Dark Master
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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by Blaine.

You, you are, or rather I am. You're likely some guy/gal who is browsing the wiki or your even some hotshot who beat the game, maybe more then once and now thinks you're bad, bad enough to make this famously difficult game your female dog. But are you as good as me? No, of course not don't be ridicules, but fortunately for you I've written this guide. Read it, follow it, love it and maybe, someday you can land a hit against me in PvP before getting reduced to a fine paste.

  • Build Name: Dark Master
  • Build Level:
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stats:
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Build Equipment

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  • Left Hand:
  • Head:
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  • Legs:
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Build Strategy

Jo Gamer: No Really?

A Dark Master is the build I came up with after doing the math (yes dirty numbers) and testing what works… a lot, a whole lot, maybe too much. 

Stupidly Durable 
Scary Fast 
Obscenely Deadly at Short Range 

You can't rely on the lock on for accuracy 
Offers no defense against gravity 
The expansion patch nerfed it(that's how you know I'm awesome) 

Why a Dark Master ?

1) The Dark Side is Quicker 
This is a concentrated focus, by level 50 you‘ll be able to go toe to toe with someone at level seventy-five, by level seventy five you won't be able to remember the last time an enemy killed you. Nothing snowballs like this build, by end game you'll be a virtual god. 
2) Raw Survivability 
This build is built, you'll survive crap you didn't even think you could, using equipment that usually gathers dust and stats that are frequently ignored to do it. 
3) Unstoppable 
Because this game fought you for every inch and it's time for some pay back. 

Jo Gamer: What was that about locking on and gravity?

The lock on can be dodgy, it can also cause the camera to whip around wildly, get logged at an uncomfortable angle, make it hard to keep track of your surroundings and most importantly it target the center of an enemy which can make you miss. Spears and Rapiers make this worse, very small enemies and big enemies excel at making the lock on useless, but here's the thing even using a weapon with a sweeping swing the lock on can screw you over, you have to learn when to use it and when to go in commando. As for the second part, you'll die from falling at the same rate with this build than you will with any other, you'll just have to get use to the platforming mechanics. 

Jo Gamer: What about a Spell Warrior?

A spell warrior trades a lot for her/his survivability for killing power, too much for it to be viable in PvP or survive direct hit‘s from some of the games nastier foes. It has teeth, but you want fangs, big ones and you want them on your tank, because that's were fangs belong on a tank made of awesomeite . 

Jo Gamer: Does this mean I won't die?

Can you fly? No… then can you rewind time? No again, than yes you will die, this game is designed to be balls to the wall hard. Even I die and as Science has already established, I'm the dogs bollox. 

Getting Started

To begin, select the Pyromancer class and name it Alice, 

Jo Gamer: Why Alice?

Start up an old save file and see how long it takes you to find something that reminds you of “Through the Looking Glass” 

… wow, back already? Good let' s keep going… 

The Pyro has the most starting Resistance (technically a tie, but I hate technicals), cheap leveling, the best starting armor(yes really) and fireballs, a lot of things will be set alight. For the Gift I would recommend the Master Key, With it you can kill Havel for his ring while it‘s still useful. 

The Basics: Fire, Lightning and Brass

This build will having you using Stats for defense (Endurance, Vitality and Resistance) and items for offense (Pyromancer's Flame, Humanity, w/Lightning and Chaos weapons). This will ensure that even at low levels you'll be able to take a beating and that your weapons require nothing from you to be effective. 

Stat/Item Management 

First Thing: Prep Work

Get your Str to 24 and your Dex to 10, you'll need it later. 

Primary Stat Focus: Endurance

Endurance, really? Yes really. This keeps you moving in heavy armor and the heavy armors are ungodly useful in this game, more than even I could have believed before testing this. 
Keep Pumping Endurance until you get to 71. After that you should be able to flip around in your armor with no problems and never worry about bleeding again. So you should level… 

Secondary Stat Focus: Vitality and Resistance

I know, I know, Resistance sucks too, except that it doesn't. Even wearing the best armor some attacks will devastate your heath bar, every point in resistance is like enhancing your armor with rhino blood and it will keep you alive and you Flask from emptying. I balance these down the middle (one point Vit, next point Res, repeat), but depending on what your doing more of you may want more of one than the other. In PvE Resistance can reduce your damage by 1 or 1%(whatever is less) per point placed into it, but that bonus doesn't work in PvP, all you get is the standard double defense per level(still awesome). So you may want to spend more in Vit if your building for PvP. 

Final Stat Focus: Humanity(doesn‘t need Leveling)

Chaos weapons give you high stat power without high stats, more importantly it's easy to come by as their found everywhere. If your running low make your way to the sewer and skewer some rats. Use the serpent ring and what ever humanity you have to help you along. 

Other Stats: Putting points into anything else will weaken your defenses, but if you like… 

Attunement: It might be worth upping if you find yourself running out of spells with great frequency... Which means your missing with great frequency, so learn to aim better. 

Strength: Forget it, 24 is enough. 

Dexterity: If you must use a bow, go for it, but the heavy crossbow w/binoculars should serve throughout the game. 

Intelligence: If you want some utility spells put a few points in, otherwise skip it. 

