Pyro Warrior Build
Starting Class: Pyromancer
Lvl: 125
Covenant: Darkwraith
Invade in Kiln of The First Flame
Stats: Vit: 63
End: 41
Att: 16(4 attunment slots)
Str: 40(after 40 strenght the weapon scaling is lower)
Dex: 18(if you want more points in vitality you can remove from this stat)
Res default
Int default
Faith default
Weapons: Zweihander(+15 with charcoal resin or with lightning, chaos or fire elemental stat)
Secondary Weapon: Shotel chaos +5(use R2 attack against shield)
Left hand: Grass Crest shield(for the stamina recovery)
Secondary Left Hand: Pyro Glove ascended +5
Magic: 2 stacks of great combustions and 2 stacks of great fireball or great chaos fireball
Armor: With the zweihander I personaly recomend you to use:
Head: Mask of the Mother
Torso: any armor with 0 poise that you like.I like to use Gwin's torso because it looks awesome but you can decide.
Arms: Havel's gauntlets
Leggings: Havel's boots
Rings: Dark Wood Grain Ring(DWGR) and wolf ring
This pieces of armor combined with these ring can give good defense and 77 poise(this is the amount of poise you need to be able to take a hit from a ultra great sword or the Black Knight Great Axe)
This build is focused on combos and breaking the enemy poise to get a nice combo.Try to use green blossom and don't forget to buy the charcoal resin from the lady in the sewer for extra damage.Any questions ask me on PSN: NiceShotGuy or xbox Live: Matad0rDeJosnei
See you guys soon!

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