Big Hat Logan

Big Hat Logan - Concept Art

Big Hat Logan is a Character in Dark Souls.

Once a royal member of Dragon School, he is now a scholar of the soul arts. He turned Undead over a hundred years ago, and has been roaming Lordran, searching for more wisdom ever since. He is first encountered in Sen's Fortress, trapped inside a hanging cage in a blocked off area, and will teach relatively advanced magic after being rescued. He had a traveling companion in Griggs of Vinheim, but became separated from his company upon entering Lordran. Griggs mentions that Logan did this "For his safety...".


1. Found inside a cage in Sen's Fortress

  1. To reach him you will have to rotate the "boulder machine," so that the boulder crushes a wall behind a sleeping Man-Serpent. Alternatively, the guard's attack is capable of destroying the wall if the player attacks him and positions him in a way that he will strike it. Only the Man-Serpent's thrusting attack will destroy the wall.
  2. You can use the Cage Key or the Master Key to open the cage. The Cage Key is found at the top of the castle. Jump across the broken walkway that leads to a lone tower, then descend the stairs. Kill the Man-Serpent and pick up the key.
  3. It is not necessary to have freed Griggs of Vinheim.

2. Back at the Firelink Shrine

  1. Logan will teach you various advanced magic spells, but only if your intelligence stat is 15 or higher.

3. Big jail cell in The Duke's Archives

  1. After encountering Seath the Scaleless in his room, you will wake up next to the 2nd bonfire of the Archives, trapped inside a cell. Kill the Man-Serpent through the bars to grab the key to your cell off of his corpse. From the bonfire, turn right out of the cell and head all the way down the spiral stairs to find Logan in a large cage at the bottom guarded by a group of Pisacas.
  2. The Archive Tower Giant Cell Key which opens his prison can be found in a chest in the room with the collapsible staircase on the bottom level of the main building (the room before the crystal golem garden that leads to Crystal Cave).
  3. Either after you have rescued him from his cell or after you have defeated Seath the Scaleless, you can find him behind the shortcut bookcase that you opened to gain access to the crystal golem garden. Pass through it and he is on a small alcove in the left of the library.
  4. At this point he will sell you crystal variants of the original spells along with the originals. You can also talk to him for hints on how to defeat Seath the Scaleless. Note that you MUST buy all of his spells or he will not become insane.
  5. After you buy all of his spells and defeat Seath the Scaleless, Logan will not recognize you and tell you not to bother him, which leads to triggering his final appearance.
  6. Talk to him several times, and you'll notice that he's clearly gone mad. Now rezone / reload again (may take two reloads) and he'll have left that spot.

4. Final: Original room from Seath the Scaleless.

  1. ‍His final appearance is in the original room where you first encountered Seath. Logan has gone insane and starts attacking you with his spells. Killing him will reward you with his drops.
  2. After you kill him, go back to the room where he sold you his spells. You will find a chest in his place with Logan's Catalyst, as well as the remainder of the Big Hat's Set.

Note: You will need to reload the game before each of these events if you have not done so since defeating Seath the Scaleless.

Big Hat Logan's Inventory

Sells   Uses  Slots  Cost 
Soul Arrow 10 30 1 1,000
Magic Weapon 10 5 1 3,000
Magic Shield 10 5 1 3,000
Great Soul Arrow 14 20 1 6,000
Heavy Soul Arrow 12 12 1 2,000
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 16 8 1 8,000
Homing Soulmass 18 10 1 20,000
Soul Spear 36 4 1 40,000
Crystal Soul Spear 44 4 1 50,000
Crystal Magic Weapon 25 3 1 20,000
Homing Crystal Soulmass 24 10 1 30,000
White Dragon Breath 50 20 1 Drop


Character Info

Regular Logan:

Insane Logan:


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    • Anonymous

      01 May 2021 05:08  

      when you find him at first youre gonna think "wtf im gonna fall off this b*tch if i try to talk to him"
      but somehow you manage to make it work

      • Anonymous

        28 Apr 2021 06:39  

        So wait, if i kill the iron golem before blasting the hole to his place, does that mean i can't free him? since the giant stops dropping balls after you kill IG

        • Anonymous

          08 Apr 2021 16:54  

          So I freed him from Sen’s, beat seath, bought all of his spells and he doesn’t want to move to the archives even though he says he will move soon. I always do the duke’s skip and that normally works to progress the quest line but now it suddenly doesn’t work. Btw I tried to warp between bonfires and used the dark sign several times.