Faith: It' s not a virtue it' s dangerous and stupid… oh your talking about the game, skip it. 

Primary Weapon: Pike

Location: Undead Parish, buy it from the Blacksmith. 

Jo Gamer: What? The Pike Sucks!

Your starting to get tiring my straw stuff friend, as I said at the start, it‘s all about learning to use stuff you don't normally. The Pike it's largely ignored because it a dexterity weapon that requires 24 Str to equip, does the same damage as a Wing Spear and it weighs a ball busting 10, but it‘s totally worth it. This is a beautiful Weapon and in my opinion the very best in the game, legendary reach, extremely defensive, great damage and you can buy as many as you need. 

Buy a three Pikes and start improving them through the normal+5 path (you can make a Raw+5 if you need to deal some more damage on the way to Sen‘s Fortress), this will keep you kill'n until you get the biggen Smith so he can turn one into a Lightning+5. When you get to the boney smith (if you made it reduce the raw one to a normal+5) make a Fire+5 and then a Chaos Pike later. The final will be a Divine Pike to deal with the catacombs. Have the three to switch throughout the game will give you the ability to kill any Foe Easily without having to farm ore(much). 

Secondary Weapon: Flame

Location: You start with it. 

Upgraded at: Any Pyro Merchant, until level 15, after 15: The Pyro Merchant in Bight Town sitting near the pillar 

Keep leveling up your Pyromancer's flame, it's separate from your stat leveling, saving you a lot of souls. There is very little in this game with a fire resistance, mostly located in the Demon City below Blight Town, you'll have to get use to… 

Tertiary Weapon: Heavy Crossbow

Location: Depths, Found Just before the Chest Mouth Dragon. 


Location: Fire Shrine, the far side of the Graveyard 

At high levels with heavy bolts this thing can send demon's reeling and it gives you a way to take out hard to hit foes from range without unequip your shield or fighting in lava. 

Other Weapons 


Yes the basic club, the one you can buy from the first merchant for 100 Soul. This weapon builds beautifully with Str and since building Str is what you'll be doing until you get your Pike(s) it's worth picking one up. 

Location: Undead Burg, bought from the male merchant, like I said. 

Lightning Spear

After you find this in Sens Fortress it's worth using until you can make a Lightning Pike. 

Location: Sen's Fortress, inside the First Mimic. 


You'll have two spell slots to play around with, so kill things with fire. 


It's good once, you've learned it's timing. This is slow to throw and the range is limited, but you can walk while it's readying, so use that to weave in for accuracy or out of enemy range. 

Location: You start with it. 

Fire Orb

A nastier Version of Fireball, still slow but too few uses for most situations. 

Location: Any Pyro Merchant 

Great Fireball

Big fiery exploitation of fun, but it has way too few uses for my taste, use at your own risk. 

Location: Bight Town, the Pyro Merchant in sitting near the pillar near the boss area. 


This spell is fast, nasty and has 16 fabulous uses, but it's very short range so you‘ll have to get use to getting uncomfortably close to bosses. 

Location: Any Pyro Merchant. 

Great Combustion

I love this spell, 8 uses and brutal damage, keep it on you, always...usually. 

Location: Bight Town, the Pyro Merchant in sitting near the pillar near the boss area. 

Fire Whip

It's like Combustion, if combustion sucked, had few uses left you open too long and the number of uses was misleading. 

Fire Surge

This spell is crap, it takes so long to do a meaningful amount of damage. 

Flash Sweat

It's modestly useful, but not worth a spell slot. 

Location: Any Pyro Merchant 

Power Within

This is ok only if your in the Demon Area if you can avoid damage while using it. 

Location: Blighttown, under the questionably shaped parasite. 


Skip it 

Iron Flesh

Surge and Mists 
These spells can't kill only irritate, forget it. 

Chaos Fire Spells

Ok yes these spells rock, but they have few uses and take up 2 Attainment slots each, in short only use these if your humanity's at 10(you can keep it there) and you can land every shot. 


The Grass Crest Shield 
The bonus stamina regeneration rocks and the armor you'll be wearing should compensate for what damage gets through. 

Location: Forest, down the bottom of the cliff, guarded by a Black Knight. 

Extremely similar to the Grass Shield statically, but with 0 Stability (you don't meet the stat requirement) it heals you over time making you even harder to kill, unless you get lazy and rely on it too much. Use it when your just going to two hand your spear. 

Location: Giant's Tomb, Reverse your Hollowing at the second bonfire then kill the phantom for his shield. 

Eagle Shield 
This is useful for some of the harder hitting foes in the game, it doesn't tax your stats, but you'll probably have to switch out your arm armor to move at full tilt with it. Leveling it a bit is also a good idea. 

Location: Blight Town, up on a stone ledge overlooking the swamp near the end of the starting area. 

Crest Shield 
This provides good magic defense against the Moonlight Butterfly and never again. 

Location: Asylum, after the tutorial, kill the guy who gave you the starting quest 

Great for curse defense in the great hollow and sewers. 

Location: Painted World, kill the Bony Dragon and grab the Bloodshield. 


There are a few armors worth using , but never wear so much armor that you slow down, it's armor is important, but not as important as being able to get the hell out of the way. 

