Ryu Hyabusa's spirit lives on in this PVP build.
      • ADVANCED ***
This build requires you to get heavy on Dex (50) and End (30) first, then bring STR (50) and finally Vitality (41). I bumped faith up to be able to use simple heals.
I focused on Vit last because you will be mostly sticking and moving (wodden ring) and hopefully not being hit in PVP before you are able to bleed the person with Priscila's Lifehunt Dagger +5 / Bandit Knife (lightning) + 5. Ofcourse you can use Quelaggs Fire sword or Uchigatana's ninja blade. I would focus on ending it quickly so using the dagger/knife is my preference. I also use the Parry dagger you can get in New Anor Londo from a body in the ghost town. Nothing surprises the wide arc swinging 2handers more than getting straight up riptosed with the hornet ring.
Another reason I focus on Vit last is because you will be in total dragon form which doesnt give you that much room for error anyway. Dragon torso lets you use a force blast which knocks the opponent down and increases your dmg output by 1.25% for 5-6 sec.
I have STR so I can get added bonus dmg from certain weapons and use some of the 2h great swords.
  • Dex 50
  • End 30
  • Str 50
  • Vit 41
  • Dragon Torso from Dragon Covenant (30 Scales you can get from Sparkly using the egg from daughter of chaos and the glitch with sparkly)
  • Wooden Ring
  • Hornet Ring
  • RH: Bandit Knife (lightning +5) / Priscilla's Dagger +5/Great Dragon Swrd from cutting off the dragon covenant's tail/ Black Knight Great Swrd scales nicely with STR
  • LH: Parry Dagger / Crystal Ring Shield (coupled with the Black Knight Grt Swd you put out 1000 dmg per hit).
  • Get good at knowing when to roll at someone to come out just behind them and turn swinging for the back stab. Then immediately roll away. Rinse and repeat.

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