This was modified from my original Halberd Mage and turned it into a TCC Moonlight Sorcerer.
A sorcery PvP build that specializes in wielding the Moonlight Greatsword, Moonlight Butterfly Horn, Velka's Rapier, and the Tin Crystallization Catalyst for spellcasting.

SL 125
Starting Class: Pyromancer
VIT: 50
ATT: 23 (6 slots)
END: 39
STR: 16 (Enough 1H Moonlight Greatsword)
DEX: 16 (For Velka's Rapier)
RES: 12
INT: 44
FTH: 8

LH1: Tin Crystallization Catalyst (You want to make your spells HURT if you can get them to land)
LH2: Any 3 Pound Shield or Ascended Pyro Flame+5
RH1: Moonlight Greatsword+5
RH2: Moonlight Butterfly Horn+5, Velka's Rapier+5, Channeler's Trident+5 (For PvE only), Any Elemental+5 weapon that meets the minimum wielding requirements

Recommended Rings:
Ring of Favor & Protection
Darkwood Grain Ring

Recommended Armor:
Dusk's Crown, Witches Cloak+5 or Sage's Robe+5, Havel's Gauntlets, Havel's Leggings (56 Poise)

Recommended Spellsets:
1. 2X Homing Crystal Soulmass, 4X Crystal Soul Spear
2. 2X Homing Crystal Soulmass, 3X Crystal Soul Spear, Greater Combustion or Fire Surge

Build Pros:
1. Very versatile, user friendly
2. Massive Stunlocking capability with the Moonlight Greatsword
3. Does not rely on any buffs

1. Cannot trade hits, anything buffed will outdamage your weapon and kill you
2. Weakness to Magic Curse exists with Dusk's Crown (is offset a little by using the Moonlight Greatsword and recommended armor sets)

PSN: Nut-Hand

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