Mechanics Research for Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered is a list of pages and links that include detailed game mechanics information as researched by the community.


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    • Anonymous

      There literally is nothing having to do with the mechanics of the game. No equations, no numbers or statistics, or anything to do with "Mechanics Research". What a brutal disappointment.

      • Anonymous

        this is a really worthless page.
        it has nothing to do with researching the games mechanics it just some crappy for a character.
        this page should either be deleted for updated to make be dedicated to the games mechanics & how some of it works.
        i.e. included information about how some spells & rings effect your stats & how this can be used to the player benfits such as stone flesh & dark wood ring, including how humanity effects item discovery.
        both of these are better ideas for this page rather than what is here.

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