Pyromancer Gear

Location: You start with it/Blight Town Walkway 

You'll be using the starting armor for quite a while, it's solid in every area, but not really great, get rid of it once you get... 

Gold-Hemmed Black Set

Location: Demon City, grab it to get Tentacle Bob moving 

This is better than your starting gear and only slightly heavier, but there are better options. 

Stone Knight Set

Location: Forest, just past the cheshire cat, across a bridge and under said bridge. 

Overall this is a great armor, but heavy, too heavy. Put it on the torso piece if you have the endurance to wear it, but hold out for… 

Giant Armor Set

Location: Anor Londo, bought from the giant merchant. 

When all pieces are at +5 this is the best overall armor that exists and lighter then the stone armor. Upgrade it by buying and trading for the twinkling ore you need and you switch out the Gold-Hemmed set as your endurance goes up. Do not underestimate this redonculeus wall of still alive, wear it, love it. 

Havel's Set

Location: Anor Londo, hidden behind a fake wall behind a fire place in the main building. 

Radically Heavy, but it has the best Curse Resistance of any heavy suit. Use it against cursy frogs. 


You have two ring slots, though only one will be free, you'll need at least one ring always equipped: 

Havel's Ring

Location: Undead Burg, kill Havel in the bottom floor of the main tower. 

This will allow you to wear heavier armor sooner, which is to say it will keep you alive. Use this until you get… 

Dark Wood Grain Ring

Location: Forest, join the Forest Coven(say yes to the Cheshire cat three times), restart the game immediately afterwards (to avoid the sucky Glitch). Talk to the Guy with the ridiculously big sword just outside. Go to Blight Town and find big sword guy again near the water wheel. Look behind him for a ninja. Kill the ninja(big sword guy will attack you, try not to die) and grab his ring. 

Note: Props should be given to the games creators for hiding the best ring in the game behind a series of events so circuitous that it disserves it's own episode of Pop Fiction. 

This ring is amazing, if you carry less than 45%, give or take, of your maximum equipment load your dodge roll becomes a faster, longer range flip, so you'll get hit far, far, FAR less often while dodging. This IS the best ring in the game… 

Jo Gamer: Is it really the best? What abo…


Jo Gamer: but…

This ring is ungodly powerful, it's also the only ring I can think of that's usefulness is not dictated by stats, level, load out or build. It is always a good time to not be in range of an OMGWTF attack,*****e can't hit you if your not there, be as the ninja! 

Part Time Rings:


Cloranthy Ring

If your wearing this and using the Grass Shield(yes they stack) you can regenerate a healthy amount of stamina even while blocking. 

Location: Great Burrow, climb high enough to see down the main tree trunk then drop down and grab the ring. 

Ring of the Evil Eye

Every kill heals 30 HP, good for long hauls. 

Location: Depths, in the deepest part (of the) past the cursy frogs. 

Cursebite Ring

Frogs suck, with this they suck less. 

Location: New Londo Ruins, top of the big house 

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

This ring increases the souls you receive from killed enemies by 20%, good for grinding, try to fight the urge to wear it all the time you greedy child born out of wedlock. 

Location: Giant‘s Tomb, Up a ledge that looks like you can't jump it. 

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

This ring increases the odds that an enemy will drop something, hopefully something fun. 

Location: Sen's Fortress, past a bolder breakable wall at the bottom of the second ramp. 

Grinding Spots

1) Undead Burg 
Requirements: A Copy of Dark Souls 
On bridge with the Red Dragon there are several enemies notably not wearing asbestosis, if you run up the stairs in line of sight of the dragon he will light up the bridge, if you get back down the stairs quickly enough you will survive to get the souls of the now toasty enemies. Go down the ladder to the bonfire and repeat. 
2) Forest Guardians Base 
Requirements:First boss Dead, The Crest of Artorias, and a Lack of Respect for the AI or general Shamelessness 
Outside the forest gate poke the wall to the left and use the bonfire behind it, then run down the stairs past the mage now shooting at you, by the way avoid the spells. Make a u-turn at the log and head back to the stairs, but instead of going up them run to the ledge to the right of the stairs. You should now have several wing nuts in tow, luckily they won't walk out to the ledge, they'll run up the stairs and of the cliff. Return to the bonfire repeat. 
3) Painted World 
Requirements: Accesses to the painted World, a descent fire spell 
Run through the gate, kill the three pink guys, then charge through the second gate a strafe around the staby bloby horde until you can light up(Chaos spells are actually good here) more then one without hitting shield. Keep strafing and burning until their all dead, Go back through the gates to the bonfire, Repeat 

Ore Spots:

Large Shards: The Leaches in Blight Town are very easy to kill and drop Large Shards fairly often. 

Chunks: Just outside of the Princess's(she has to still be alive) chamber are two giants in giant's armor, with some coaxing from the serpent ring they drop Chunks pretty regularly not to mention 3000 souls a piece. Great combustion kills um quick, just watch out for that bloody archer. 

Revised Survival Tips

I'm assuming you already read the manual, but these are still important to remember, twice. 

- Keep your Shield Up: This will keep you alive better than anything else. With your shield up you will take little or no damage from direct hits and your own melee attacks will go largely uninterrupted. In short it's the best defensive option in virtually every situation. 