          • Anonymous

            10 Mar 2021 08:18  

            His hat has no magical powers but it does hint to others to F off and stop bothering him which is all the more valuable

            • Anonymous

              20 Jan 2021 02:46  

              So I just finished Anor Londo and Logan is now at Firelink, but I have not the 15 INT leveled, does he still go for the Archives or do I first have to level the INT? Im planning to go for New Londo and to Ash Lake either way so by the time Ill go to the Archives I would have the 15 points surely

              • Anonymous

                17 Dec 2020 19:50  

                There’s a fantastic detail with Logan that I mistakenly took for an error all this time. When you talk to him for the first time after freeing him from the archives prison he’s already losing his sanity by this point. The dialogue line about Seath “his wounds close promptly and no mortal blow affects him, granting true insulation from death” is said twice but if you listen carefully his tone of voice IS different the second time he says it meaning it was fully intentional and seems like an oversight at first! His sanity slipping becomes obvious after this like the mumbling and telling you to stay away from him after buying all spells but I love this extra detail before all that probably more than I really should.

                • Anonymous

                  24 Nov 2020 11:08  

                  Also known as "Hefty helm henry", "Crazy cap Clyde", "Large lid Larry", "Huge headgear Horatio", "Substantial sombrero Sal",

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Oct 2020 00:42  

                    Do I need 15 int for him to sell me sorceries? I figured he would be a nice guy and drop the int requirement after saving him in the archives.

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Oct 2020 09:59  

                      Perhaps my favorite NPC. Of course, Princess Gwynevere is the overall favorite, and maybe also Laurentius for the way he says "don't you dare go hollow."

                      But the Big Hat must be the most courageous and strong NPC who isn't some sort of loon or idiot. Siegmeyer is always sleeping, and relies too much on our player, and Solaire is pretty competent but he is a lunatic. But Big Hat Logan is the Chad of all regular humans in the Dark Souls world.

                      I killed him in a fun way, to give him an enjoyable last battle. I used nothing but black firebombs and crystal ring shield blasts.

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Oct 2020 02:09  

                        I believe his parent's (or potentially legally designated guardian's) choice to assign him the title of 'Big Hat' at birth can be attributed to naming traditions that rose to prominence in the United Kingdom during the English renaissance. Said custom entailed that the choice of a baby’s surname was to be made with the intention of ensuring the child grows up to inherit the traits said surname promises- ex: Giving a child the last name 'Smith' with the hopes of them growing up to be a blacksmith. While this practice is long since archaic, its legacy has survived to the modern day, as occupation based names such as Smith, Miller, Hunter, Baker, Mason, and Carter dominate the Western world today. It’s important to note that while the aforementioned naming convention likely originated around the joint Anglo-Saxon occupation of mainland Britain, (which, to put into perspective, directly followed the fall of the Roman Empire) it didn’t become a cultural staple in the region until many centuries later, when a surge in commerce and culture allowed the return of artisan crafts. In reality, the presence of the manor-centric class structure that dominated the European Middle Ages (colloquially known by historians as 'The Dark Ages' or 'The Middle Ages') while at the time necessary for maintaining a form of social order, ended up rendering the centuries during which it occupied western Europe in complete cultural limbo. The name ‘Logan’ itself derives from an ancient Gaelic (Scottish) dialect, and with Scotland notably being a major geographic part of Britain, we can conclude that, at least in part, the character has direct heritage in the Great British region. Now when considering the name “Big Hat Logan” ’s etymology and the historical context of the unorthodox title, we can conclude that indeed, Logan’s parents named him as such because they aspired for him to wear a big hat.

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