky25Strengthvery powerful sorcerer with a great axeIntermediate/advanced
Be wary of FattysecuromVitality and StrengthSL 122 build, with lots of tanking ability and can deal damage while remaining mobile.Intermediate/Advanced
Magic Swordsmen RhedKingStrengthUtilize stat independent items and raw numbers to devastate opponents.Beginner
Light's Faith BuildLight_BringerFaithVersatile, melee mixed with miracles/pyromancy build that can decimate opponents.Intermediate
Multi Playstyles PVP Dex BuildBeasto_OEastDexterityVery versatile build using bow/crossbow, dagger and curved sword(dual wield or 2hand) giving headaches to enemiesIntermediate/Advanced
DarkWraith AssassinThor_XDexterityDarkwraith covenant based assassin type characterIntermediate/Advanced
Inquisitor SL125 (Melee,pyro,miracles)venky999Faith and EnduranceAn expansion of the previous Inquisito build, a high pvp build for the second hotspotIntermediat/Advanced
Obsidian Lord BuildObsidian_LordStrength/EnduranceA SL120 Heavy Armor/Melee build which uses Weapon Powers an Variety to overcome adversityAdvanced
Battle magecracked87IntelligenceA SL 124 melee/sorcery build that has it main focus on Intelligencebeginner/intermediate
Faith CasterZelisiusFaithA SL 125 faith build that is Based around miracle harrassment, but needs Finesse to shine in melee. Miracle order is important!Advance
MoominVoices' Holy BishopMoominVoicesFaith/StrengthA SL 120 hard-hitting Faith and Strength build based around being an antithesis to all sorcery based builds. Inspired by Havel the Bishop.Advanced
Sonho's CWM BuildSonhoDexA SL120-125 Melee build. Great mobility and high damageAdvanced
Holy Death KnightDracoslayerFaithA SL 70 Melee/Miracle/Pyro build Capability to fend off ghosts without Transient CurseIntermediate/Advanced
Zwei handeryogsothoth2099FaithA Sl 120-135 using the best of this large swordAdvanced
B HURB's Faith Build (SL 123)B_HURBFaithSL 121-123...old school Demon's Souls style faith buildBeginner/Intermediate
Divine HammermugenkiraFaith/StrengthSL 125 NG PvE tank, PvP faith/strength that can take a beating and still move well, as well as being able to do tons of damage.Advanced
BloodLion1986's Faith BuildBloodLion1986Faith SL 110 (Max) Faith-melee based build awesome and strong! 
Darkmoon GuerillaChidorahDexteritySL 80 and upIntermediate/Advanced
Nazgulalakazam827IntelligenceSl 120 BAMF Spellsword. HUGE walkthrough, good read for anyone just starting the game or first time trying PvPIntermediate/Advanced
Zwei CleaverFluke89Vitality/StaminaSL 45 to destroy opponentsBeginner/Intermediate
Sunlight SpellswordObsidian_LordFaith/IntelligenceSL120 Sunlight Warrior's Covenant based build that uses Sunlight spells and powerful Sorceries to dominate the arena.Intermediate
Devout AcolyteMagnetic_N0rthFaithSL 115-125 is a caster type faith build with a very good melee strategy. Well rounded build!Intermediate/Advanced
The inhospitable hostBrosirisNone/AllLevel 700+ red/blue phantom invader/farmer, low equipment weight, a rolling, low weight, man/woman with a great axe/sword.Extremely Advanced
Dragon KnightkARM0IntelligenceSL50 and above. Battlemage build.Beginner
Faith - Dex Hybrid (Dragon Form Option now included)Nut-HandFaith/DexteritySL 125 Darkmoon Blade melee build that uses buffed DEX weapons with Strong Occult/Divine backups. One of the most powerful Dexterity builds possible in the SL 125 bracket.Advanced
Secret NinjaRazionDexteritySL 120 DarkwraithIntermediate/Advanced
Holy PaladinNotxMustardFaithSL 120 Strong weapon, High Poise, High Defence, and Great MiraclesBeginner/Intermediate
Multiverse Bladedarkcleric1Str/DexCan use any weapon to max effectiveness. Great for scaring people in pvp.Upper-Advanced
Faith - Strength HybridNut-HandFaith/StrengthSL 120 Darkmoon Blade tank that uses buffed STR weapons and miracle supportAdvanced
Ninja DragonJerkyRobotStr/DexSL 100 + Versatile weapon spec that requires fast moving and skillUpper-Advanced
Chaos PyroxItzEpicAttunement / ResistanceSL50, SL80, and SL120 - three weapon choices. This build focuses on mobility with high defense and very powerful offense.Intermediate/Advanced