-KEEP YOUR SHIELD UP! You must love the Left Bumper, hold it tight! Never let it go, marry it, buy a house in the burbs have a few kids. Seriously if you go blundering into new areas with your shield down you will die, and you'll have no one to blame but your self and the horrors that killed you will laugh at your ineptitude saying “We might have been in trouble if he had her/his shield up. 

-Don't go Blundering into new Areas: If you charge in anywhere you'll die, check your right and left then go in, then immediately jump back and wait. If nothing happens proceed, but is still probably... 

-It's a Trap: See a lone unaware enemy or one running away? See an unguarded shiny or an open path? It's a trap, it's always a trap, mostly. 

-You Sprung the back up Trap: Think you spotted and disarmed the trap or just survived it? Good for you now make sure it wasn't the only one…oops to late your dead, shoulda got outa the way. 

-Get out of the Way: The roll is your dodge(until you get the flip), use it frequently, however you are not invincible while rolling. So learn the proper distance you can roll away and when it works. Otherwise you likely will roll yourself into pain. The main problem is it's the same button as backstep. 

-Don't backstep! If you press the B button and push the stick in any direction you'll dodge, just press the B button and you'll leisurely hop back, usually off a cliff. It's of no use in combat, most enemy's attacks have to large a swing for that. Don't backstep. 

Watch for Cliffs: This game is riddled with death drops, many in plan sight, some hidden and more often than is reasonable look like solid ground(i.e: more then none), but only a handful can be jumped. 

Look before you Lea…Die: Sometimes you can jump a gap, though even jumps you can make you will usually miss and die. Part of that is the realistic nature of jumping, but it's mostly it's the unbelievably squirrelly jumping mechanic. You hold down B while moving to run, then at the edge of the gap you let go of the button and then quickly hit it again, the timing is bullsh at best. You will fall. 

-Gravity Hates You: Take your time near ledges, make sure you look around for threats and solid ground, even so falls will kill you with greater frequency then pretty much everything, except… 

-Enemies on Ledges hate you more: There are few things that suck harder then getting knock, shot or kicked off a cliff, mainly because the hardiest skill to master in this game is fighting with little or no space to dodge. Higher pose helps, but for the most part you just have to deal with it and more often then is reasonable, get lucky. 

-Spend like a Teenager: Level up when you can, buy a repair box at the first opportunity and repair your gear at every bonfire. Power up every bonfire, turn human then kindle every new bonfire(or at least the few mentioned below) , it will give you a permanent 10 flasks every time you rest. 

-Drink like a Freshman: The Evil Eye and Sanctus will help, but don't wait to drink your flasks, haft health is one hit/combo for some enemies. 

-Use the Stupid Aggressive AI: The enemy AI is obscenely frisky, they will not politely attack you one at a time like most games, they will charge in weapons draw and funk you up from all sides. Use their psychotic nature against them. Make them chase you into traps/walls/off cliffs, let them swing away while you backstab them, shoot one in a group with a bolt and make it take you on alone. They are cruel and smarter then most video game's AI, but their blitzing can get them killed, help them on their way. 

-Search Everywhere/Grab Every Shiny: You don't need every item, but most will be helpful in some way. Find your way to them. 

-Poke Every Chest: Hey, HEY, head in the game! Stab every treasure box(if you did it right you‘ll see wood grains fly) otherwise one of these campy buggers will eat your caned bum. 

-Put your Shield Down: Yeah, yeah sixteen tips ago this was a no, no, but while most enemies don't attack fast enough to brake your guard and hit you before you can put your shield back up, 140pts is all the the stamina you get and frequently it's not enough, so back off, drop your guard and get your bar full. 

-Be Ready to Die: When all else fails, and it will, again and again. Be prepared to let go of what you've lost, never carry more souls or humanity then your prepared to lose. 

Boss Guide


Asylum Boss 1: Fat Demon

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Fire 
Shield: Don't, just get out of the way 

Bloody he… you can't beat this guy? 
Oh you can then? Then why are you reading this? 
Look just keep out of range and light him up, even if you miss a bit eight fireballs should be fine, unless you left your toy axe in your other rags. 



The Undead Burg Boss 1: Red Bull

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Black Fire Bomb 
Shield: Wooden Shield 

Enter the stage and kill to two archers up the ladder, then equip the black fire bombs. Now move across the bridge until the beasty appears, then run back to the ladder, jump off and put Club to face. Now get away from him while lobbing fire bombs, if you run out(somehow?) toss fire balls, he'll be ash shortly. 



The Undead Burg Boss 2: Cow Face

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Pike+5/Fireball 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

No you don't fight this guy until after the first bell, or rather you shouldn't as he is one of the hardest bosses in the game, though it‘s not because he‘s tough, rather do to his pet poison dogs and the narrow ally in which you fight him. Run past him and his mutts, up the stairs to the left, kill the dogs, then put some space between you and the pyramid head wannabe(adamantly hard to do in such a small space) and paste him with Fire Balls and/or you Pike until dead. 



Undead Parish Boss: Church Gargoyle(s)

Lock On: Alternate 
Attack: Pike+5 w/Gold Pine Resin 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

Before Entering use some “Gold Resin” on your Pike. Block his spear attacks with your shield Pike him to death, watch out for the second one, yeah, there's two. He largely spits fire, large fire, but he's immobile while spewing so poke him. Every once and a while back of to recharge your stamina and take a swig. Just so long as you keep away from the edges and keep out of the flames you should be fine. 



