Alvina of the Darkroot Wood


Alvina of the Darkroot Wood is a Character in Dark Souls.



Alvina the Cat is a character in Dark Souls who lives in the upper part of the Darkroot Garden, past the door locked by the King's Seal., unlocked through the Crest of Artorias which is purchasable from Blacksmith Andre for 20,000 souls. Alvina can be found in a stone castle straight through the wood from the door, crouching in a window. If you talk to her and choose the right options (YES both times), you can join her Covenant, the Forest Hunters. She will then give you the Cat Covenant Ring, which will allow her to summon you to her aid in protecting the forest from others that have sinned against her covenant.
If you attack her she laughs furiously and says, "What a fool we have! What a wretched fool we have!", before disappearing.




  • Killing one intruder as part of the Forest Hunter covenant will result in Alvina giving the player a Divine Blessing. Killing 3 trespassers of The Forest will grant the Ring of Fog.



  • Nothing. Attacking Alvina simply causes her to disappear. However, angering Alvina of the Darkroot Wood will be considered as NPC Hostility Sin. (PvE sin)


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