Moonlight Sorceror Character Build (Level 50)

Pure Caster

My Goal with this build was to create a pure sorceror, i.e. no pyromancy or miracles and minimal melee. Part of the strategy for this build is to be able to cast Dragon Breath as a level 50 character, which requires reaching 50 INT without any dawdling. Sorceror starts as level 3 with 15 intelligence so reaching 50 intelligence leaves us with 12 points to put into STR VIT and END, minus 1 pt for ATT.


  • Vitality -- 15 (+7)
  • Endurance -- 8
  • Attunement -- 16 (+1)
  • Strength -- 12 (+3)
  • Dexterity -- 11
  • Resistance -- 8
  • Intelligence -- 50 (+35)
  • Faith -- 8


ARMOR: Dark Sun Gwyndolin's entire armor set. That means this sorceror is only allowed to wear either the Moonlight set or the brass set which you can find in the Dark Sun's throne room. Wearing anything else breaks this build as a Moonlight build and makes it something else.
WEAPON: Moonlight Butterfly Spear.
SHIELD: Crystal Ring Shield
RINGS: Bellowing Dragoncrest and Lingering Dragoncrest
SPELLS: ALL Sorceries.
CATALYST: Tin Crystallization


Building this character will stretch your skills to the limit. Added just enough to strength to be able to carry a spear and upgraded it to+10. I used it exclusively in conjuction with Magic Weapon until I was able to upgrade it to a Moonlight Spear. I used that and my spells exclusively throughout the game, wearing nothing but Moonlight Robes or occasionally the brass armor set. NG+ gave me the Moonlight Butterfly's crystal ring shield which completed the build: A Level 50 Moonlight Sorceror.
This requires facing the Four Kings without iron flesh pyromancy. It CAN be done using a combination of Crystal Homing Soulmass, Crystal Soul Arrow, and using the Tin Crystallization Catalyst, the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and Dark Sun Gwyndolin's Helmet. A pure caster can out-put enough damage to put each king down in 2 hits, even in Ng+ without polluting his build with pyromancy.
  • Thanks, I really enjoy using this build!! Its really good at the forest. Note: Don't attack/talk to frampt once you get the lord-vessel (so you dont have to kill sif and can get invaded in the forest), and if you do, just jump down the hole where frampt was and place it, then you can go to dukes. Everything was done perfect for me, except i didn't have the butterfly spear. i use a CMW longsword+10. ~Desolation.

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