The Depths Boss: Chest Mouth Dragon

Lock On: No 
Attack: Pike+10 or Raw Pike+5 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

Stay behind him, and poke his scaly hide(big target that's actually hard to hit while locked on). Run when he jumps or you'll get flattened. He has a big health bar, but is otherwise a wuss so don't get careless or overly aggressive and you‘ll be fine. 



Blighttown Boss: Topless Spider

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Pike+5 w/Gold Pine Resin 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

Before Entering use some “Gold Resin”(you still have some right?) on your Pike. Resist your natural and health urges and keep away from the front of this thing. When she draws her sword and rushes you, get as close as you can, try to wedge yourself between the Spider's head and it's front legs, if you do this right the sword swipes will miss you completely with all three swings allowing you to land a full combo. When this thing pukes lava it's pretty much helpless until it's done, nail it. Finally don't stay in one area unless you want blackened shoes, keep on the move. 



Sen's Fortress Boss: Tin Man

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Great Combustion 
Shield: Eagle 
Wait until he throws… what ever it is he throws at the center of the area then start moving toward him. This battle is a juggling act, you have to try to stay in the middle of the area, keep away from the edges(even a successful bock can send you flying) all while staying behind him. Combustion and Great Combustion work very well against him, if your flame is maxed this fight will be quite short. 

Difficulty: 5


Anor Londo Boss 1: Turbo Ponce and Buddy Buddha

Lock On: Alternate 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5/Great Combustion 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

These guys are pretty nasty, you'll need to keep any eye on both of them, use the pillars to block some of the hard to avoid attacks and keep your back away from the wall. 
When you enter keep moving, target the thin guy and blast him with Combustion when you get a moment. 

Warning: If you kill the sacrilishious pugmaster first speedy will suck up his bigness and become crazy hard to kill. 

Remember skinny's got a rocket up his bum and will throttle toward you, he also throws lightning. Luckily Rolls will frequently get between you and Skinny and block his advance. After Flash bites it Switch to your Lightning Pike and stab Goldie to death, just remember his hammer doubles as a shield and his electric butt slam does massive damage. 


Demon Ruins Boss 1: Lava Bob Tentacle Pants

Lock On: No 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5/Speed 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

The Hard way: This is a battle of attrition, bring at least 10 flasks and equip the blessings you've collected. First off get in his face, otherwise he'll launch a fire explosion that will ruin your day. Try(and most likely fail) to dodge his dread strikes(marginally easier to do when your not locked on) and then stab them after they hit the ground, when your not drinking that is. This guy is cheap, even by this game's standards, you will just barley beat this guy if you beat him at all. 

The Right way: Run to the far side of the map grab the shiny and then back to the entrance, he will follow you and take a dive. While he's hanging by one hand do your best Tweety impression and send him on his way. 

Difficulty: 9 or 1


Demon Ruins Boss 2: Fatter Demon on Fire

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

This guy is just the second asylum boss again, only on fire(it‘s total not lazy design). This guy's(still) all about backing off and closing distance, when he starts to point his stick at the ground or slam it into the wall with his right hand get away from the impending exploitation. You should also take a few steps back if he stats flying as his butt slam can kill(total not lazy writing). As you may have already suspected you'll be better off using your Shocky Pike for this one, just be aware this guy has quite a health bar, it's really easy to get caught on the roots in the area and his attacks hurt, allot. 

Difficulty: 5


Demon Ruins Boss 3: Exstendo Head

Lock On: No 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

When you enter run to your right, with some well executed jumping you might even survive the lava. Once you're on the far right platform(the one with the glowy) face the creature and dodge it's head. No literally, it will shoot it's head/Arm/Thing at you and you need to hit it with your spear until it comes off, or not. It's far easier to attack that his ankles for the a big juicy targets, again so long as your not locked on. After the head is off keep behind the creature or it will eat you, then just poke it to death. 



Demon Ruins Boss 4: The Tree of Pain

Lock On: No 
Attack: Doesn't matter 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

Let me go on the record of saying this thing can sit on it and twirl. One guy on the wiki clocked his deaths during this boss at twenty, even I, the golden god of gaming, died seven times. 

Here are the facts: 

-This is not a typical boss, instead it's more of a puzzle consisting of three steps, if yo… when you die any completed steps will not regress. 

Here are some tips: 

-Equip a Sacrifice Ring Before going in, you might want to buy some before you enter incase you burn them all. 

-Don't go back for your souls, I know it sucks, but doing so will get you killed. 

-No there isn't a closer bonfire, it's just the one in the little lava shrine, deal. 

-Keep your shield up 

Jo Gamer: Here he goes again, you already said that, many tim…

Bla, bla, you got cocky, admit it, you got this far in the game you think you don't need my shield love any more, but this giant turd will instakill you if you don't have your shield up. 

-Master the jumping mechanic, because you will need to land a hard jump under presser. 

-Take your time, but do it quickly 

Here's how you beat it: 

1)When you enter your in a safe spot, get your bearings and proceed when your ready. 

