Gravelord of Death and Miasma! (PATCH 1.05, First Build I ever Made)

SL:120 PSN: Rdelekiller_09


Starting class: Warrior
  • Vitality - 40
  • Attunement - 16
  • Endurance - 40
  • Strength - 40
  • Dexterity - 30
  • Resistance - *
  • Intelligence - 16
  • Faith - *
*indicates base starting value


RH1: Gravelord Sword +5
RH2: Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5
LH1: Lightning Bonewheel Shield +5 (Gives it that Nito skeleton look)
LH2: Velka's Talisman (Boosts Gravelord Greatsword Dance)

  • Helmet - Dark Mask +5
  • Armor - Dark Armor +5
  • Hands - Gold Hemmed Black Gloves
  • Legs - Gold Hemmed Black Skirt
This gives you a gravelord reaper and Nito look and provides good defense.

  • Wolf Ring/Dark Wood Grain Ring (Your Choice. Wolf Ring for more poise because of the slow attacks.)
  • Ring Of Favor and Protection

  • Poison Mist - Of course you are Gravelord of MIASMA so that explains Poison Mist :). Provides good harassment
  • Toxic Mist - Same thing, you're Gravelord of MIASMA so that explains Toxic Mist. Provides good harassment
  • Gravelord Sword Dance - You should know why.
  • Gravelord Greatsword Dance- You should know why.

First of all play some footsies with your opponent if they are casting spells use your surroundings like a pillar to keep from the projectile to getting to you and while your behind it cast a poison mist or toxic mist (i prefer poison) so it'll it give you some zone and will allow your opponent to not get close to you. If your opponent is wielding a dagger, straight sword,curved sword, katana, or a piercing sword then you'll be able to stun lock them, because you have 62 poise enough to buypass about 2 hits or more of the sword and while they are attacking you, you will have enough time to attack with the sword without getting staggered and able to stunlock them but becareful with people who have high poise too. If your opponent has a heavy,slow attacking weapon, then try to harass them with your spells then once enough harassment then try to go for a backstab or atleast attacking them, but if you run out of spells then try harassing with your weapon, but very risky. This build is for fun!! ^__^

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