Highland Cleric

Created by: Kietunes
This build is great fun once rounded off with the focus being on close range melee combat. The high Stun-Lock potential of the Claymore coupled with extremely high poise mean that you will be able to take punishment at the same time as dealing it out, in fact you should be 2-Handing your Claymore more often than not with your shield providing nothing more than a stamina regen boost.
This is a 'smash & grab' class however, with your buffs lasting only minutes, you will be looking to end fights quickly & decisively. Although the focus here is on sword damage you will also have some AoE Miracles to get you out of those tight spots or finish off an opponent who has little health remaining.
Despite wearing a mixture of Black Knight & Havels Armour, as well as holding two Claymores, due to the high Endurance stats you will still be able to Mid-Roll as you will be under 50% Equipment Load. Feel free to switch out Armour as you see fit, but keep to the 76+ Poise requirement to get the most out of this build.

Soul Level: 125
Starting Class: Cleric
Vitality: 46
Attunement: 19
(Allows you to double up on core Miracles such as WoG & Great Magic Barrier)
Endurance: 47
(Enables you to equip Heavy Armour & 2 Claymores whilst staying under 50% Burden)
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 10
(All that is needed to wield a Claymore)
Resistance: 11
Intelligence: 8
(Left at Base Level)
Faith: 50
(Maximum damage from Miracles)


Head: Crown of Dusk (Boosts WoG significantly but also makes you incredibly weak vs Magic Damage)
Chest: Black Knight Armour

Hands: Havel's Gauntlets
Legs: Havel's Leggings
Ring: Ring of Firstborn Sun (Stacks Miracle Damage with Crown of Dusk)
Ring: Ring of Favor & Protection


Right Hand 1: Claymore +15 (To Apply Darkmoon Blade Buff)

Right Hand 2: Occult Claymore +5 (Backup if/when Buff runs out)

Left Hand 1: Darkmoon Talisman

Left Hand 2: G rass Crest Shield +15


Wrath of Gods x2

Darkmoon Blade x1

Great Magic Barrier x2 (Feel Free to swap one of these out for Tranquil Walk of Peace)

- Ultra-high damage output due to Darkmoon Blade +3
- Great Range on Claymore
- Good vs Backstab Fishers
- Somewhat Buff Reliant
- Weak vs Magic Based Attacks (Without Great Magic Barrier)



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