2)Hug the wall(when possible) to the left and run toward the orange orb 

3) Wait for an opening then leap into the orb, your roll will brake the branches, keep rolling until you reach the center, then poke it. 

4) With that the first part is done and you just made it stronger, good job, run out and try to dodge it's new attacks as the floors give way. Which floors? Why what ever floor you need to be on. Your path is going to be circuitous, but lets be honest you won't make it all the way around. 

5) After walking all the way back from the bonfire make your way to the orb on the far right, roll in and stab. 

6) Now he's exposed, but also more kill happy, spastically attacking, oh and there's a massive death pit in front of him. 

7) Run to the center of the room and slightly to the right and leap onto the exposed root, if you make it sprint up the root roll into the branches and keep rolling, when you get to the center it's staby time. One hit, erk dead. Do the happy Dance, you just beat the hardest boss in the game. 



The Darkroot Garden Boss 1: Moonlight Butterfly

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5 
Shield: Crest Shield 

You can fight this thing anytime after the first boss, but now you really need to. By now you should have the Crest shield it has a high magic block (you can switch back to your wubby after the boss). It will launch several spells at you block/dodge them, stab when it lands, it should die after the first assault. 



The Darkroot Garden Boss 2: Wolfie

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Great Combustion 

Shield: Eagle Shield 

There's noting too hard about this guy, his attacks can be blocked(takes a lot of stamina) and he has no surprises outside his speed and ability to dodge poorly timed Combustions. Still all that fur is flammable, just try to get under him where he can't hit you and you can fry him. 



The Catacombs Boss: Triple Face

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

Time to let your real Pike do the talking (not that pathetic holy one) and it only knows one word. Roll away from the spells and stab anything that has more then one face. 



More to Come


Optional Bosses


The Darkroot Basin The Aqua Hydra

Lock On: No 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

This thing has cosmic range, it will start shooting long before you see it, luckily the friendly fire's on and he can kill the crystal golems in this area trying to hit you. Move forward until you get to a tree and a rock near the water's edge. Hang out there until there's an opening and charge forward to the edge of the water. If you hear a growl you timed it right, if he is powering up his water attack run back to your safety rock. Shortly after the growl the heads will pound the ground near you, but this attack is embarrassingly easy to block. Poke the heads/necks with your spear, the timing will be hard as they retreat quickly. 
you've taken out most of the heads negotiate yourself to the right, there's a patch of high ground that makes them easier to hit. Eventually you'll reach a point where you'll be close enough to stab to hit the last heads and take out what's left of the grezy big snake. 



The Painted World: The Girl with the Dragon Body

Lock On: Yes(when you can) 
Attack: Lighting Pike+5/Great Combustion 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 
You don't have to fight her, bbbuut you will. So here's how you win. At the onset she turns invisible, but you see dragon tracks in the snow so poke at them(hope you've been practicing not locking on). After four or so hits she'll be visible again so light her up. 



Asylum Boss 2: Fatter Demon

Lock On: Yes 
Attack: Great Combustion 
Shield: Grass Crest Shield 

Right after landing get out of the way and heal your self. This guys all about backing off and closing distance, when he starts to point his stick at the ground or slam it into the wall with his right hand get away from the impending exploitation. You should also take a few steps back if he stats flying as his butt slam can kill. Other then that get in close and light him up, he'll be dead directly. 



Anor Londo Boss 2: Booby Lady

Lock On: No 
Attack: Fireball 
Shield: Whatever 

Jo Gamer: Why would I kill her?! She's not a boss, besides she's got giant… personality. 

Fine whatever, don't kill her… but we both know you know you want to... 
Throw Fire balls, really , that's it. 



Anor Londo Boss 3: Tomb Guard

Lock On: Yes 
This is optional, in the Darkmoon coven area. This wizard will kill you quite easily, but this is a pretty interesting boss fight. He has little health, but will teleport away if you get within range, so if you attack, attack! This thing has three nasty spells: 

1) A yellow(hard to see) machine gun fire kind of spell, this can be easily blocked, but it slows your approach, to keep moving try to strafe side to side, twice, because it fires twice. 

2) Many homing bolts, these can be rolled through or strafed around, but it's tricky and blocking hurts. 

3) One fast big blast, you have to roll under this one, it just 
hurts too much to block and it slows you down. 

Once dead the endless hallway will cease to be as such. 

Difficulty: 9



Note: Some of this requires the 1.5 update. 
This Guide was write by me Michel Stango, feel free to use it just give me credit for it 
You may noticed there's not a lot of hand holding here, that's intentional, in so much as I'm not done testing stuff. You can read my other guide or just search the Wiki, failing that you can e-mail me ozz_brown@yahoo.com.

