Marvellous Chester

Marvelous Chester

Marvellous Chester is a Character in Dark Souls encountered in the Artorias of The Abyss DLC, a man from the distant future dragged into the past much in the same way as the player character, that serves as both a vendor and later as an invader.



Marvellous Chester sells some useful items, especially for the following areas of the DLC, although they are mostly overpriced.  Despite this, he is arguably the most convieniently accessible vendor for supplies of this type (provided, of course, that Artorias has been defeated), being only a twenty second run away from the warp accessible Ooacile Township Bonfire, with no enemies in the way. 

He is the only merchant besides the Undead Male Merchant that sells Throwing Knives and Lloyd's Talismans, making him highly useful if the player has killed this merchant for early access to the Uchigatana.

Likewise but much less likely, he is the only merchant besides the Crestfallen Merchant who sells the incredibly important Black Fire Bombs and Green Blossoms, making him highly useful if for whatever strange reason The Crestfallen Merchant is aggro'd or not alive.

Despite these aspects and his undeniable sarcastic charm, he is most useful to the majority of players for his highly distinctive set, which he drops when slain (as an NPC, not as an Invader), which offers nearly unmatched bleed resistance (being only outdone by the fully upgraded ninja set and several heavy armors) and considerable resistance to blunt damage given its weight, in addition to being uniquely fashionable.  However, given his unique moveset and relatively high health, it is not a set easily aquired...


  • He is located on the lower level of the Royal Woods, close to the shortcut and on the other side of the bridge where the Artorias of The Abyss fog door is.




Icon & Name Use Price (Souls)


Green Blossom
Increases stamina regeneration 1,200
Bloodred Moss Clump
Reduces the accumulation of Bleed 400
Purple Moss Clump
Reduces the accumulation of Poison and cancels Poisoned Status 600
Blooming Purple Moss Clump
Reduces the accumulation of Poison and Toxin and cancels Poison and Toxin Status 1,500
Throwing Knife
A throwing knife 30
Thrown item, inflicts fire damage 100
Alluring Skull
Thrown item, lures some enemies towards it 800
Lloyd's Talisman
Thrown item, blocks estus recovery 800
Black Firebomb
Thrown item, inflicts high fire damage 800
Homeward Bone
Transports player to the last visited Bonfire. Player does not lose souls or humanity 600
Consume to gain +1 Humanity. 10,000


standard arrow
Standard Arrow
large arrow
Large Arrow
feather arrow
Feather Arrow
standard bolt
Standard Bolt
heavy bolt
Heavy Bolt
sniper bolt
Sniper Bolt



Chester will invade you early in the Oolacile Township if you are human.

  • Drops 9,505 souls



(First meeting)
Hm…Oh, let me guess…
Snatched by a shadowy limb, and dragged off to the past?

(Answer "Yes")
Yes, of course. Exactly what happened to me.
We are both strangers in this strange land.
But, at least now there are two of us.

(Answer "No")
Oh, well, my mistake…
But we are both travelers.
We ought to help one another out.

(Talk) (Before killing his Black Phantom, answered "yes")
Oh, still alive, are you?
Think of anything that you might need?
Oh, for Juniper's sake.
Put some spring into your step!
Mwah hah hah!

(If you answered "no")
Oh, you again…
What ever's the matter? No, I can tell. You need me more than ever.
Mwah hah hah!

(Talk)(After killing his Black Phantom)
…Oh, you!
You have quite some nerve. Or are you just thick?
Fine, then. What is it that you need?

(Talk)(Before killing Artorias)
Did you happen across Knight Artorias?
The legendary Abysswalker, from the old tales.
…Well, if you haven't, it's just as well…
He's a colourless sort, if you ask me.
Mwah hah hah!
So, what did that giant mushroom make you do?
Not that I care. It's none of my business.
Heh heh heh…
Hm? I've little to talk about, really.
Oh, you know me. What do I know?

