Mechanics Research

Starting Class:



  • Vitality 29
  • Attunement 12
  • Endurance 10
  • Strength 12
  • Dexterity 14
  • Resistance 12
  • Intelligence 11
  • Faith 8



  1. +5 Lightning Claw (Shield Hand)

  2. +5 Chaos Claw (Main Hand)

  3. +5 Demon's Spear (Shield Hand Backup)

  4. +5 Quelaag's Fury Sword (Main Hand Backup)

  5. +5 Ascended Pyromancy Glove (Inventory)



  1. Mask Of The Mother

  2. Armor of the Sun +10

  3. Iron Bracelet +10

  4. Iron Leggings +10

  5. Bloodshield +15 (Inventory)



  1. Ring of Favour and Protection

  2. Dark Wood Grain Ring


Spells (Backup Only)

  1. Great Fireball

  2. Great Combustion


Required on Hand Items

  1. Humanity


Best Places to Invade

  1. Darkroot Garden

  2. Darkroot Forest

  3. Sens Fortress



  • The claws L2 attack is actually a Parry.
  • Backstabs will only hit in the range of 400, slashing with R1/R2/L2 is more effective.
  • Ring of Favor and Protection combined with Mask of Mom and this build will give you a whopping 1471 HP
  • The armor used in this build can tank most hits without stagger when dueling
  • PYRO SPELLS ARE ONLY TO BE USED WHEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE, as you should notice, you don't equip the glove full time, you use it when needed if you absolutely must.
  • There is no shields in this bear because of the Demon Spear's R2 attack, its a thrust attack that is relatively quick, and extremely effective on turtles and shield blockers.
  • You do not require high endurance for this build, your claws will damage most people in the range of 250 - 300, and at level 25, 1 combo will drop almost every player your facing.
  • Claws cannot be dual handed, thats why you have the furysword, for those tricky and tough spot situations, the kick replacement attack has saved me COUNTLESS times, master your weapons properly if you plan on using this character.
  • I cannot stress this point enough... TIME YOUR ATTACKS EFFECTICELY, you only get 5 attack with the R1 claw before your out of Stamina... make sure you can roll away when needed...
  • Because this build is so evil, you should always give the player your invading a humanity, just to be nice!
  • Darkroot Garden / Forest are my favourite areas to invade because they are really fun, however, always use proper etiquette, if the player your invading is fighting mobs let them clean the area of enemies and heal before you encounter them, these are also the most IDEAL area to invade based on current character level... You won't find TOO many 100+'s here.


Final Words

This build is a complete and finalized build for Dark Souls 1.05, I welcome any and all constructive criticism, and I look forward to feedback. Thank you for looking at my build and commenting,


Arkelsa from PS3 and WikiChat

    • Anonymous

      02 Apr 2018 18:31  

      There literally is nothing having to do with the mechanics of the game. No equations, no numbers or statistics, or anything to do with "Mechanics Research". What a brutal disappointment.

      • Anonymous

        23 May 2017 20:17  

        this is a really worthless page.
        it has nothing to do with researching the games mechanics it just some crappy for a character.
        this page should either be deleted for updated to make be dedicated to the games mechanics & how some of it works.
        i.e. included information about how some spells & rings effect your stats & how this can be used to the player benfits such as stone flesh & dark wood ring, including how humanity effects item discovery.
        both of these are better ideas for this page rather than what is here.

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