40-40 (FC)  ♦  8-Vit  ♦  Abysswalker  ♦  All out Mage Build Pve  ♦  Artorias Build  ♦  Artorias The Abysswalker Build  ♦  B HURB's Faith Build (SL123)  ♦  Battle mage  ♦  Battle mage PvP build  ♦  Blight Assassin  ♦  BloodLion1986's Faith Build  ♦  Bow Me PVP  ♦  Brick Wall Samurai  ♦  Broken  ♦  Builds By ImSoSoBAPE  ♦  Burning Priest  ♦  Chaos Blade Build  ♦  Chaos Build  ♦  Chaos Mage  ♦  Chaos Pyro Build  ♦  Chaos Warrior (Vit Dump)  ♦  Clan of Belmont Build  ♦  Co-op Faith Obsidian Greatsword  ♦  Crimson_Reaper  ♦  Crouching Kitten, Hidden Hippo  ♦  Crystal Assassin  ♦  Cult Cleric Regen  ♦  Curved Blue  ♦  Custom Solaire Build  ♦  Dark sorcerer  ♦  dark souls build  ♦  Darkmoon Avenger  ♦  Darkmoon Battlemage  ♦  Darkmoon Blade Quality Build  ♦  Darkmoon Guerilla  ♦  Darkmoon Gwyndolin Build  ♦  Darkmoon Slayer  ♦  Darkwood Hunter  ♦  DarkWraithAssassin  ♦  Dashing Roge  ♦  Demon  ♦  Demon Hunter  ♦  Demon-Knight-Build  ♦  Dex Int SL 100  ♦  Dex Pyro SL 100  ♦  DEX Pyrosword  ♦  Disciple of Artorias  ♦  Divine Hammer  ♦  Divine Warrior Build  ♦  Dovahkiin  ♦  Dragon Form Build  ♦  Dragon Hero  ♦  Dragon King Build  ♦  Dragon Knight  ♦  Dragonslayer Orenstein Build  ♦  Dual-Wield Assassin  ♦  Elemental Hornet Tank  ♦  Elemental Warrior (PVP SL60)  ♦  Elemental Zweihander  ♦  Elite Knight Spearman  ♦  EndlessPayne's PvE Faithbuild  ♦  Everlast-Knight  ♦  Evox's SL125 Holy Knight  ♦  Faith - Dex Hybrid  ♦  Faith - Strength Hybrid  ♦  Faith Caster (Reah Thorolund cos-play)  ♦  Faithful Knight  ♦  Faithwalker Antious  ♦  Fatty Build  ♦  Fear The Reaper  ♦  Flammeus Anima Blade  ♦  From Boletaria he Came  ♦  GanonChallenge  ♦  Geralt  ♦  Glutebrah (FC)  ♦  Gobs Beast (FC)  ♦  Gravecheeselord  ♦  Gravelord of Miasma and Death  ♦  Grey Knight (PvP build)  ♦  Grim Reaper Build  ♦  Guardian of the Abyss Build  ♦  Gwyn Build  ♦  Halberd Mage  ♦  Halberdier Challenge Builds  ♦  Hammer Giant  ♦  Hand-Of-God  ♦  Highland_Cleric  ♦  Holy Bishop  ♦  Holy Death Knight  ♦  Holy Dragon Knightess  ♦  Holy Paladin  ♦  Hornet Mage  ♦  Hyper mage  ♦  IndianiaJonesBuild  ♦  Infested Barbarian Invader  ♦  Inquisitor SL125 (Melee,pyro,miracles)  ♦  J-RPG Challenge Build  ♦  Jaca's Gravelord Build  ♦  King Jeremiah Build  ♦  KingReaper257  ♦  Knight of Astora  ♦  Knight of The Dark Soul build  ♦  Knight Solaire build  ♦  Knight-Errant  ♦  Lautrec of Carim Build  ♦  Leeeeroy Jenkins build  ♦  Leeroy (FC)  ♦  Lifehunt Build  ♦  Lifehunt Guardian  ♦  Lifehunter  ♦  Light's Faith Build  ♦  Lightning God Thunderclees  ♦  Link Challenge  ♦  Lord's Blade Ciaran Build  ♦  Low level powerwraith  ♦  Low SL PvP Build  ♦  Magic Sword  ♦  magical pantless warrior  ♦  Maricle Caster  ♦  Miasma  ♦  Mike Tyson PvP Build  ♦  Moonlight Mage  ♦  Moonlight Sorcerer  ♦  Moonlight Sorceror Build  ♦  Moonlight Warrior  ♦  Multi Playstyles PvP Dex Build  ♦  Multi-Weapon Mage  ♦  Multiverse Blade  ♦  Nazgul  ♦  Necromancer's_Fury  ♦  Nightmare Build  ♦  Nimble Artorias  ♦  Ninja  ♦  Ninja Dragon  ♦  Noob Hunter Build  ♦  Obsidian GS SL50  ♦  Obsidian Lord Build  ♦  Once Faithful Warden Build  ♦  Output Knight (PvE Build)  ♦  Overlord  ♦  Paladin (SL 20)  ♦  Paladin Build  ♦  Paladin Leeroy  ♦  Paladin PvP Faith Build  ♦  Paladin Tank  ♦  Parrying Onion  ♦  Power Within my Fist  ♦  Power Within Rush  ♦  Proud Sword Build  ♦  PvP Pyromancer  ♦  PVPee Build  ♦  Pyro Warrior  ♦  Pyromancer PvP Build (SL10)  ♦  Pyromaniac Build  ♦  Quality Build Attempt  ♦  Quicky the Magician  ♦  Random Build  ♦  Rapier Katana Build  ♦  Reim FC 225 (FC)  ♦  Renaissance Mage  ♦  Royal Tank  ♦  Sage Freke Build  ♦  Samurai  ♦  Sasuke Uchiha  ♦  Seath the scaleless setup  ♦  Secret Ninja  ♦  Shadow Thief  ♦  Shinigami Build  ♦  Silly Buggers Build  ♦  Sl 10 Invasion Specialist  ♦  SL 120 Occult Uchigatana Build  ♦  SL 3 Darkwraith; Lautrec of Carim  ♦  SL1 Darkwraith  ♦  Sonho's CWM Build (Dex)  ♦  Sorcerer Build Sberky  ♦  Spartan Novice  ♦  Spell Warrior  ♦  Standard PvP build  ♦  Stonewall (FC)  ♦  Strength Build  ♦  Strength GMW  ♦  Sunlight Samurai  ♦  Sunlight Spellsword  ♦  Support Priest  ♦  Swamp Walker  ♦  Swashy's Rooftop Defender  ♦  Swordmage PVP build  ♦  Templar (FC)  ♦  Thank Tank  ♦  The Burning Reaper  ♦  The Burning Reaper (Caster Version)  ♦  The Burning Reaper (Pure Pyromancy)  ♦  The Dark Caster  ♦  The Executioner  ♦  The inhospitable host  ♦  The Janitor  ♦  The SorceFaither  ♦  The Soul Guide  ♦  Throned's CMW Strength Build  ♦  Toxic Mercenary  ♦  VelkaKnight  ♦  Vergil Style  ♦  Versatile Int Build  ♦  whipsinger  ♦  Witch of Pain  ♦  Wolverine  ♦  Wolverine (FC)  ♦  Zelda Challenge  ♦  Zwei Cleaver  ♦  Zwei hander build


