This build consists of 3 main weapons, Velka's Rapier +5, Chaos Rapier +5 and Tin Crystallization Catalyst.

The Places Where I PVP are the Kiln of the first flame, this is where less people play dirty. Its located at the end of the game before you fight Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. Dark Wood Forest / Basin, This Place is full of invasions and invades, but most of the time everyone plays dirty. Catacombs / tomb of the giants, I Love this Place! Although You risk Falling of the edges, cliffs ETC. You Either Lose Your Shield for skull lantern, or put it in an extra Slot, You Must Need To constantly use the ''cast light'' Spell, or lose added protection from your helmet and switching it to The Sunlight Maggot.

WEAPONS ( Total Weight 11.0 ).


-Velka's Rapier +5 ( Scales with E for STR, C for DEX and B for Intelligence, This is you'r Attacking weapon, 93 Physical damage, 156 Magic damage ).

-Chaos Rapier +5 ( Always Carry at least 10 Humanities, Ignores Defense when Parrying / Backstabbing, That's What My Friend said, also has above average critical damage with 110%, This is you'r Critical Attacking Weapon).


-Silver Knight's Shield +5 ( Weighs 5.0, 76 Stability at +5 and can still parry ).

-Tin Crystallization Catalyst ( From memory I believe the Mag. Adjust is 240 and scales S with intelligence ).



-Mask of the Mother ( adds around 200-320 HP when wearing this, Very light ).


-Brigand's Armor +10 ( Weighs 3.1 But provides 56 Phys. Defense, IMO the best light armor in the game and yes use you'r first slab on this and NG+ or from Siegmyer on Cleric's Gauntlets).


-Cleric's Gauntlets +9 / 10 (+9 in First play through and +10 in NG + This over tops Elite Knight Gauntlets by around 15 in physical Defense).


-Black iron Leggings +5 ( here I was looking for something that requires Twinkling Titanite so You won't nee to go to the next Play though, 62 Physical defense, this makes Bleeding more rare because it has 31.7 Bleed resist. ).


Starting Class: Wanderer
Starting Gift: Master Key, for Easy Access to Certain Places without getting the Keys
SL: 135


-VIT: 45 ( This is a little above Average PVPer HP, Giving you the Upper Hand in being able to be hit more + with mask of the mother, you'll be able to be hit even more ).

-ATT:12 ( 2 Slots ).

-END:40 ( Max Stamina with 160 and 80.0 Carrying Load, Equipment above weighs 31.9 Total so this allows use of the DWGR ).

-STR:14 ( Helps Very little with Velka's Rapier But Allows Access to most Dex Weapons like the Estoc ).

-DEX:45 ( Casting Speed for spells is Faster and Parrying is Ridiculously Powerful, As well as it helps with the Scaling in Velka's Rapier ).

-RES:12 ( keep this at Base Level as it is not as useful as other Stats ).

-INT:40 ( Aids in Scaling by a Vast Amount with Velka's Rapier, Gives Access to most spells ).

-FAI:8 ( keep this at Base Level, It's Useful but This Build doesn't need Faith ).


-Dark Wood Grain Ring ( makes you Run / Move as if you were wearing 25% of Equipment load burden but if you have 50% or under you can move like that and adds a Faster / Farther Roll and jump back movement ).
-Hornet's Ring ( With You'r Chaos Rapier +5 You will do an Average of around 1550- 1900 Every Parry Tested on Real Players With Various Armors, I believe it makes you'r Parries / Back stabs 50% more Powerful, A parry itself makes you do 60-70% more damage ).


-Soul Spear (Not as Powerful as a Pure mage with Bellowing dragon Crest Ring and Dusk's Crown but will still pack a Hard Punch ).
-Crystal Homing Soul Mass ( Every mage Should have this, Nuff' said ).


-Estus Flasks +7 ( Heal if you'r enemy heals ).
-Green Blossom ( If you think you should play aggressive Go ahead and use this, Increases Stamina Regeneration Speed).
-Humanity ( Carry at least 10 inside of you, 99 humanity increases defense, I currently carry 99 on me ).
-Black Separation crystal ( If they Play Uber 2x Cheap, Get you'r ass out of they're or man it up and back stab fish, I got hate mail and they were Ganking for that T_T ).
-Free Slot, put anything you want


How to parry:
1.Block First Hit
2.Assume they are trying to Guard break you and go for a second hit and parry, Parry a little faster than you do in PVE
3.Once again Assume you parried them and Click RB / R1 as fast as you can
4.If you fail or they are still alive after you'r riposte, Rinse and Repeat
1.Try to Parry, If you fail, Go for a back stab and if they just won't let they're guard down and figure what you'r trying to do, Use Velka's Rapier as some of the attacks partially goes through, Switch to the Chaos rapier Every now and then Because it deals fire damage, Use you'r Shield and poke people with it until they die, These are just a few ideas i thought of, You can make you'r own.
2. Another Strategy is, Use Chaos rapier Jump back attack thing ( Left Joystick Forward + RB / R1 ) and make you'r own Move list out of both Rapiers.
3. Shield + Poke.....

against other Builds:

-Mage: On encounter of a mage in PVP you should know they do HUGE damage, I once was killed in one hit on my SL132, 85 Vitality + Mask of the mother by a mage, Don't Block as most of the damage will still go through. Roll out of each spell, You can try using spells against them too because 45 Dexterity actually Accelerates you'r Spell casting Speed, When they cast spells attack them because most mages have low or no poise.

-Warriors / Strength based builds: Do NOT try to parry a Zweihander as they glitch up and you parry them but you still get staggered, at least that's what happens to me. Overall Strength weapons are VERY easy to parry, Black knight Great axes to me are the easiest weapon in the game to parry.

-Dexterity builds / Rogue: These guys Play almost like you, Be wary of Target Shields, Parrying daggers and other parrying weapons / Shields. Use spells and also you can try to beat them at they're own game as in Parry them / Back stab them.

This build is still a work in progress, I still need to do much more editing and testing.

Wiki ID: slica67

Xbox Live Gamer tag : BunchyJustin

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