Vince of Thorolund

Vince Of Thorolund - Dark Souls Remastered

Vince of Thorolund is a Character in Dark Souls



  • Appears at Firelink Shrine, along with Nico of Thorolund and Reah of Thorolund, after beating the Capra Demon. They are found near Petrus of Thorolund.
  • Will comment that he is accompanying "M'lady" on her righteous mission, along with Nico.
  • Will disappear from Firelink Shrine after all original speech is exhausted with Vince, Nico, Reah, and Petrus.
  • Will later appear as a hollow in the Giant's Tomb. Reah will ask you to kill the hollows Vince and Nico when you encounter her at the Giant's Tomb.


  • 1000 souls, both as human and hollow


  • If attacked at Firelink Shrine, he will become hostile along with Nico, Reah, and Petrus.

Character Info

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