Items in Dark Souls are found in game either on bodies, dropped from slain enemies, as rewards, sold by merchants, through trade with Snuggly, or from chests. Be careful when opening chests, as some may be Mimics








Attack Values Properties Notes
icon dmg phy Physical The physical damage of the arrow/bolt. Most arrows and bolts have physical damage. Physical damage stacks with the attack power of the bow, and thus also affects the bow's total Parameter Bonus.
icon dmg magi Magic The magical damage of the arrow, only Moonlight Arrows have magic damage. Stacks with magically upgraded bows (magic, enchanted, divine and occult).
A magically upgraded bow will also inflict magic damage without Moonlight Arrows.
icon dmg fire Fire The fire damage of the arrow. Only Fire Arrows have fire damage. Stacks with fire upgraded bows.
A fire-upgraded bow will still inflict fire damage without Fire Arrows, but the visual fire-properties will not be present.
icon dmg lightn Lightning The lightning damage of the bolt. Only Lightning Bolts have lightning damage. Stacks with lightning upgraded crossbows.
A lightning-upgraded crossbow will still inflict lightning damage without Lightning Bolts, but the visual lightning-properties will not be present.
icon dmg cbonus Critical All arrows have 100 critical.  

Auxiliary: Poison Arrows inflicts poison status. Divine and Occult is decided by the bow.
Attack Type: All arrows have Thrust damage.

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