This PvP build is something that is purely new. It's built around Dexterity/Int Scaling for your weapon damage that can rival the Darkmoon Blade with Crystal Magic Weapon. The bonus from Dexterity also works great with spells allowing you to cast them faster.

SL 130(+-2) - Depending upon if you also want to use the MLGS or not will determine the final soul level..

Covenant: Darkmoon. This should allow you to invade people in the SL 120 range so it's still good for PvP.

Starting Class: Sorceror
Gift: Master Key

Final Stats:
Vitality: 40
Attunement: 19
Endurance: 30
Strength: 14 or 16(See above)
Dexterity: 40
Resistance: 8
Intelligence: 50(You could also drop this to 44 if you don't plan on using White Dragon's Breath and put the points elsewhere.)
Faith: 8

Right Hand 1: Uchigatana +15 or Great Scythe +15 or MLGS or Velka's Rapier(Gets Int and Dex scaling). Personally I'd reccommend the Velka's Rapier as the backup to the Uchigatana. You can turtle some people to death, pretty useful against people that two hand weapons unless of course they're using a GS.
Right Hand 2: Pyromancy Glove if you want to toss in Great Combustion, I personally find Fire Tempest the most useful, if you plan on being outnumbered a lot then Tempest is a must. I swap my spells out depending on where I'm invading.
Left Hand 1: Crest Shield+5/Magic Effigy Shield +10/Crystal Shield
Left Hand 2: Tin Crystallization Catalyst


Slots 5

A combination of Crystal Magic Weapon, Crystal Soul Spear, and Crystal Homing Soulmass should do well. Use Great Combustion if you decide to right hand the pyro glove. My current setup is:

1. Crystal Magic Weapon
2. Crystal Soul Spear(x2)
3. Crystal Homing Soulmass(x2)


1. Ring of Favor and Protection
2. Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring(Boosts Magic Damage) or Hornet's Ring(Boosts Critical Attacks) or
Dark Wood Grain Ring (Changes rolling action).


This is entirely up to your personal preference, I use Mask of the Mother with a combination of Black/Silver Knight Armor and Ornstein's to reach an Armor Rating of 314. It also allows you to use the DWGR.

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