DarkWraith Assassin PVP Build:

By: Thor_X



Do you like sneaking out from behind a tree or pillar as your enemies are running by and ganking the crap out of them? Do you like just all around considering yourself a dark ninja assassin fighting for the glory of our Dark Lord? Then this is your build. This is a level 70 build. Its not perfect but it can give you a general idea to what you can expect and how to modify your own build accordingly.




My Current

Right Hand 1:

Queelags Furysword+5, Lightning Barbed Straight Sword+5, Lightning Spear+5.

Right Hand 2:

Ivory Talisman, Pyromancy Flame+15

Left Hand 1:

Bloodshield+5 (enchanted to w/e you feel.)

Left Hand 2:

Ivory Talisman, Pyromancy Flame+15


Dark Armor Set+5 (at least) or Gold-Hemmed set. (D.A. recommended)


Ring of Favor and Protection, Ring of Fog/Dark Wood Grain Ring.

Spell Set:

Tranquil Walk of Peace, Chaos Fire Whip/ Chaos Fireball/ Great Combustion, Heal Type (your choice).

Equipment Reasoning:

Armor/Ring of Favor and Protection:


I personally use this setup because I am still able to roll around effectively hence dark wood grain ring is still useable. you can if you want sacrifice your armor set for maybe the gold-hemmed robe set so you will be able to have a different setup and/or not use Ring of Favor and Protection. having this armor on tho, will allow you to take a few hits before your locked in hit stun and getting raped. keep that in mind.

Queelags Furysword:


I love Queelags Furysword because the more humanity you have the more damage you do. 99 humanity (if you get it from farming rats, squid-snake things in duke archives, or skele-babies right before Nito boss fight in the water.) can do massive damage and makes Queelags Furysword the most powerful sword for your class requirements/game.

Ring of Fog:

This ring gets a lot of attention from haters but is crucial to being an assassin. you could go with hidden body miracle but it think its a waste of time/catalyst and you could get spotted casting. currently you cant get locked on too while this ring is equipped so casters have a hard time trying to pin you down. Patch 1.04 will probably give people the ability to lock onto you with this ring on regardless but i don't think it matters cause you can still adapt and spells that aren't AoE's don't really hit my character anyway. the important thing is stealth not lock-on.

Tranquil Walk of Peace:

This miracle rocks socks! i mean come on... pop it with ring on fog on and you got it made in the shade. you get in close bust a chaos pyromancy or go in for a back-stab either way you pretty much can adapt. Patch 1.04 will probably nerf TWoP but as of now i don't know what it will imply.


external image C1.jpg

This Shield Boosts resistances to Poison, Toxin, Bleeding, and Curses. Its good for PvE and PvP. I use it and it fits in the equipment specs for being able to roll around without restriction. all around a good shield to have. now you can always adapt to your play style or if you think you need magic resistance in your shielding. either way always check your weight if you copy this kit.

Order of Operations: very general (you should know the rest)

  1. thief/assassin class
  2. undead parish, kill Lautrec of Carim, get ring of favor.
  3. blighttown, kill Queelag. get soul.
  4. new londo ruins, kill Ingward, get key.
  5. near undead parish/darkmoon garden, buy seal for 20,000 souls from Blacksmith Andrei.
  6. darkmoon forest, kill Great Wolf Sif, aquire ring.
  7. abyss, Kill Four Kings.
  8. abyss, Join Darkwraith. give up 30 humanity. aquire dark armor.
  9. work on leveling up more if you haven't already.
  10. anor londo, get lordvessel.
  11. anor londo, make fury sword.
  12. painted world, get bloodshield.
  13. make equipment better.
  14. aquire better powers.
  15. PVP.


  1. Careful Movements and knowing a (suspicious) opponents camera can look around corners is always something to consider if your planning for a sneak attack. Ring of Fog helps you be a lot more discreet but getting spotted is still possible.
  2. Always go for the back-stab first a random surprising back-stab can throw your opponent into a panic and cause them to either fight back irresponsibly, run, or take it till death (its happened a lot.) the more time spent trying to think about their health and escape is more time for you to gank.
  3. never give your enemy quarter unless absolutely necessary, what i mean is stay behind them. make them roll of cliffs, make them try and use up their stamina and when the gettings good take the money and run. if you need to heal pop a TWoP and get back a few paces. if they try to as well try to get the jump on them (jump attack).
  4. if your enemy pops a TWoP on you my advice is to keep you distance if possible. a immobile assassin is a dead assassin. you could try returning the favor and going in for a fireball fight, but always consider that they may have wrath of heaven and that spell hurts a lot.
  5. after you land a successful back-stab/surprise attack try using TWoP and finish the enemy off with Chaos Fire Whip. a heavy critical plus heavy fire damage is something even the strongest armored players can fear. all the armor in the world doesn't count for anything if you know how to play your class.
  6. you biggest enemies are ones who can adapt to your play style quickly and can keep themselves cornered and protected. some players, especially spell-casters, will try to distance themselves and bait you to come close. don't fall for their shenanigans just use your brain, and your abilities on hand to try and outwit them. if you have it try a spell to make them roll out. if they do move in as they roll and get behind them. huzzah the corner is yours.
  7. sometimes using the environment is a fun way to bait and trick your enemies if you are invading. always keep an eye on your surroundings.
  8. if you are invaded and you are surrounded by enemies, don't panic, finish them off (because you usually fight one on one anyways) and find a spot to hide. gather your wits and wait for your enemy. surprise buttsecks.


this build can be serious or just for fun. make your own modifications and build according to what you think you need and can bring to the table. if you want to level your assassin more go for more endurance and vitality so you dont need to rely on the Ring of Favor. Imagine Ring of Fog and Dark Wood Grain Ring, holy crap your a ninja.

no trolling, flaming, or douchebaggery. got beef PVP better.

Credits: me, myself, and MC Chris' music.

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