Flammeus Anima BladeBrogettenksIntelligenceSL75 PvP. A build that involves the use of sorcery, pyromancy and a melee weapon with scale on intelligence (preferably long-sword claymore)Advanced
Power Within my FistxPatchesTheHyenaEndurance/VitalityThe Build that can get past Turtles and pretty much anyone else to. Learn to Roll, Time your Hits, and Practice without Locking on. This Build will Destroy your Enemies, without the pathetic 1 shot Move. I ONLY Recommend this Build to People Looking for a Build that is Fairplay, not Pyro Sorc Destructionation.Advanced
Halberd Mage (This build has been transformed into a TCC Moonlight Sorcerer)Nut-HandIntelligenceSL 125 PvP. Moonlight Sorcerer that specializes in using the strongest catalyst in the game while wielding the Moonlight Greatsword, Moonlight Butterfly Horn, and Velka's RapierIntermediate / Advanced
Dashing RoguemugenkiraDexteritysl 125 dex master that pushes the limit of a magicless build???
LifehunterLirueilDexSL 117 focusing on well rounded elemental defense and resistances while reaping souls with your Lifehunt ScytheBeginner / Intermediate
Mass VIT Elemental ZweiBlasiuSVitalitySL125 1.05 build that maximizes hp and focuses on using an elemental Zweihander, one of the strongest unbuffed 2H weapons on the game.Beginner
Elemental Hornet TankBlasiuSVitalitySL125 1.05 build that maximizes hp and focuses on using the hornet ring to maximize backstab/riposte damage while maintaining fastest movement speed and 77 poise.Intermediate/Advanced
The SorceFaithertrence_HybridSL 120 patch 1.05Intermediate/advanced
Seath the Scaleless setupPoeticIntellegenceSL 123, you'll be a dragon, you'll know what to doHighly advanced
Strength GMWBlasiuSStrength/VitalitySL 125 1.05 strength build that uses Great Magic WeaponIntermediate
Darkmoon Blade Quality BuildNut-HandHybridSL 125 Quality Build that features the Murakumo and Claymore with the Darkmoon Blade Buff and a Dragonslayer Spear Build.Advanced
Paladin PvP Faith BuildBelabruceFaithSL 120 aimed at Kiln or Anor Londo PvP, dealing high physical, magic and fire damage and medium lightning damage, with huge weapon versatility and great range attacksIntermediate
Darkmoon BattlemageMidgarDexterity/IntelligenceSL 130 This PvP build is something that is purely new. It's built around Dexterity/Int Scaling for your weapon damage that can rival the Darkmoon Blade with Crystal Magic Weapon. The bonus from Dexterity also works great with spells allowing you to cast them faster.Advanced
Chaos Blade BuildKingGraveRobberVit/DexSL125 centered around the use of the Chaos Blade.Advanced/Highly Advanced
PVPee BuildNeo_Malta SL138 buildIntermediate
Disciple of ArtoriasCarphil07Hybrid (Str,Dex,Int,Faith)Build that focus on the Greatsword of Artorias (divine version) Minimum SL required is 147Advanced
Hornet Mage
Paladin Leeroy
SL130+ , Focus' mainly on critical attacks and magic weapons / spells.
SL 120+, Focus on healing and the area affect miracles ( Great Heal, Wrath of the Gods) / using the Grant, Sanctus and Paladin Armor / in the Princess Guard
Advanced/Highly Advanced
DEX PyroswordNut-HandDexterity / AttunementSL 125, Focuses on the art of fire by coating DEX weapons in Charcoal Resin while maximizing the use and casting speed of Pyromancies, This build requires some skill to play and recommended mostly to the more experienced players.Advanced / Highly Advanced
Darkwood hunterSlica67Strength and DexteritySL 120 build, includes the Bastard sword+15 with Red tearstone and the Hornet's ring with even Dexterity and Strength.Advanced / Highly Advanced
Elemental WarrioracboosterFaith, Vitality, and EnduranceSL 60 build, includes almost every effect/type of damage. Occult, Divine, Magic, Poison, Bleed, Lightning, and Fire.Advanced
The Comeback KingjenkmaslerForest PVPSL60 forest hunter with tearstone rings for surprise victoriesIntermediate
Paladin TankThagroshVit/End/Faith UtilitarianSL210+ Warrior harnessing magic and lightning damage Effective against most anything.Advanced
The ReaperIm_madnessDex End VitSL 121 bleed dealing reaper very useful against those with high VIT.advanced
Random Build
NotTangDex End Vit Str
SL 115 really mobil and flexible on weapon choise.
