"Quality" Builds is a term that originated in Demons Souls used for weapons that scale evenly in both STR and DEX.
This is a DMB Build featuring the Claymore and Murakumo. This is the hardest hitting Claymore and Murakumo build I was able to think of at SL 125. This is also a great Dragonslayer Spear Build for the no-buff types.

SL 125 Bandit or Cleric
VIT: 40 (1820 hp with Ring of Favor & Protection and Mask of the Mother)
ATT: 12
END: 35
STR: 28 (Leave at 27 if you do not want 1H Murakumo use)
DEX: 40
RES: Default
INT: Default
FTH: 33 (34 if you leave STR at 27)
Note: Darkmoon Blade Buff is 370-376 AR at Covenant Rank+3 and using Canvas Talisman (Highest MAG ADJ with 33-34 FTH) which still outpowers Crystal Magic Weapon at 32 INT.

LH1: Canvas Talisman
LH2: Any 3 lb shield or Lightning Avelyn+5
RH1: Claymore+15, Murakumo+15, Pike+15, Gargoyle's Halberd+15, Zweihandler+15, Silver Knight Sword+5 (outperforms Sunlight St. Sword and Darksword+15), Dragonslayer Spear+5
RH2: Silver Knight Spear+5, Demon's Spear+5, Lightning or Chaos Estoc+5

1. Darkmoon Blade, Sunlight Blade
2. Darkmoon Blade, Wrath of the Gods
3. Greater Magic Barrier, Wrath of the Gods (For Dragonslayer Spear set-up only)
4. 2x Wrath of the Gods (For Dragonslayer Spear set-up only)

Ring of Favor & Protection and Darkwood Grain Ring

Mask of the Mother and any combination that will get you at least 55 poise. I suggest adding Havel's Legs/Gauntlets and your choice of a chestpiece/robe that is 4 lbs or less.

Base AR (Without Buffs)
Claymore+15: 477 1H / 525 2H
Murakumo+15: 556 1H / 568 2H
Pike+15: 396 1H / 416 2H
Zweihandler+15: 525 1H / 610 2H
Gargoyle's Halberd+15: 519 2H (I do not have a 1H number available)
Dragonslayer Spear+5: 485 AR (with split physical and lightning damage)

If you Bottomless Box Glitch your toon and your previous toon was also a Blade of the Darkmoon, make sure you delevel your covenant rank back to +0 by using Oswald the Pardoner with your old toon. Abandon then rejoin, delevels in rank each time this is done. Then permanently abandon so that the old toon does not belong to any covenant. Covenant and ranks carry over to the new BB Glitched toon if not done properly and will prevent you from obtaining the most important DMB Buff. Also, do not place any Darkmoon Blade Covenant related items in your BB when you are placing items you want to transfer to your new toon.

Two playthroughs are still required to get both DMB and SLB buffs. This will also require some Souvineer of Reprisal Farming if you do not have 80 souvineers available to transfer over to get your buff at max power.

Build Pros:
1. Has the option of not relying on a buff
2. Huge Damage
3. Can effectively use any weapon this game has to offer except for those that specialize in brute force requiring high STR
or MAGIC based weapons used for INT builds.

Build Cons:
1. Claymore and Murakumo are slow, may have trouble against opponents that are evasive (mages) or excessively turtle.
2. Vulnerable to getting Roll-Backstabbed due to relatively slow swings.
3. Claymore and spears are easy to parry if you are not careful with your moveset predictability.

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