Created by: Zeky28

The purpose of this build is to make your character look like a J-RPG Typical character. (Ex: Final Fantasy)

  • You can only wear any light armor set that you think looks good.
  • You can NOT use any kind of helm, you’ll can use headgear if it’s a hood or hat and it MUST combine with the rest of the gear.
  • You can NOT use shields WITHOUT AN EXCEPTION.
  • You can ONLY brandish Greatswords or Ultra Greatswords of great size. (Moonlight Greatsword is suggested)
  • You’ll have to two-hand your greatsword (With exceptions)
  • You must NOT skip any zone, boss or mini-boss.
  • You must NOT do any kind of farming to obtain objects; every upgrade process will have to occur during the natural flow of the game.
  • You can ONLY farm Souls in case they are to level up and ONLY if the enemies you kill are equal or superior to your level in matter of difficulty. (Darkroot Garden Door glitch is NOT ALLOWED)
  • You must NOT go over soul level 100.
  • You will ONLY be able to use the Master Key on TWO doors. Choose wisely.
  • You will HAVE to equip at least one attack object (Dung Pie, Throwing Knives, Fire bombs, etc.).
  • You must ONLY fast-roll or ninja flip.
  • You can NOT use Humanities to heal (Divine Blessing is allowed).
  • You must mandatorily use ONE kind of magic and level up their main stat (In case of Pyromancy, you must level up Dexterity). You have to ONLY use attack spells or buffs that increase damage, not debuffs nor defensive or guide buffs.
  • You’ll have to have at least one damage buff (Spell or Resin) and use it before important fights (Bosses, Minibosses or Invasions)
  • You CAN summon phantoms to help you with bosses.
  • You can NOT abuse of critical hits, these must be made only if there’s the chance.
  • You must level up equally depending on how you are advancing in the game.
  • The ONLY kind of upgrade path allowed for items will be Normal +15, unique weapons can be upgraded on their path.
  • You’ll have to watch the way estus flasks are used. If you run out, you’ll have to suicide WITH NO EXCEPTION
  • You’ll have to talk with EVERY NPC and successfully complete ALL their quests. (You mustn’t kill Lautrec without invading him with the black eye orb in Anor Londo)
  • You’ll have to try to keep human status if possible.
  • You can NOT upgrade your Estus past +4.

My Build:

Initial Class: Pyromancer
Initial Gift: Master Key
SL: 99

VIT: 30
ATT: 16
END: 30
STR: 16
DEX: 30
INT: 40

Head: Naked
Torso: Black Cleric Robe
Hands: Black Gloves
Legs: Black Tights
Ring 1: Ring of Favor and Protection
Ring 2: Wolf Ring
RH1: Moonlight Greatsword
RH2: N/A
LH1: Ascended Pyromancy Flame
LH2: N/A
Spells: Power Within – Great combustion – Fire Tempest – Great Fireball
Objects: Estus Flask +4 – Divine Blessing – Repair Powder – Poison Throwing Knife – Green Blossom

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