High damage
GravecheeselordhatingahatInt Vit End AttSL 124, High damage, Great spell choices, huge cheese potentialBeginner/intermediate to play the build
Intermediate/Advance to get the build
Leo Tearstone Greatsword AKA DaPope BuildDaPopeStrength Dex Endurance Vitality SL 125, Extremely high damage (kills most players in 2-3 hits, sometimes 1, EXTREMELY dangerous when below 30% health), Choose Warrior Class, STR 30 DEX 35 VIT 44 END 59, Use Leo Ring and Red Tearstone Ring, Throw on a Charcoal or Gold Pine Resin for extra damage, Equipment: Hollow Thief's Hood, Chain Armor, Black Sorcerer Gauntlets, Hollow Soldier WaistclothModerate
Sl 10 invasion specialistHavel-The-Rock69NoneBuild geared to being able to invade just about anyone, way more versatile and fun than a sl1 pyromancer, foucusing on parrying and backstabbing of course, use situational sorceries to get that surprise one hit backstab kill on the host with two phantoms. Excellent for frustrating people.Masterful
Blight AssassinSwashyDexteritySL30 Upper Blightton invasion build for stealthy tactics with a fast assassin.Advanced
Rooftop DefenderSwashyVit/EndSL50 build for themed Sen's Fortress Rooftop invasions. Works well in Anor Londo as well.Intermediate
Infested BarbarianSwashyStrengthSL25 Infested Barbarian RP build for Upper Blighttown invasions.Intermediate
MiasmaMagnetic NorthFaithA melee based faith build. SL80-120 
Pyro Warriorshot1608str/vitSL 125 build that focus on str/end/vitAdvanced
lvl 100 ClericCyberFaith/VitBread and butter cleric build at level 100 with high poise. Sure to get those claymore combo's off ;)Intermediate
Shinigami BuildOcuriaDexteritySl 125 build make for use all the potential of youre great scythe.Highly advanced
Dark sorcererStefne (gibz72)IntelligenceSL 118 build make for fans of the new spell of AotAIntermediate
SL 3 Darkwraith; roleplaying Lautrec of CarimYan of Astora (lautrec_of_carim)noneSL 3 darkwraith build and optional Lautrec of Carim roleplaying. Optimal use of SL 3 wanderer ( starting character ). Melee only, heavily relied on parries and rolling, no shield ;(. Probably one of the easiest low-level melee darkwraiths build. Ability to invade anyone anywhere.Advanced
magical pantless warriorhadeskagemushaVit/End/IntSL 125 versatile build focused on attack with heavy damage/stunlock ultragreatsword, or defense with shield and greatsword, magic, fast roll but low defenseadvanced
xtreme dex builddarkbladesend/vit/dexsl 130 dex build pure physical no magicbeginer
Proud SwordOcuriaDex/ FaithSL 125. Deal a lot of damages whitout equip heavy weapon by using Balder Side Sword and Darkmoon Buff. Whit that build, you will punish every guilty. 
Adaptive DarkwraithDrake756Vit/End/DexSL 50-80; A versatile medium-armor 
Curved BlueGravelordQuadeVit/End/DexSL 120; Wanderer; Break Poise, Keep Poise.Advanced
Proud SwordOcuriaDex/ FaithSL 125. Deal a lot of damages whitout equip heavy weapon by using Balder Side Sword and Darkmoon Buff. Whit that build, you will punish every guilty.Intermediate
Standard PvP BuildLeCrescentMoonSL81+A standard build that uses elemental weapons,
great for starters.
Darkmoon Knightess Cosplay BuildHugstheMarshmalo125 - PVP meta buildMakes good use of buffs and powerful faith weaponsAdvanced
Powerwraith KlyXVitalitySL 34. An extremely powerful PvP build for low level invasions focused on maximizing damage, health and defenses
along with fastest movespeed

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