Creator's notes

This build is very flexible, so if you want some sorceries, feel free to throw in a catalyst for a few spells listed below. You want the Cursed version of the Greatsword, go for it. Don't like some of the miracles, put in ones you like.


The bold number listed would be a minimum requirement for each stat. You must get those stats to that point as early as possible.
Vitality- 25
Attunement- 28 34
Endurance- 30
Strength- 24 34
Dexterity- 18
Intelligence- 20
Faith- 20 50


Armor- Ornstein's Set
Right hand slot one-Greatsword of Artorias(Divine)
Right hand slot two- Darkmoon Talisman or Sunlight Talisman

Left hand slot one-Greatshield of Artorias
Left hand slot two- Divine/Occult Avelyn or Logan's Catalyst/ Tin Darkmoon Catalyst
Ring slot one-Darkmoon Seance Ring/Wolf Ring
Ring slot two- Ring of The Sun's Firstborn/ Ring of Steel Protection
Note:The rings can be replaced by whatever fits the situation, but these should be the ones that on most of the time.


You will need at least seven attunement slots to have enough room to have these miracles.

Wrath of the Gods (x2)
Sunlight Spear
Great Heal (x2)
Great Lightning Spear

Other miracles that would be useful for this build are as follows

Great Magic Barrier
Gravelord Sword/ Greatsword dance


Note: This build does not need sorceries, but if you want to have some, here are the sorceries that would be best.
Homing Crystal Soul Mass
White Dragon Breath
Soul Crystal Spear

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