(Talk)(After killing Artorias)
Did you really slay Knight Artorias?
I've heard the Abyss found him first, but even still…
That's absolutely treacherous.
Yes, magnificently so!
Mwah hah hah!
Believe it or not…
Oolacile has brought the Abyss upon itself.
Fooled by that toothy serpent, they upturned the grave of primeval man, and incited his ornery wrath.
What could they have been thinking?
But to you and I, it's all ancient history.
You have to ask yourself. Does it really matter?
Heh heh heh…

(If you answer "No")
What? If you've something to say, then say it!
Just don't say the wrong thing…
Heh heh heh!

(Talk)(After killing his Black Phantom)
…Well, you've quite the nerve!
I've had enough of you!

(When leaving)
(Before killing his Black Phantom)
So long.

(If you answer "No")
So long.
…We'll be seeing each other…
Gee hee hee!

(When attacked without made hostile)
That bloody hurts!

(When attacked and made hostile)
What now? You think this is my fault?
How very, very petty of you!
Very petty indeed!

(While attacking)
Ah-hah, there!
(When you're low on health)
What? Now you're feeling the heat?
You should have thought long and hard…
Nyah hah hah hah hah!

(When killed)
You win…please…
Oh, please…have mercy…

(Upon killing the player)
You damn fool.
I am Marvellous Chester! What did you expect?


When killed as a human in the forest

Lore & Trivia

  • Chester, an individual dragged from the far future, is popularly suspected to hail from the Bloodborne universe, because of his Elizabethian style of clothing, unique bleed weaponry, and radically different fighting style from typical souls characters.
    • Although this is largely unsupported in regards to lore, with very little information outside of the final Dark Souls III DLC tying the Bloodborne and Dark Souls Universes together, it is almost certainly true in the spiritual perspective: the team working on the Artorias of The Abyss DLC would then immediately go on to work on Bloodborne, and many of the unusual attributes of Chester's movement and fighting style, such as only using a ranged weapon, having a multi-projectile throwing weapon, and relying primarily on leaping dodges instead of rolls and blocking, match up with later developer commentary on early core mechanic ideas that were being discussed for Bloodborne specifically at that very early stage of development.  Chester has a model rigging unique to him, unlike almost every other NPC, and it is very likely that Chester was in part a prototype test character for determining the viability of programming, rigging, and implementing some of these ideas in gameplay.
    • A reference to Marvelous Chester can be found in the Cathedral Ward area of Bloodborne. Hidden next to a tree in a graveyard, the player can find a corpse with an item set similar to Chester's attire. If the player does not quickly move away from the corpse, they will be grabbed by an amygdala and teleported a distance away. While this may just be a reference to Chester, the corpse may also be that of Marvelous Chester and a revelation of his ultimate fate.
  • Item and character model information found unused in the game files indicate that Chester was supposed to have a second phase where he would remove his coat and tophat and fight the player with a black claymore. Alledgedly, it was originally intended for Chester to go hollow and be fought outside the Kalameet boss chamber, and this is likely where this form would have been seen.
  • Originally, he was intended to invade with the dogs outside the Kalameet boss chamber, effectively using them as hunting dogs while fighting from the back with his crossbow.
  • The concept of a long range bleed oriented invader wearing a sneering mask that would specifically invade at extremely inopportune locations would later be repeated with The Pale Shade of Londor in Dark Souls III.
  • Comments: I did not kill chester but instead killed kalameet and shortly afterwords was awarded 9,505 souls and when i went to talk to chester he was dead. Has this happened to anyone else? (Chester can fall, so if you aggro him and then go down to Kalameet's level without killing him his his AI can schiz out and he can fall. His drop will be available in the back of the area, near the soul item guarded by 2 dogs.)

  • Bug: If you kill Chester with a backstab he will say his death dialogue but will remain alive, standing still without a talk option. Reloading fixes the problem and makes his set of armor appear where he originaly stays.  This is likely due to Chester's unique rigging, which is different from other NPC's


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