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    • Anonymous

      This was my favorite build back in the day. Ive played it many many times over. So satisfying to see how strong you get so quickly. You're so right, nothing snowballs like this build. Been trying to recreate it in an efficient way in dark souls 3 but I'm struggling a bit. Things habe changed.

      • Anonymous

        Get Great Scythe fully upgraded with lightning after Asylum, Use master Key to get to Valley of Drakes, kill everything, pick up Holy Butterknife, get stats for said butter knife, go to the Catacombs, Wrek everything with Great Scythe, realize it is overpowered, kill Lampost Family, homeward bone back to Firelink, level up, leave 20000 Souls, sequence break to Andre, buy crest of the Tall Guy, sequence break Kill Havel, Kill Hydra, start the DLC, get lost in the epic backstory of how Tall Guy got all the credit for something you did, come back, Kill Wolfy, go to new Londo and kill ghosts, kill Birdwatchers for his Seal of Approval, De-flood New Londo, kill Skeletors, Kill Abominable Snowmen, take there soul, teleport back to Firelink, MASSIVELY OVERLEVEL, put all points in Dex, sequence break to Crashtown home of low frame rate, talk to Pyro lady, get epic pyromancies, kill pyro lady's sister, find secret hallway, answer no, get frustrated the Egg Face won't move, try and kill Egg Face, get killed by his foot long worms, cry about it, ring Bell, Ding Aling Ding, finally go to Undead Church, while confessing your sins get Wreckt, come back, run through the crowd of people looking for your autograph, summon Solaire, banish Solaire, kill Wannabe Demons, Ring the Bell, Ding Aling, Ding, Go to Fun House, recieve a Fun House welcome, run through the area, get invaded, play around in the boulder room, Invader Defeated, go on the roof, snipe Hard-Working Americans, Embrace the Meme, fight the shiny robot, let him hit you so you don't feel bad for killing him, get to Anor Londo, invade people and hide before the boss gate, Become Parry King, Get out your Pwn Hammer you got from Crash Town, kill Tweedle De and Tweedle Dum, get the giant cup, Give long neck dude the cup, Go to Blind Man's Library, steal some books, run into a wall for 30 minutes, eventually realize you made it to a different area, throw down glow stones, kill Pathetic White Dragon, take his soul, go back to Firelink, Level Up, realize there's five other people here, kill them all, talk to Long Neck guy, go down the Catacombs again, Make it to Giant's tomb, flail around in complete darkness, decide to hug a wall, wall turns into a cliff, meet Honest Abe, kick him off the ledge, make it to Mass Grave boss, kill Skeletons, laugh at how remarkably easy this boss is, pick up Bling King armor, kill Mass Grave, take it's soul, go back to Crash Town, go through insanely boring and long lava area, forget what it feels like to be able to turn enemies into toast, beat Drag- or I mean Bed of Bug, go back to Firelink, go to Darkroot Garden, gaze in awe of a Giant butterfly with epic music, kill the butterfly, realize you haven't put on any armor yet, use Dragon Stone, try to summon Solaire for last boss, realize you killed him in Anor Londo, beat the final boss while listening to elevator music

        • Anonymous

          Really good and enjoyable build. But tbh i prefer Gargoyle's Halaberd with +5 lightning uopgrade as a main weapon. Combined with giant armor set and ascended pyromancy flame it just makes game too easy (if you are at around level 80 it's just a walk in a park from there)

          • Anonymous

            Would have been better if you ditched the stupid Q and A and just simply said "These are the stats you want at this level."

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