This is my second role playing build for Dark Souls, this time it's for Xanthous King Jeremiah as he is one of the most misunderstood characters in the whole game.
This is a advanced PVP build which uses the Notched Whip and Pyromancy as it's main weapons to deal damage quickly and effectively. This is my second PVP build and I decided to make this one a PVP Invasion build, this is why you will cap out at SL 60. Capping at this level should give your character plenty of invasions in Anor Londo, the Painted World, New Londo, and Demon Ruins. My current build is capped at level 58 as I like to have both VIT and END at 30 :P
NPC King Jeremiah uses only Chaos Pyromancies, I would not recommend using only Chaos Pyromancies as it will make the build less competitive; instead stick with the tried and true methods of PVP Pyromancy

Updated for with Prepare to Die edition.

Sex: Male
Starting Class: Pyromancer
Starting Gift: You may choose any gift, I usually go with the Master Key

Stats at Level 58:
VIT: 30
ATU: 19 (5 Attunement Slots)
END: 30
STR: 16
DEX: 16
RES: 12
INT: 10
FAI: 8

Xanthous Crown +5
Xanthous Overcoat +5
Xanthous Gloves +5
Xanthous Waistcloth +5

Right Hand 1: Fire or Chaos Notched Whip +10
Right Hand 2: Lightning Flamberge +5 or Lightning Balder Side Sword +5 or Chaos Balder Side Sword +5
Left Hand 1: Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5
Left Hand 2: Grass Crest Shield +15, you may leave GCS at +14 if you don't want to use a slab on it.

Prepare to Die Edition Update: If you don't want to use a Flamberge, I recommend using a Balder Side Sword instead and either upgrade as a Lightning or Chaos Weapon.

Set 1: Havel's Ring and Hornet Ring / Wolf Ring /Ring of Favor and Protection
Set 2: Ring of Favor and Protection and Wolf Ring

Fire Whip, Great Combustion, Great Fireball, Great Chaos Fireball

You may also use Chaos Fire Whip, Fire Storm, or Fire Tempest. However, I would not recommend using any "Storm" spells as they take very long to cast at these levels

1. Chaos Servant until you rank up to +2 so you can get the Great Chaos Fireball and the shortcut to Lost Izalith
2. Darkwraith after you open the shortcut to Lost Izalith

Where to start?
Well, this build is very easy to start with, first thing you need to do is go kill the Stray Demon for the Titanite Slab. Now you can start increasing both VIT and END as these will be your main stats; once you reach around either 20 VIT or 20 END, put your STR to 16 and DEX to 16. This will allow you to handle strong weapons like the claymore early in the game; once you have opened Sen's Fortress try to farm the Serpent Guards for a Flamberge, you may also join the Forest Hunter Covenant and buy them off Shiva. Once you have a couple of Flamberges, go ahead and kill Shiva's bodyguard for the Darkwood Grain Ring.
Now you can proceed to Anor Londo; here do a lot of coop against Smough and Ornstein so you can get plenty of souls to level up your Pyromancy Flame. This should also help you get enough humanity to join the Chaos Servant Covenant and increase your rank to +2 for the Great Chaos Fireball spell. Also start buying as many Pyromancy Spells from Quelana as soon as you can and have her ascend your Pyromancy Flame to +5. After retrieving the Lord Vessel, DO NOT TALK TO FRAMPT. If you do, then you will not be able to join the Darkwraith Covenant.
At this point you should have plenty of souls so go ahead and start forging your weapons. Get your Flamberge to Lightning +5 so you can go into the Painted World. Enter the Painted World, defeat King Jeremiah NPC Invasion and proceed towards Priscilla. I left her alone because we all know Jeremiah loves Priscilla, now pick up the Xanthous set before leaving the Painted World. Congrats, so now you have the whole Xanthous set, the Notched Whip, and some more Pyromancy Spells. You should have plenty of souls to increase your VIT to 30, ATU to 19, and END to 30. Now go to the New Londo Ruins and defeat the Four Kings, you can also farm the Darkwraiths for your second Titanite Slab. Once you get your second Titanite Slab, forge your Grass Crest Shield +15.
Now that you have defeated the Four Kings, present the Lord Vessel to Kaathe. DO NOT JOIN the Darkwraith Covenant at this time Head to the Demon Ruins and open the shortcut to Lost Izalith, kill the Titanite Demon and head towards the chest containing the Red Titanite Slab. Once you have the Red Titanite Slab, return to the Abyss. Go ahead and enter the Darkwraith Covenant, offer Kaathe 10 Humanity to get to the +1 rank within the covenant to receive the Red Eye Orb.
Finally, finish forging your Fire Notched Whip +10, Lightning Flamberge +5, Grass Crest Shield +15, and Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5.
Congrats, now you are the Yellow Robed King, now go ahead and make people's lives miserable!

Very fun and very competitive PVP build for this souls level, your main strategy will be to invade players. When invading make sure you have the Pyromancy Flame and the Notched Whip equipped. This will allow you to hide your true intentions with the Flamberge. The whole strategy with this build is to harass your opponent with the Notched Whip and when there is an opening take the kill shot with the Flamberge. If the opponent gets to close, go ahead and use your pyromancies to keep them away.
I have found that switching between the Notched Whip and the Flamberge is very effective as your opponent will not be able to figure out which weapon you are using at a certain time and how to counter them effectively. The bleed effect on these weapons takes away the momentum of the fight from your opponent, as they will be worried about the bleed status bar and make mistakes that you can exploit such as:

1. Swinging and missing with a large two handed weapon. This will leave your opponent exposed for a game winning back stab
2. Casting a spell like Homing Soul Mass. At this level that spell takes an awfully long time to cast so go ahead and rush in. When you are close, ninja flip behind them and go for a back stab. If done correctly, they should still be casting the spell
3. If you see an opponent carrying a parrying dagger, simply change your weapon to the Notched Whip. This weapon cannot be parried, so go ahead and get some free damage

All your weapons have bleed build up status, so feel free to swing a bit against your opponents shield to get some bleed build up and have them on their heels. If your opponent is hiding under a shield, simply two hand your Flamberge and swing, two hits will break their guard and provide you enough bleed build up to last for a while. Not to mention you will have enough endurance for a third hit while they are staggered.
Finally, don't be afraid to use your Pyromancies! If an opponent gets close, let them have a taste of a Great Combustion spell. If they more around, throw a Fire Orb or Chaos Fire Orb; if they are mid distance use your Fire Whip. Don't be afraid to use them, these are powerful tools in the Xanthous tool box.

Prepare to Die Edition Updates: PVP for this build did not change much considering you are still able to use your Lightning Flamberge. The key for this build to be successful in PTDE PVP is quick roll, you want to be able to roll quickly as the new Pursuers sorcery wreaks havoc on non-faith builds.

Let me know what you think about this build by posting on the Forums, sending me a message through the wiki, or sending me a message to my PSN account: Kiwi_Commander

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